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#10 - Becoming an Edging Toy - Edging at my limit?

Posted 09-16-2020 at 01:33 PM by Felix645

Becoming an Edging Toy

#10 Edging at my limit?

Another day with heavy edging without relief. And today wasnt going to be any easier. Today's quote was to be 150 edges ... that a fuck ton of edges in a day. I actually did a total of 4 edging sessions today. Im really in need to break up sessions now, or else Im worried I might unvoluntarily cum at some point.

First I did 30 edges in the morning. Since my cock is so sensitive all the time this didnt take long and got me started right for the day.

Then I did another 20 edges around noon. At this point the edges fly by like they are nothing.

After that another 25 edges in the after noon, half of todays quote done! At this point edging is constantly on my mind. I just want to touch my cock all day long but I now I have to resist because a) it isnt allowed b) I would almost certainly cum at some point. Its like my subconsious almost wants to rip control from me ...

Later in the evening the final edging session ... 75 edges in one sitting. Not that I didnt done that before but these are different circumstances ... 10 edges, I slowly ease into the session, edges starting to come quicker ... 20 edges, my cockhead is shining with pre cum ... 30 edges, I start to moan and whimper and my cock start radiating pleasure ... 40 edges, 50 edges ... Im starting to get into the frustration zone ... 60 edges, almost done! All I can think of is me and my cock now. I think if somebody would have come in my room then and there, I might have not even noticed ... 70 edges, my cock is sensitive as hell. I even got dangerously close to ruining an orgasm a couple of times ... Last 5 edges, and Im done ... Damn that was hot but also incredibly hard. There were a few points were I actually wanted to cum real bad ... I think Ill actually hit the point this week where edging will turn into torture ... and Im curious to find out how that will change me ...

But then I didnt even mentiond the most teasing part yet. Because of yesterdays begging on my part I was required to 30 seconds of cock head palming every 10 edges ... And Im really thankful that I didnt had to do every edge, I think I might have died then and there. The first half of the day it was kinda managable, just spitting in my hand using all that precum thats produced anyway. Palming always feels like sweet overstimulation but will quickly turn into torture for me. 30 seconds is kinda just before my breaking point, the last 10 seconds are always the hardest...
But the more I edged and the more the day progressed my cock head got more and more sensitive, and with that the palming got more torturous. The hardest one was the last one I did today, just before I finished the last big edging session. My cock head was so sensitive I almost couldnt stand palming it. I think if somebody else would have done as roughly as he could I would have moaned and screamed and I would have tried to jump in every direction to avoid ... Im thankful that that isnt the case today ...

But thats it for today, I will do my corner time shortly ofter. Hopefully I wont fall asleep since Im actually pretty tired right now ...
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    Ohh you're so close to dreading your daily edges! Can't wait to see the difference in these reports when that happens.
    Posted 09-16-2020 at 10:31 PM by theobsessionqueen theobsessionqueen is offline
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    Felix645's Avatar
    Originally Posted by theobsessionqueen View Comment
    Ohh you're so close to dreading your daily edges! Can't wait to see the difference in these reports when that happens.
    We'll see what happens in the next few days ^^
    Posted 09-17-2020 at 12:28 PM by Felix645 Felix645 is offline

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