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Retrospective: PM dare bashing game

Posted 08-02-2020 at 09:22 AM by Cassandra

The PM dare bashing game

I started the PM dare bashing game over 3 years ago, will be 4 years in September 2020. It's purpose was a source to get PM dares by willing to send PM dares yourself, both lots of, based on chance.

How it works is, that you post with a chosen or random number between 1 and 24 (in a spoiler). Then you are supposed to PM dare every user before you, from last up to the closest user with the same number. People posting after you will PM dare you in the future until one of them chose the same number as you (and will still PM dare you). After that following users will stop PM daring at that user and don't get to PM dare you anymore.

Experiences and learnings

At the start, it worked quite well and was active. The thread has accumulated 383 posts by now, the last one from around 3 weeks ago. In the end, it slowed down, and only spontaneously comes to life every once in a while.

It was definitely good to link to the game in the blog post Fantastic PM dares and how to GET them. My impression is that some thread reactivations were thanks to that.

As with many of my games, the sophisticated rules turn many people away.

Playing the game already requires to have PM dares and link them in your signature. There's no way around this rule as that's the base of the game. I think the adaption to just ignore users without PM dares serves well, as it allows users to leave the game for as long as they want.

Putting the number in a spoiler requires to use tags. The intend is to not give you the misfortune of seeing the numbers above you. In retrospective, I would drop this rule. If you see them, you can take another number of the same, it's all up to you. Try to avoid seeing the numbers f you like. The game would work without the spoilers. So I would at least make it optional.

The number 1 to 24 is quite a lot. It's a big range. In retrospective, I would drop the range to something like 1 to 12.
But more important, it's seems like a quite complicated rule, so exciting in the unexpected outcome.

Also in retrospective, the 2 pages repost ban is unnecessary. Users are grown up and responsible enough to make that call on their own. It doesn't hurt the game if someone posts and PM dares a lot.

The major issue of the game is that nobody sees if users follow the rule and effort to PM dare the people above them. That's the major flaw I noticed.
Originally Posted by Person above.. PM dare
Simple as it is. You have to give the person above 1 of their Pm dares
In the Person above.. PM dare thread you can see people PM daring since they do it in the post. The disadvantage there is that users have to get back to the thread to actually see their PM dares. On the other hand, it's a hell lot more easy than the PM dare bashing game, doesn't take long, and if you don't get back to pick up your PM dares, your own fault, and the game doesn't break from it. So except for the chance element, that one is a way more simple and effective game.

In retrospective, I'd add the rule to post once more how many people you have PM dared. Though nobody can check if that statement is true, at least you can see if people understood what they had to do and went for it. I think the percentage of lying users would be alright to still make the game work.

PM dare bashing game version 2

In summary, if I would start a similar game again, I would:

either A) modify the Person above.. PM dare thread by adding some chance and the request to also send the chosen PM dares in a PM in addition to post them:

1. Roll a random number between 1 and 12.
2. Post PM dares for everyone of as many users above you.
3. Please also send them PMs with the PM dares or link to your post.

or B) modify my original idea:

1. Choose or randomly pick a number between 1 and 12.
2. Post your number.
3. Then PM dare every person above you up to the last with the same number as you.
4. Make a final post about how many people you PM dared or the name of the last person you PM dared.

If you can, put it in a spoiler like this:

(use this without the dots [.spoiler]insert your number here[./spoiler])

What do you think?
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