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One week plugged and denied

Posted 07-26-2020 at 01:56 PM by RiskyFlame
Updated 07-30-2020 at 02:52 PM by RiskyFlame

I often enjoy reporting my thoughts and progress on the dares I receive but this isn't always possible. Usually I send the report to the dare giver in private or sometimes post it on the dare thread. But today, neither options are available: I received the dare on a person above thread and the inbox of the dare poster is full. So I decided to post all my reports on my blog from now on.

Originally Posted by tiffanysissyslut69 View Post
(Must wear butt plug) until you've been in chastity for a week.
Day 1 (reduced to <1000 characters to fit on tiffanysissyslut69's wall)
Since your post, I've been walking around plugged and a bit horny. I have a small and medium plug (although the medium is quite big for me) and I plan on wearing the small one continiously.

I did switch to my medium butt plug for 4 hours. Inserted at 18:00 and have 2:20 hours to go, although I will probably decide to sleep with it as well. So I'll switch the plugs tomorrow morning.

Luckily, I'm just a bit horny. Mostly because I spent some time on getDare today and read some erotica last night. It's been some time since I spent time in orgasm denial so I expect to experience a few difficult times during which I will have control myself.

I plan on sending a report such as this one every day but I won't make any promises. If you prefer not to received reports then that's fine too.

Day 2 and 3
In the early hours of Saturday earlier than I thought I switched back to my small butt plug because the medium butt plug woke me up. The medium butt plug was a bit too much since I haven't regularly worn any butt plugs for quite some time. Pushing the medium butt plug out was quite painful because the neck (where my sphincter muscle rests when wearing the butt plug) is much thinner than the widest part of the butt plug. After a short wait for the soreness to fade away a bit, I pushed in the small butt plug. Although properly lubed with my saliva, the silicon plug brought back the soreness again. Luckily I fell asleep quite soon after I jump back in bed.

Saturday night, I got quite horny. I'd been reading erotics and watching kinky videos⁠ ⁠ I wouldn't call it porn. Tying strings through nasal cavities out of the mouth and Asian nose torture videos, if you wanted to know (and now you know ). After an hour (or two ) I definitely would've masturbated if it weren't for my week of denial to unplug my ass permanently. I thought about doing it anyway but if I chose not to do the person above dare then I would feel like a piece of my integrity broke off. Good thing this isn't the case.

Reasonably, I take out my butt plug for 10 minutes every day or so to defecate. But aside from this brief relief (pun intended), I'm wearing it day and night. I do fantasize about keeping this up for the rest of 2020 if I'm able to keep myself plugged these 7 days. Wouldn't that be an awesome experience?

On Sunday, nothing unusual occurred. Sometimes my sphincter muscle is a bit itchy ⁠ maybe it's healing after stretching too much when I took out the medium butt plug. Sometimes I try to tighten and losen my sphincter muscle (suck in and push out the butt plug) to kinda scratch the itch a bit. This usually works but sometimes it makes my ass more itchy, which means using my hands to vibrate the butt plug. I don't receive any sexual stimulations from this though (just saying because I think some do).

4 Days left and I have a good feeling that I'll be able to keep myself plugged and denied.

Day 4 and 5
There isn't much worth mentioning except all goes well. Whether I am at home or away from home, I wear the butt plug with comfort. Unlike at the beginning of this week, it's easy to take my mind of the plugged feeling. It's not rare that a couple of hours go by where I don't notice or think about the butt plug.

!! Unpleasantries up ahead
The only time when the plug is a bit of a hassle is when I'm having a bowel movement. Before #2 I unplug myself (duh) and after #2 I clean, lube and plug myself again. This sounds simple and it is if the plug is mostly clean. But considering that the package I'm about to deliver is pressing and surrounding the plug, it never comes out clean. So I start cleaning it with toilet paper and flushing, I use hot water and soap to clean the plug as best as I can. Except for the smell which never goes away, I clean the plug until I'm fine with putting it in my mouth to lube it with my saliva.* Although scat is no limit of mine, I still find it disgusting. So that's why I find the times I need to take a shit a hassle: cleaning and lubing the plug.

* I don't have any bought lube nor will I buy it in the near future.

Despite the hassle, I still think about increasing this week. I love the sound of staying plugged for the rest of 2020 but know that this is unrealistic. So when I finish this week, I will probably start the second week of keeping myself plugged. I can't make any promises on denying myself any orgasms for another week though.

Day 6 and 7
I didn't think posting on the Must wear butt plug until... thread would result in spending a week plugged and denying myself an orgasm. But I'm glad it happened because I enjoyed the time. So I don't plan on stopping now: I am adding another week to my time plugged. Not to my orgasm denial because I enjoy. I will be limiting them though to only one or a couple of them.

Because there isn't much else to mention, the next update will be in a week. Thank you for reading my report. I hope you enjoyed it.
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    Keep going. You can do it.
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