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My Confession

Posted 07-24-2020 at 10:27 PM by sissiesofmarvel3

Questionnaire from another getdare user along with my answers

1) Why were you willing to download the grindr app?
I don't think I could ever bring myself to actually do anything sexual with a man without being forced to. However, being forced to do something so humiliating and demeaning while trying to insist I am straight is incredibly arousing.
2) When was your first sissy experience?
I found some of my sisters clothes when I was around 12. I was curious for some reason, so I tried them on and I really liked how the panties felt on me.
3) What was your first masturbation experience?
Either my sister or I had this vibrating ball toy when we were younger. I realized if I held it in my lap, it felt really good. I never really got any sort of talk from my parents, so I didn't really know why. But one day I held it there too long and I came in my pants.
4) What is the closest you have come to getting caught?
I was home alone and was dressing up in my sisters clothes. I was also using water balloons to stuff the bra. My mom and sister came home early, and I had to run into the bathroom to change. I threw the water ballons in the tub and quickly changed and threw the clothes I was using in the hamper. I forgot to pop the water balloons though, and my sister found them in the tub. I made up some excuse that I can't even remember but I think they bought it.
5) What is the biggest thing stopping you from more public sissy/feminization stuff?
Other than the social consequences of getting caught, I don't feel that I can pass in any way as feminine. I feel that I am too tall and not skinny enough to be able to go out in public dressed actually feel like I am blending in as a female.
6) If I had to share a fetish with my gf, what would be the first I chose to share?
7) What is a nonsexual thing that you are embarassed about?
In elementary school, at recess I fell and skinned myself up pretty bad running in a group of kids. I really wasn't sure what happened , if I just tripped or got pushed or what, but some other kids I was with said that another kid, who was rather unpopular pushed me and they convinced me to tell the teacher that he pushed me. I don't think I ever really truly believed them, but I let them push me into it.
8) What is your darkest sexual fantasy?
To be cuckholded in chastity by my girlfriend and her end up pregnant and me having to raise the child.
9) What is the biggest thing that holds you back from pursuing kinks furhter?
The risk of my family and girlfriends finding out. If I could move to a new town with no connections and was starting all over, I would probably go a lot further.
10) How so?
Do a lot more public corssdressing and feminization. Maybe even play around with estrogen supplements for a bit. Be more open to things like one night stands and such.
11) Do you regret ever listening to the email slave file after things that you have been made to do?
No. As humilating and embarassing and shocking as many of the things I have been, it has aroused me to no end seeing what I can be forced to do.
12) When you fuck men, what type do you prefer?
Strong, dominant type. Muscles and toned body help.
13) What did you think the first grindr hookup that you had.
I was totally shocked and scared that I actually did it. I felt a little built of guilt that I did something sexual with someone other than my girlfriend, but I justified it to myself because there was no emotional connect and I didn't choose to do it. My heart was racing and felt like it almost stopped when they first pulled out their cock and I realized it was actually happening. I don't know if I had ever been more aroused before.
14) What turns you on the most?
15) What do you think about the penis shrinking files you have to listen to?
I secretly am excited by them but am scared they might work. I am skeptical of physical changes being possible through hypno, but the humiliation of my manhood being destroyed so much is incredibly arousing.
16) If the dick shrinking works, would you want to experiement with other feminizing files?
17) Do you enjoy serving me and getting to do everything I tell you to do?
Yes, nothing brings me greater pleasure
18) What is your biggest fear?
19) Who have you cum the most to/thought about while cumming other than your gf?
My friend Hannah
20) If someone would pay for you to have a total sex change and then relocate you to somewhere else to start a new life, would you?
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