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I am just new to this community here and must say that I am really enjoying my time here so far and will use this blog space to document my time and experience here.

I will be making some pretty good dares in the future, I have some fun and unique ideas that could be enjoyable and "risky" too.
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PM Dares

Posted 01-29-2020 at 02:24 AM by RubinPhoxx
Updated 05-14-2020 at 12:33 AM by RubinPhoxx (Sorting and cleaning up. Added a couple Truths, and link to other PM Blog entry)

Loves | Likes | Unsure of | Dislikes | Would hate

You may send up to 5 PM Dares to me at a time.
You may also add PM Dare's to my Calendar directly. If I can't complete any dares right away, I will move them to a time when I can complete them and report on my progress via a blog page.

Special thanks to Cassandra for this PM Dare, read her blog post and please send me this dare often
[1]PM me "FORWARD" and another user's PM dare list link(s), and I will PM dares to that user.

Posting in "Person Above" threads
[1]PM me "Avatar" and I will post in Choose their Avatar
[0]PM me "PM Dare" and I will post in the PM Dare
[1]PM me "Signature" and I will post in Signature Dare
[1]PM me "TRUTH1" along with "Fck, Kiss, Hug or Pass"
[0]PM me "TRUTH2" along with "Enslave, Submit, Cuddle, or Pass"
[0]PM me "TRUTH3" along with "Tickle, Torture, Tease, or Toss?"

Computer Access & Control
[1]PM me "Parental" and I'll post in "controls parental controls"
[1]PM me "PC Support" and I will post my Teamviewer/Anydesk info in the following threads:
-others control your screen
-How to Blackmail someone with Teamviewer
-Play Consensual Blackmail Using Teamviewer
[3]PM me "LOCKDOWN #h#d" and I will self-lockdown my computer, change the admin password to a new one with at least 12 random letters, and take away admin rights for 1-week minimum.
*See this for Lockdown


[6]PM me "NAILS" I will keep fingernails painted(any color) for 3 days per PM Dare given 12 Days so far *new dare*
[2]PM me "YES/NO" and I'm not allowed to use those words for 24 hours
[0]PM me "WRITE" with a Writeforme Task to do. Add "REVENGE" so I can get you back with a task!
[0]PM me "TRY IT with a simple dare involving something not in my likes/dislikes/limits. I'll do the dare if not a limit, then put the category in one of those areas.
[3]PM me "CRTL-V" and I will post on Control-V Dare
[3]PM me "Get to work" to make me work on my blog pages and finish outstanding dares/todo items

** These are ones you may send, but with no expectation of results. I will do them if I like them and can, still exploring likes/limits, etc. Please test me with this and PM Dare me anything using these there dares and I will see what I like and don't like. But, test me to the extreme!!
[0][0]PM me "ADD/EDIT" [PM Dare/Like/Loves/Hates/rules/permissions]
[0][0]PM me "POST" and a link to where you want me to post and I will
[0][0]PM me "PERSON ABOVE" with a link and I will post in that thread. *tell me what to say to please*
If I am unable to do a dare, I will PM Dare it to two people and BCC you in the message.

The "SEEK" Dare is on PAUSE for right now. I am playing "Catch up" currently.
Do I need more PM Dares on my List? Easily fixed. Send this PM Dare right now and I will get on it now.
[1]PM me "SEEK # PM Dares" - I will then PM Dare up to 2 people starting with the most recent PM Blog entries and the Dare's I choose to use I will add to my list.

*Results of this PM Dare*

I would love any advice on these Dares and welcome to receiving any type of PM Dare you may want to consider.
I am mainly interested and really enjoy getDare engagement type dares, and I am open to risky computer control/access dares as well, as long as it's within reason, of course.
I will likely decline many offers but send regardless and maybe I'll see something I never knew about before and try it
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