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About, Likes/Limits and Rules

Posted 10-14-2019 at 01:20 PM by subaisha
Updated 03-23-2022 at 07:08 AM by subaisha


I'm 25, female (cis) and pansexual. I've always been somewhat submissive, though I don't necessarily need it in my dating life. I've gathered a bit of experience in the past years, though nothing long-term. I'm rather busy right now, so I probably won't be active 24/7 but you can always send me dares and tasks, I'll do them when I can.
I'm in a relationship right now and my girlfriend is more vanilla, however she is okay with me being on here, which means I'm not looking for a relationship right now. She also made an account on here - it's called van_es - but she hasn't really been that active. Still, if you have an idea for a task or dare and want to talk to her first, just send her a pm, maybe she'll see it.

I also live together with a friend right now (not my girlfriend). Just as a side note, so you know I might not always be completely alone at home (:

You can always send me a pm on here or text me on kik (subaisha_). I tend to be inactive due to work/uni, just in case I might not reply for a longer period of time. If you notice I left you on read however, that's probably because I forgot to reply. That happens occasionally (I have the worst short term memory), so just text me again, you're not annoying me, I promise

Likes, Dislikes, Limits

Likes: light/medium spanking, bondage, orgasm control, edging, anal, humiliation, nipple play

Dislikes: hard spanking, clit and nipple pain, bladder control, hidden public, corner time, writing lines, degradation

Limits: permanent, scat, piss, blood, public, animals, non-consensual, pictures/videos*

(*if you want a non-intimate picture as proof, I'll have to ask my gf first)

→ if something isn't on the list or you have any other questions, feel free to ask me.

-> detailed description of my likes/dislikes here.


nipple clamps, dildo, rabbit vibrator, buttplug

Otherwise I usually have all common household items accessible.


- I'm not allowed to cum without permission.
- If I do cum without permission, I have to slap my pussy 10 times with whatever item is available to me in that moment.
- I have to edge once in the first hours after I got up, and once within the hour before going to bed.
- If I procrastinate a task (of any kind), I'll have to keep my ass cheeks red until the task is completed.

What I'm interested in:

Because there are always people who seem unsure of why I'm actually here and what they can send me, here's a short list.

- Obviously my pm dares and any small tasks (within my limits). Small tasks usually means something I'll be able to do within a day that doesn't take up too much of my time.

- Training: If you want to find someone to train, I'm always open. I'm just rather busy, so it's better to give me tasks for the whole week, because I probably won't have time to respond to you every day. Areas of training can include almost anything, because there's always room for improvement. What I need the most training in is probably orgasm control.

- Rules: If you want to send me a rule I should follow for a certain amount of time that's within my limits, I'd be honored to follow it.

- Punishments: If you like sending punishments, that's great too. Small punishments don't even need a reason - we all deserve them for something. If you want to give me a bigger punishment however, please just ask me what I did to deserve a punishment first. There's probably something I did, but random punishments always feel strange.

- Humiliation/Degradation: Also open, but please remember my limits. If you want to give me humiliating tasks, fine. If you want to send me humiliating messages I can wake up to, perfect. Just don't overdo it please. I'm actually rather sensitive.

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