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PM Dares Version 2 - Girls Only

Posted 06-08-2019 at 02:03 PM by Bloxo
Updated 12-26-2020 at 10:03 PM by Bloxo

On hold during my Bloxo's return thread

Thread is here if you wish to join:https://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=397264

Special secret! If you see a dare below that isn't on my thread choices, you may submit it on the thread, but you have to use the text:

Special Submission

Hello all,
Welcome to my PM dares page...I've revamped with some suggestions and made it more fun I hope!

Girls can now combine 2 PM dares together, please be mindful of safety where mess is involved...
Fitness dares can be up to 5 excluding messy ones

I will report back whenever a PM dare is complete!


Jumping Jacks X (Max 50)
Press Ups X (Max 30)
Squats X (Max 40)
Plank - I will do a 30 second Plank
Side Plank - I will do 15 seconds on each side
Back stretches - I do my 6 minute back stretch routine
Run - I will run on the spot for X minutes (max 5)
Walk - I will walk for an hour...with a hidden public if you choose


WORD - Give me a word in Polish and the translation, I will learn this word. If it is a word I do not know I will hit my balls 10 times, if it is a word I do know I get to give you a dare.

Sentence - Give me a sentence in Polish and it's translation, if I do not know this sentence I will spank my ass 10 times for each word that is new. If I do know this sentence I get to give you a dare

The dares below are for friends or people I know well:

Messy: - Please note there may be a delay with this if I don't have the substance available!

Cover - Name a substance and part of the body to cover with it
Pour - Name a substance and I will tip it over my head
Messy exercise - I put a pie on the floor and you give X number of pushups (max 50) if I fail I fall into the pie
Pie - Name 2 substances for me to put on a paper plate and tell me what to do with the plate
Messy Wedgie - Name a substance and I will fill my speedos with it and do a wedgie
Pie Superman - I suggest adding an exercise doing the Superman, but with a pie under your face. Raise your head and limbs for 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds with your face in the pie. Repeat 4 times. Don't suffocate in the pie. - Suggested by Alligator365


Toothpaste Edge- I have to edge with my cock covered in toothpaste
Spanking - choose an implement and a number (max 50) and I will spank my ass with the implement that many times
Cripple - I will spank my balls X times (max 20)
Nipple Pain - choose whether I twist or spank my nipples (max 30)
Wax - I will pour a few drops of hot wax where you wish
Toothpaste ass - I will put Toothpaste in my ass for X minutes (max 30)

Health & Wellbeing:

Water - I will drink a glass of water
Bed time - I will go to bed before 1am
Full workout - I will do a 40 minute workout vid of mine (1 per day!)
Shower - I take a shower with an additional dare of yours
Read - I need to read for one hour


Challenge - I will play a game of battleship and let you know the location of one of my ships, we determine a forfeit for the loser before/forfeit given for each lost ship
Game - Give me a game to play and a score to beat, if I beat your score I will give you a dare, otherwise I take one
Bet - Pick something to bet on (like a sporting event) loser does a dare
2 for 1 - You can pick two dares (plus a combine), I will give you one PM dare back
Risky - We roll best of 3 on Kik or roll.org, loser had to do 5 PM dares
Dare - You can assign a dare within my limits
Dare ME - I will give you a dare within your limits
You Vs Me - We start a poll on the site, open for a week...loser does an ultimate forfeit which posters can contribute to (rules to be discussed)
Kik to Know Me - You request my Kik, I answer any 5 questions and do one dare for you


Strip - Stay Naked for 1 hour
Ice - Choose X ice cubes (max 3) and tell me what to do with them
Wedgie - I will put myself in a standard wedgie
Write - I will write a word of your choice where you like
Post - Give me a truth thread to post in (if I already have done this before I give you a dare)
Denial - Give me a porn video to watch, I cannot touch while it is playing (max 15 minutes long)
Exposed - Give me a pose and I will post on temporarily exposed and send you the link
Add - Suggest a PM dare to add
Tie - I will tie my ankles together for X minutes (max 60)
Edge - I will edge x number of times, you pick my pose/situation for this (max 3)
Write - Give me lines and I will send them to you (max 100)
Commando - I will go one day without underwear
Story - I write a short story based on a topic of your choice
Drink - I will do a shot (Vodka/Whiskey/Honey Liquer or Tequila)
Wine - I will down a glass of wine
Wet - I take a clothed shower

Have fun with it, if I know you well you can ask for picture proof
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