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The Orgasm Files: Episode #1

Posted 04-07-2019 at 02:43 PM by PrincessJessica
Updated 04-07-2019 at 03:41 PM by PrincessJessica
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The Orgasms Files: Episode #1

Wear any 3 feminization articles that you have (eg. lipstick, short skirt, bra, panties, nail paint), now lie down and tie yourself in a frogtie that is ankles bound to thighs (adjust angles based on your flexibility) but keep your hands free to edge, if you are wearing panties, lower them until around your knees but do not remove them completely. Now you start edging, the first edge needs to be achieved via strokes in downward motion only and the second one via upward motion strokes and keep alternating similarly for subsequent edges until you are finally able to cum. You are allowed to view yourself on your laptop screen live (for your private use only) while doing the whole dare should that excite you via a video capturing software, sexyred can obviously modify a bit should some part of the dare be unsuitable for you
You may do this on your chat site you like using if you wish.
After finally getting my tasks done it was time for my ďevilĒ orgasms. After 13 months without one I was rather looking forward to it, and the extra pain of the last months with 2 colds extending my denial further I was certainly ready too. I was a little unsure what to expect as I was just so used to withdrawing my hands when I get to the exciting part; and even in long forgotten memories the exciting part wasnít totally amazing anyway (although I like orgasms Iíve rarely loved them)

The preparation started the day before as I applied some lovely nail polish on my toenails which made me feel nice and girly. Although Iíve done it once before it is quite humiliating (and so fun!) and made the orgasm seemed more like an event as I was dolling myself up for it. I also made sure I was comfortable doing a reasonably solid frogtie and got a good nightís sleep. Encouraged by encouragement from a certain puppy (although TBH I was already tempted) I decided it would be done on public cam and also include my face (albeit partially hidden by a mask). I wanted it to be something extra special...

I got ready by putting on my pink wig, a roughly cosplay type of affair which really gets me into the role even if the long hair does get annoying quickly the masquerade mask at least meant it stayed of of my eyes for the duration of the show. The excitement building I started my cam show with some simple teasing of my dicklet, pre-edging may seem like cheating a bit but I wanted a mini-audience if possible (although it was a daytime show so didnít expect many, if any, real people). To my surprise though I soon got to double-digit figures. Double digits to watch me orgasm properly for the first time in over a year!

I knelt down on my bed, by this point with my 3rd feminine article on (a red bra) and started the awkward part of tying myself up. I should have guessed in the age of multiple porn sites watching someone fumble about with ropes isnít exactly the hottest thing online (although I couldnít really see my monitor well from my bed I think I lost half my audience oops, but thatís real life not the fantasy thatís been bobbing around in my mind I guess).

Finally tied up I started with the teasing part, downward strokes to get to the edge. The rope tying time meant I was starting from semi-hard at best and this was far more frustrating than expected as I just couldnít get the pace up, although seeing my masked self for the internet to see did really turn me on it still took a good 5 minutes to get to the edge, by which point Iíd started cramping. Ugh, this was frustrating! (Far more frustrating than I'd been fantasizing about that's for sure.)

I changed position to lying on my bed rather than kneeling, rather ruining the view for anyone left but it was far more comfortable for me, although the time taken to maneuver around while tied meant I was back semi-soft. Hmm, a quick check on the time and I realised I had to get my skates on before my window was blown. I got to the edge again stroking both ways, a FAR faster affair to catch-up with where I should have been anyway (sorry for altering the dare a tiny bit, time constraints due to privacy sadly).

I then edged as intended in a downward motion and struggled stopping before the edge. A dibble of pre-cum. It was time. I was now lying down with anyone still watching the cam able to see my whole naked body (well except for bra) and furious stroking of my dicklet to reach the climax. I was really into it! To finally be able to stroke past the edge felt sooooo great and I moaned with excitement. Feeling the cum pulsing out of my dicklet, months of frustration finally let out as the pre-cum dribble soon turned into a mini-volcano. The hot steamy cum erupted over my chest and hands. It felt incredible.

I was so into the moment I started to absentmindedly eat the cum off my hands; a minor mistake as I quickly remembered how yucky it tastes. I lay panting for breath. It was certainly the best orgasm Iíve had in quite a while and easily one of my best. Although I had another opportunity to cum again if I was able to start edging within a few minutes nothing was further from my mind. I couldnít even wrap my mind around touching. I was exhausted with the intensity of the session so gladly accepted the minor consequence of a bit more cornertime as punishment.

I was super glad to finally get the chance to orgasm and happy it was a unforgettable experience as Iíd been thinking about it in detail for the last month. Planning, getting frustrated at things delaying it and then running out of time before I was out of privacy before the holidays that I was seriously wondering if I would ever get round to it again.

I was glad to lift the load off my mind be releasing my load I tidied up, then showered catching a glimpse of my smiling happy self in the mirror. The post-orgasm afterglow was something I definitely missed and I was in a super good mood for the rest of the night. Thanks for the fun task Nina!

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    LitDarkness's Avatar
    This sounds fun. Glad the orgasm was unforgettable.
    Posted 04-07-2019 at 04:28 PM by LitDarkness LitDarkness is offline
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    nina@'s Avatar
    Wow, this is so great, love the details of how you dolled up and your choice of colour for the nail paint is great and looks lovely and feminine on your toes, also praiseworthy is the fact that you did it live on a cam site including face even though with a mask! No issues with altering a dare a little and stroking both ways to catch up, and its great to hear how you climaxed and how much into it you were, I am so glad that it was an unforgettable experience for you and that you selected my task as the way to have your first orgasm after a long period of denial. Thank you for the amazing report and pic Wish you luck with your future endeavours [both vanilla and kinky]. Good job with the task, you did it extremely well!
    Posted 04-08-2019 at 06:07 AM by [email protected] nina@ is offline

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