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To pee!!!

Posted 04-04-2019 at 05:32 AM by lilith_

My last blog was titled "to pee or not to pee". Well following up to that, I must say that I indeed peed AND I FILMED IT!!!

For a while I forgot how to pee. This also happened the time when my (ex) Dom tried to make me pee on demand. I don't know what happens but from the embarrassment I can't pee!! Which makes it kinda fun and humiliating... I giggle to myself when I think that I am that stupid that I can't even pee when I am horny!

Sooo!! Back to my experience! I was in my bathtub, sometimes facing the camera and other times facing the wall. I felt it building it up more and more just like when you are on the elevator and you really really want to pee and it gets worse as you get closer to your floor, lol.... That's exaclty how it felt. Until I finally decided to be brave and let the golden river flow out of my pee hole. It was warm and to my surprse it felt... nice? Feeling the warm pee going down my legs didn't feel as gross as I thought it would. The smell wasn't that gross either! It was overall a nice experience and I was so proud of myself that I could do that! On camera! And upload it on pornhub!!! Wooo! I am a brave good slut!

Then I had a lot of requests to film a video of me pumping my pussy while I am holding my bladder. So I did... I pumped my pussy as much as I could and I held my bladder as much as I could. Until I peed all over me while I was sitting down on the bathtub... I'm so sad that I accidentally deleted that video before uploading it this again felt quite nice, though I must say it was a bit more humiliating that the first try.

I'm excited about this pee adventure and discovery and be sure that I will be sharing my journey with all of you via blogs and videos!
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    SecretGhost's Avatar
    this sounds pretty good ^^
    but i really am inspired by you because you are so open with things and videos to people and i find it awesome

    i hope you post more ^^
    Posted 04-04-2019 at 05:49 AM by SecretGhost SecretGhost is online now
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    LittleMissSass's Avatar
    I'm glad you tried a new experience and found that you liked it more than you thought! I hope you continue to enjoy as you explore!
    Posted 04-04-2019 at 06:16 AM by LittleMissSass LittleMissSass is offline
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    lilith_'s Avatar
    Thank you both!! I really like sharing videos, it makes me feel so much more confident and it helps me accept my body <3
    Posted 04-04-2019 at 07:06 AM by lilith_ lilith_ is offline
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    StrawDog's Avatar
    I know what it's like to have a shy bladder; whenever I've peed on someone, most times they've had to be blindfolded because I struggle to go if someone's looking.

    Well done for sharing, and I hope you have a lot more fun and discovery on the yellow brick road.
    Posted 04-04-2019 at 02:22 PM by StrawDog StrawDog is offline
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    Peachybaby's Avatar
    I am so happy you had fun ☺️ I’m happy to follow your journey along the way!!
    Posted 04-04-2019 at 09:19 PM by Peachybaby Peachybaby is offline
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    Runesmith's Avatar
    Congratulations on your breakthrough. For some subs, peeing in public (or in a private place but knowing they will be observed) is an important hurdle to get through.

    I recently coached/coaxed an online sub of mine to get across this barrier. She always wanted to do it, but like you, she wasn't sure whether she could. In the end, she was so turned on by it. At her request, I even posted the video on the getDare Discord server.
    Posted 04-06-2019 at 03:39 AM by Runesmith Runesmith is offline
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    MrCharcol's Avatar
    Dear Lilith

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Watersports there is definitely something illicit but also primeval about pee play.

    Mr C
    Posted 04-09-2019 at 06:23 AM by MrCharcol MrCharcol is offline
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    Shadowice's Avatar
    that sounds so hot pumping your pussy!! I love seeing them all swollen I can just imagine how much it tingles once taking it off and or peeing!
    Posted 04-12-2019 at 04:32 PM by Shadowice Shadowice is offline
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    lilith_'s Avatar
    Originally Posted by Shadowice View Comment
    that sounds so hot pumping your pussy!! I love seeing them all swollen I can just imagine how much it tingles once taking it off and or peeing!
    It's a little painful as I'm pumping it so I don't keep it on for more than 2 minutes... I'm gonna need someone to make me keep it there longer haha so the results aren't crazy like the ones you see in porn. Just my lips are a bit swollen and my clit feels a little more sensitive. But it's definitely fun seeing it grow bigger!
    Posted 04-13-2019 at 01:52 AM by lilith_ lilith_ is offline

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