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PM Dares

Posted 04-02-2019 at 02:58 PM by darkblue
Updated 06-02-2019 at 01:06 AM by darkblue

Thank you Fieldofbunnys for pimping my PM dares!

Edging, Teasing, and Denial

PM EDGE X and I will edge X times in a row (Max 5) as soon as possible.

PM RUIN and I will ruin my next orgasm as soon as possible.

PM EAT and I will cum in the palm of my hand and eat it all up, as soon as possible.

PM TEASETIME and if I have not edged at all today, I will edge 5 times. Otherwise, I will edge just once.


PM TOOTHPASTE and I will do a toothpaste game according to your wishes (not in the eyes, silly...).

PM HOT and I will do a hot pepper cream game to your wishes.

Anal, and Other Insertions

PM ASS PLUG X and I will put in my buttplug for at least X minutes as soon as possible.

PM LOLLIPOP and I will stick a finger into my ass and lick it afterwards.

PM ANAL and I will do your anal dare as soon as possible.

PM SWEET ASS and I will push any fruits to your wishes into my ass, push them out and eat them, as soon as possible.

PM ENEMA X Y and I will give myself an enema of X liters, holding it for Y minutes (XMax 1 for now, YMax 30). This will need some time, and please just ask for it, if you really mean it.

PM URETHRA PLUG X and I will put in my urethra plug for at least X minutes as soon as possible.

Piss Play, and Bladder Control

PM WATER X (maximum 6) and I will drink 7 minus X cups of water and not pee for X hours.
(WATER 5 would mean I drink 2 cups of water, but not pee for 5 hours.
WATER 1 would mean I drink 6 cups of water, but not pee for 1 hour.) (thanks to Fieldofbunnys for the idea!) (Note: You're welcome >u<)

PM LEMONADE and I will drink a glass of my own pee as soon as possible.

PM DRIBBLE and I will pee a few drops fully dressed wherever I am when reading it.

PM POO and I will do your poo game as soon as possible. This may take a little longer, depending on the nature of your dare.


PM REVENGE and I will send the same number of pm dares to you as I have received from you.

PM ADD and I will add a PM dare of your choice to this list for one month (don't be too rude to me, I am a friendly person).

PM INCREASE and you may give one of my dares a new special thrill (As in edit/change) within my limits (marked in red letters; will last for one month and then fall back to default).

PM CRUEL and I will do a dare of your choice that is in my dislikes or comes nearer to my limits, without really reaching them.

PM PAUSE X and I will not open getDare for X hours (Max 24).

PM TELL ME and I will answer one question to the full truth, of course within my few limits.


You may do whatever you like with received pics and reports.

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  1. Old Comment
    Fieldofbunnys's Avatar
    This is a really great PM dare list!
    You must be a genius ^u^
    Posted 04-02-2019 at 04:01 PM by Fieldofbunnys Fieldofbunnys is offline
    Updated 04-02-2019 at 04:15 PM by Fieldofbunnys
  2. Old Comment
    darkblue's Avatar
    Well, I had some help :-)
    Posted 04-02-2019 at 04:51 PM by darkblue darkblue is offline

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