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Hypnotest #1: Research

Posted 03-16-2019 at 01:51 PM by PrincessJessica
Updated 03-16-2019 at 02:00 PM by PrincessJessica

Hypnotest #1: Research

Iíve never really been sure if hypnosis is really for me. Beyond the obvious issue of whether it works or not I rather like to think of my mind as a safe sanctuary. A somewhat private space for my own thoughts and dark fetishes to fester to blossom of their own accord. Even if I consent to opening up my mind up then is it something I want involved with my kinks? I decided to at least research whether it was for me and what is roughly involvesÖ

Do I want my mind messed with?

Without going off at a complicated tangent free will is a best limited with the human brain processing 100s of stimuli within a fixed framework dictated partly by your nature (e.g. the genes you inherit in part dictate your decision making process) and nurture (in this context past experience dictating which choices get made) which you have little control of. Every conversation or experience you have will help shape the way you think i.e. my mindís constantly being ďmessedĒ with anyway.

I think I can see the effects of that with my long-term denial and infrequent teasing that ďPrincess Jessica wants to be denied foreverĒ which seemed to grow from an innocent nearly-impossible tease to a fully fledged fantasy which I soon found my mind adding to and my dicklet getting all excited about.

Although Iím fine with my mind being messed with most literature online says you need to trust the hypnotist and it helps to want to go along with the Hypno file at least to some degree. In my case, I just plan on using online audio files so finding a trustworthy website and sticking to my kinks seems like a sensible starting point.

Is it something to involve in my kinks?

This oneís far more personal and one Iím more conflicted about. In some ways, I always think of obediently following a dominants orders to be far more submissive than being ďforcedĒ to follow along. The best example I can think of is a submissive being spanked while being cuffed vs having their arms on their heads. The latter just seems a deeper amount of trust and obedience that, to some degree anyway, hypnosis seems to erode.

That being said thereís plenty of times I want my mind to think differently; from a differing the way I experience pain (which is a narrow band of enjoyment for me between nothing & agony) to my lack of enjoyment from anal stimulation, as well as the possibilities hypno may open up for more one-off stimulation.

What types of files are there?

The first problem to overcome in getting the files is really figuring out exactly what Iím opening myself up to. The basic idea of hypnosis is to best ďattackĒ your mind with your conscious defences (ďI donít want to do thatĒ etc.) interfering.

Files seem to be split up into
- ďConventionalĒ autohypnosis files which often require an induction file. This puts you into a trance state where your mind is more open to suggestion (often described as a semi-conscious state). The hypnotist then suggests new ways of thinking/feeling while youíre in this suggestible state, with the idea being that while your minds defences are down the fun can begin. The main disadvantage of this is the induction files to get into a trance can often be long themselves (30+ minutes).
- Subliminal hypnosis entirely bypasses your conscious mind (think pictures embedded in a video thatís too brief for your eyes to register or sound in audio too high to hear). This had the benefit of not necessarily needing to get into a trance state first but the evidence seems mixed on whether this works. Indeed this is the type of file Iíve heard before but I was consciously aware of what was being said (albeit distorted and with music playing) which probably explains why it had little to no effect on me.

Then thereís a few types of suggestions that aim to be embedded:
- Temporary; which as the name helpfully suggests only aim to last for a fixed amount of time leaving no long-term effects (e.g. a file designed to o make you feel unbearably horny for a hour)
- Training; which do aim to encourage long-term effects by altering your personality in some way (e.g. becoming more feminine).
- Triggers; which aim to have no real effect on you until you see/hear a certain stimuli (e.g. pee your pants everytime you see a waterfall).
- Curses; which aim to burden the listener with effects designed to be difficult to erase (e.g. Calís Curse which forces the listener to need permission for a orgasm). This is one of the more morally yucky parts of the few sites Iíve seen where the file required to remove the curse is behind a paywall.

The last two are of no real interest to me, for now anyway, as Iím rather nervous about getting potentially long-term issues from the files. Having said that Calís Curse providing a permanent restriction on my orgasms is quite a bit of a turn on.

How effective is it anyway?

This is, naturally, one of the first questions I asked. The best answer I found was that hypnosis works for some people who are more open to suggestion. The cynic in me does wonder whether itís just a placebo effect, which could be a problem for me as Iím an evidence based person. However, I do think Iím quite a suggestible person. The best example is when I was told during a Science experiment to try to avoid getting acid on my hands otherwise it could ďburn a hole in themĒ (or slightly less extreme). Although my mindís not quite suggestible enough that Iím now walking around with an inconvenient hole in my hand it was suggestible enough that the panic when I spilt a small amount of acid on them caused me to faint. If my mind can literally shut itself down without even needing to bother with hypnosis it at least gives me hope that it may work for me.

So, after a particularly long blog explaining my initial feelings on hypnosis and a quick introduction the best way to see whether this works on me is really trying it; which is exactly what Iím aiming to do & then continue this blog with my journey.
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  1. Old Comment
    Cassandra's Avatar
    Great research and insight. Many thanks for sharing, Jessica.
    Posted 03-16-2019 at 03:36 PM by Cassandra Cassandra is online now
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    minimarshmellow's Avatar
    Hypnosis is wonderful! It will indeed work on almost anyone. If you know their modality, you can alter you induction to better suit your subject.

    That being said, inductions don't actually have to last 30+ minutes. One of the primary people in the erotic hypnosis community said you should be able to do your induction in less than 5 minutes. Yes, they can last longer for fun, but you should be able to do most inductions rapidly. The Secret Subject has quite a bit of files on youtube available for free and most range around 10 minutes.

    With subliminal messages, your brain has to be able to register that you saw it to be effective. If your brain doesn't actually process that you saw it, it won't work. If you want something where you aren't fully aware it is happening, check out covert hypnosis. Just be careful with it as there are a lot of not nice people out there!

    There are a ton of different ways to do suggestions, the most common are open vs closed and direct vs indirect.

    Hypnosis will work on almost everyone. The ability of the subject to take suggestion can be improved with practice and building more rapport with the tist. For example, most people will not be able to follow through with amnesia suggestions from the start, but over time they can build up that ability.

    Like I mentioned previously, just be careful. There are a lot of really not nice people out there. Some people you should check out include The Secret Subject (she has a huge range of files and educational content), Ultra Hypnosis and Fiona Clearwater (they have a bunch of files on youtube!), Lee Allure (she has a book about hypnotic amnesia and knows lots of fun hypnotic drug play things), and Mark Wiseman aka wiseguy (he wrote Mindplay which is currently one of the best erotic hypnosis books available). Do remember, a lot of kinky stuff is behind paywalls. That isn't because the creator is mean, it is because they legally have to make sure that 18+ kinky content stays 18+.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me or you can also check out my thread here. Have fun!
    Posted 03-17-2019 at 06:38 AM by minimarshmellow minimarshmellow is offline
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    Pariahterror's Avatar
    Might be going to a hypnomeet in 2 months. Really curious for it.
    Posted 03-17-2019 at 09:02 AM by Pariahterror Pariahterror is online now
  4. Old Comment
    PrincessJessica's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for the extra info, especially the resources minimarshmellow! I do definitely get the impression that this is one of the many things where practice makes perfect (getting into a deeper trance, finding what works and what doesn't for you etc) and also something to be careful with. I look forward to experimenting a bit and will shoot you a message if any questions come up. Thanks

    Originally Posted by Pariahterror View Comment
    Might be going to a hypnomeet in 2 months. Really curious for it.
    That sounds exciting. Just audio files is exciting enough for me for now but good luck at the meet puppy. Look forward to reading all about it.
    Posted 03-19-2019 at 08:39 AM by PrincessJessica PrincessJessica is offline

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