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Random 2am post

Posted 03-12-2019 at 06:12 PM by Bloxo

Okay...foolishly up late again for no real reason, but hey...this is what I do haha

No particular theme here, just felt like sharing some bits and pieces...there may be an element of boredom going into this as Iím cutting down on gaming late at night...

So firstly, have you ever swallowed something by accident?...well I did last night, you see...and this is a bit personal, but I have these buttons, they have come off a blanket I had when I was very young, but the texture of them is very smooth, they are quite relaxing to fiddle with...and sometimes when gaming I put them between my lips...I went to cough and one of them went straight down my throat...I was horrified!
Not only had I swallowed a small piece of plastic...but it was something I had a personal connection to...
This next bit is very embarrassing and gross for me and Iím sure many readers, but when I went to the loo after work, I saw the button Iíd swallowed in my stool...I wrapped my hand in cling film and scooped it out, washed it thoroughly and then left it in a glass with some washing up liquid for a few hours...and now I have it back and what a journey it went on, if a disgusting one at that, needless to say I will be a lot more careful going forward!

So I have a busy social week this week, this is very good if likely Iíll be left a bit tired by the end!
I had a date tonight, we went to a Greek restaurant here in Warsaw, weíve had quite a few dates now (7 I think) but not got past the cuddling phase, I am hoping things go further...but Iím not going to rush anything, I sometimes wonder if Iím just being used for company...but try to dismiss these thoughts.
Tomorrow I am due to meet a friend to watch the football, Iím not really a football fan, but I like any excuse to go to the pub and have a few beers, and catch up with a good friend of course haha
Thursday night Iíve invited some friends around for a board game night, idea is Catan, but Iíve got a range of games now that people can play...last time I hosted this it turned into a party...so Iíve restricted the guest list in the hope weíll actually play some board games this time!
Friday I am hopefully seeing this girl again, something lowkey around mine, watch a film, get some takeout and see how things go...
Aiming to play badminton with her Saturday morning, and may go to a St. Patrickís day event at a pirate themed bar

It was my nieces birthday today, sheís just turned 2 and itís sad I wonít see her, living about 1000 miles away makes this tricky, but such is the life of an expat...I sent my brother birthday wishes for her and am coordinating with the folks to get a gift sent up to her

Finally GD, so Iím on a bit of a quest, perhaps a foolhardy one...but I want to try, creating posts that I hope may encourage a bit more female activity on the forum, a tough challenge, but Iím hoping I can get a formula together for some good posts and do my bit to make the forum more active...and a little more even in terms of gender contribution

I find myself looking at the Whoís online part of the forum, but not to find new people necessarily, but to see if anyone is looking at my posts, itís a bad habit of mine...part of me doesnít want to sleep as I want to see if anyone posts on my threads, itís something I need to work my way out of...

But I think that will do and I should look towards bed soon, thanks for reading if you have, nothing that insightful or awe inspiring...but I just felt like doing some writing, I think thatís what I enjoy most about this forum sometimes...just putting thoughts down

Peace out folks!
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    Butterfly's Avatar
    Hope you finally got to sleep and slept well.

    Sounds like a great week!

    (Sorry, I know this is a lame comment, but wanted to show my appreciation for your post but didn't have much more to say :P)
    Posted 03-12-2019 at 08:41 PM by Butterfly Butterfly is offline
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    Stopclick's Avatar
    You know... Depending on your perspective this could be one mans story about an intimate adventure with his button. I hope you two are closer than ever.

    I'm with you on the football front. Catan is a great game. If you have too many people (well, atleast 7) You could always play something like werewolf which is a lot of fun with a big group.
    Posted 03-13-2019 at 10:47 AM by Stopclick Stopclick is offline
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    DaVance's Avatar
    So firstly, have you ever swallowed something by accident?...

    Actually when I was a little kid I swallowed a small nail. My mother was concerned so she took me to the hospital and it showed up clear as day on the X-ray. They didn't do anything special except to say watch for complications. It either went all the way through or dissolved. I guess metal might start dissolving in the stomach acids but maybe not plastic?

    Well anyways nothing happened and it's been a long time.

    Since this is a dare site I do not suggest anyone try this.
    Posted 03-14-2019 at 08:13 AM by DaVance DaVance is offline

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