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The Contract Week 9

Posted 12-01-2018 at 10:51 AM by [email protected]
Updated 01-04-2019 at 12:57 PM by [email protected]

D and I had arranged to go for a drink after work to chat about the events of the weekend and last week
D came through to my office after 5 and seemed in excellent spirits.
She said ‘now TT you have been very good but I know you like to be bad so let’s pretend it’s like old times and your just bad - so bad - so strip now’. I hesitated D –it was still early - ‘now TT do it – it’s all good I am happy and you need a ‘treat’.

I did as I was told- when nude D said ‘now go and open the door so it’s like when I was in here last week and you inspected my knickers (it was only just after 5 – lots of people about) I said ‘no way D that’s too much anyway you’re here we will both get caught’- D ‘no TT you agreed to behave and be a better sub don’t argue do it - I am going to hide behind the door so no one will see me, - you’re going to kneel up on your desk bum facing the door and edge – totally exposed-- now show me you have turned over a new leaf and are going to comply and behave’.
I wanted to prove I was going to obey D in future but knew this was too much – I looked at D she just pointed to the door – I had no choice after last week I had to show her I was now going to behave - I walked to the door – pushed the handle down and stated to open it – D said ‘STOP – close it –lock it- then up on your desk bum in the air’.

I was so relieved I almost jumped up on the desk papers going ever where. D came up and stood by me - she felt between my legs – I was dry --
D – ‘so now that wasn’t fun was it TT it was nasty and scary –‘ I agreed – D- ‘so you need to think more - you need to stay safe not just with me who can look out for you but on the net and when emailing people – you need to say No more – play but play safe – now agree to it you stupid slut –‘ D was right that had been scary but more scary was that I was going to do it – I agreed I had learnt a lesson.
D said lets discuss your name TT
I was still kneeling nude on my desk – D’s hand was on my bum
D- Remind me who was it who got me to use TT as a nickname at work –
‘It was me D’ D- ‘Who’s idea was the whole thing on get dare ‘it was me D’ D-yes you silly bitch it was – do you like your new Name Tiny Teats’ ‘I do D its humiliating and fits me and I deserve to be reminded of my inadequate tits’.
D- Ok I agree but let’s explore that. Last week (as in report week 8) what you told ‘that cute guy xxxxxx - TT stood for’
TT Jane -‘Oh ‘I forget’ a hard smack landed on my bum and D picked up my plastic ruler.
D ‘well’ - I said ‘Sorry D - I said The Terror’ D said you got that from Master C (The Hand of E) didn’t you – he had become quite your confidant mmm but he is fun. However - it’s just not true - what should you have said? –‘Tiny Teats Mistress D’.
I was on my desk exposed being cross examined it was so hot and degrading D ran her hand over my bum and tapped me with the ruler – I was defiantly getting moist now- I could feel little pluses of electricity in my pussy.
D ‘– mmm that’s the first time you have said Mistress D, TT Jane isn’t it?
TT J ‘Yes D it is’.
D ‘Well I don’t approve of lying or liars they should be punished don’t you think?
I agreed ‘yes absolute—‘the rest being cut off by the ruler hitting my bum multiple times – till as D remarked it was nice and red.
D said I could stick with my explanation but each time I said it or D heard anyone refer to The Terror I would get this treatment again -plain TT like plain Jane was fine at work but absolutely no Tiny Teats ever at all at work --ever’ I said I understood.
D continued to hit my bum and asked ‘why do you think your still being punished – I said oh well there are a few things D – for the role play with bitch C, -D said ‘well yes - but this it’s not punishment it’s a reward for setting me up with K – last week - yes I know about you and K plotting in the Gym last Monday – discussions regarding how you wanted K to seduce me and so humiliate you – well its backfired as K told me everything and more! But this is your reward as I did so enjoy a real woman’s touch.
I knelt there being beaten thinking I had been found out – D was not to be outsmarted she was in charge – I was feeling that in my increasingly sore bum. I also contemplated what I would do to K next time we met – revenge is best served cold – my hot bum not making it easy to think just then.
D stopped –stood me up, hugged me and whispered – ‘you are who I want not K – we can play with K and others on line but at the end of the day it’s us against the world’
When I was dressed and had dried my red eyes and covered my red bum we left had a drink and home.
As I totally failed last week’s competition between D and myself set by Mistress D the task I must do is linked to being a looser and my failings so suitably it is to use a breast pump for half an hour each day for three days and my clit pump for quarter of an hour of passionately strong pumping. This was then on Tuesday extended by three days up to six days (as a whipping bitch begged for this so to spare The Hand of E giving him 2 days free of being locked in chastity.

When I went to see D midmorning to ask to pee she wasn’t there but the secretary was putting a large a parcel on her work area – ‘she said look your pals got a parcel must be a present – wonder what it is and why it was delivered here – its quite heavy. I was dying to feel it and shake it to see what it was - https://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=354484 – I thought it could be but after the problems of last week no it couldn’t be anyway we had a shopping trip sorted.
I had no opportunity to touch it and when I came back half an hour later it was gone – D said ‘you may pee TT oh like that pee and TT like cane and Jane it rhymes! (I was not amused) D- ‘Anything else I can do for you just now?’
‘I was wondering’ – ‘what’ said D Me ‘well you got a parcel and ---‘– D ‘no, no parcel here’ as she smiled and turned away. I was desperate to pee so had to go.
Spent some time thinking about that parcel and tried to look for it - got some funny looks from others as I tried to look - so couldn’t – it’s driving me mad.
I was punished following the result of a not allowed to pee task D and I were set last week.
Email Trail abridged explains it.
The Hand of Emily > Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at 1154
> To: No recipient address
> Subject: pee task >
> from 12:00 you are both on Restriction of Peeing
> You are not allowed to pee until 18:00 however, you can try to assist the other in getting into trouble by offering each other drinks., tea, Coffee or cold drinks, the only issue is you have to match them by drinking the same, so if you are feeling confident and have a large bladder you can put the other one under pressure by making you both lots of cups of tea. You both have to finish your drink within 30 minutes of it being given, no lingering on a single cup all afternoon.
> If you both survive: You can both have an Orgasm, If you fail you are denied until Saturday.
D received this task just before 1200
D report
> Took Jane and myself a cup of tea at about 1200 (did not pee just before as that would have been unfair) - when we had finished our tea - I told her about the extra pee task as above. It was a bit mean but we both had tea and I knew she had had a pee at about 1100 and I had not peed since after breakfast. . I went and had my lunch, no more to drink.
> saw TT J about 1345 joined me carrying two glasses of water - we both drank our poison!
> At about 1600 I was desperate to pee went to find Jane and 'asker her' if I could' she thought this was very funny in view of every day for months now she has had to ask me. She said NO! Ha got you! So I did but half an hour later. J had to leave and unsure what time she had a pee.
Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2018 at 5:29 PM
From: The Hand of E To: D "E" J[email protected] Subject: The result of Pee task

Dear D and Slut Jane

Firstly I would like to point out D's integrity and honor, D's high morals meant rather than doing what I would do, (have a pee and bring Tiny Teats Jane A larger cup of tea), and only then tell the Slut about the task. She was a good compliant sub and told Tiny Teats Jane straight way even though she had not pee'd for nearly three hours...So I will take her timing from 9am
Next there should be a novice factor applied Tiny Teats Jane has been in Bladder control for at least 7 weeks this training giving her a major advantage and lastly the Slut Jane did not report her actual time so I will apply the 6pm cut off to her.
So with all factors counted it is definitely a clear winner to D with high morals and a sense of fair play.

Which brings me to the punishment of Slut Jane A golden Shower while TT J edges (to orgasm while being pee’d upon) the dirty slut.

The Hand

Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2018 at 6:53 PM From: D
Subject: The result of Pee task
I think the Hand has been generous but will go with the flow (pee - flow!) and do my best to piss on Jane's parade next Tuesday - her in the bath we don't want any mess on the floor -so best if she is in the bath - my pee best there too.

D came round we had dinner served by me in the nude as usual then I stripped and lay in the bath – D also undressed and sat watching me edge – when I indicated I was near D stood over me one leg in bath the other foot resting on my hip holding me down – she was facing my face - as I orgasmed she let fly and pissed all over me – some splashing into my mouth as it was open as I was panting and making a noise as I climaxed – It was so intense lying below D – looking up her foot on pressing on me her legs apart – her hot piss washing over my pussy chest – splashing on my tiny teats and face – I could taste it bitter and aromatic – I was covered in her waste water I felt abused, degraded so – dirty, a worthless slut. Also so pleased to be washed by her precious fluid anointed - it was hot.
Picture of me after orgasm soaked in D’s golden nectar.

D just seemed embarrassed – she reached over me and took the bar of soap from the shower dish and put it in my mouth! D then then took the shower head and sprayed me and her legs with water- She stepped out of the bath and turned the spray to hard and hosed me down with freezing water. I jumped and squirmed – she then pulsed it to hot, the cold and hot again the experience being pissed on while climaxing followed by the pulsed water spray and a mouth full of soap was very memorable...
I then gave D a nice shower cleaned my teeth and mouth and fulfilled another ‘task allocated for my failures last week (by The Hand ) by giving D three nice Orgasms in bed – she did taste soapy though or was that my mouth.
After D left did day 2 pumping my teats – and clit button – effect made then red and sore -


Today D said she did get a parcel but it wasn’t for her – nothing else – I am now quite worried.
Gym saw K we came to friendly blows – D was mad at me at work the next day – didn’t like my black eye!

Then Teat/button pumping

Also continued writing to E to comply with ‘over the next 2 weeks, to send me a daily suggestion for a task I might give you that could have a lasting influence on your mind set. Of course in terms of you adapting to my preferences’. Mind games aimed at building a data base to alter my behaviour and develop me –as I am unsure perhaps as E prefers to me to be.

First thing got told off by D for fighting with K (explained we parted with a kiss – got her madder).
Stayed worried in anticipation -- at home time D came in to my office with a parcel – she said I know you are dying to know what it is and hope the anticipation played with your mind.
She said ‘it’s for you for being you’!
‘For sorting out last week’ and being well just you! – She kissed me and said ‘I hope you like it (E will) you will have to try it on now’.
I could no believe it she couldn’t have ordered me a chastity belt surely not after the trauma (long story) of last week. D had me strip and turn away then she partly opened the parcel behind my back – had me turn round eyes closed and then I had to carry on opening my present.
OMG it was very appropriate – D helped me try it one – it fitted perfectly and I looked great in it (I suppose)

Evening day 4 of teat/button pumping extra day for taking Bitch C’s punishment

There may be no report next week (10) as I will be involved in a cage fight on Monday and expect to have to go to A&E at the very least! And then tender to my poor opponent for a few days in bed.
I also have a penetrating task to complete from Mistress Emily – if allowed to report will be in separate section of Blog.
So you will just have to wait for the report at week 10 in two weeks to find out what was in the parcel and how it will be used to fulfil my contract rules.
Please post comments here to guess what the present was – prize for the best correct answer! Oh and please rate my blog top right hand corner of each entry – if not no incentive to continue exposing my depraved life to you.

Evening D and I went to K’s place for an Ann Summers Party – and a ‘Talent or Service auction’ (where you offer something people bid and then you do it for them) -- to raise money for Children in need.
D’s offered Talent was to -Cook meal for up to 6 at your house and serve/clear up- she is a good cook! I Am to assist her on the night doing clearing up and the washing up (know my place and D said I could help but only if I behave.

We arrived at 2000 – it was a girl only affair - there were drinks and food and a lady from the Shop showed us various toys and underwear – it was fun testing vibrators on our noses (apparently what people do at these things)

K and her partner also modeled some of the sexy underwear.

Then we had the Talent auction for Children in Need.
There were all sorts of offers it’s amazing what us girls do – gas boiler service, sweep chimney, tree surgery, winter car service, sessions of personal training

When it was my turn K explained she had asked me to offer a Talent although she knows I am talentless (just hate her so much could hit her or kiss her!) but it was an important cause and she felt even a bimbo like me could contribute. I just smiled sweetly and thought of my fist in her cunt.

I had asked Mistress E and the ‘Hand of E –her male bitch C’ to tell me what Talent or service to offer -
They also incentivize me to ‘sell’ my service and achieve more money for charity.
They said I was to offer a ‘cleaning service’ –house- not sexual, then when the bidding stumbled - to say ‘if they raise the bid I would wear a French maid's outfit while cleaning.

D raised £135 pounds with her offer and I raised £27=50 - bought by K! Who didn’t want others to ‘waste their money as she knew I was useless’ --- oh why me I expect it will be more of a nude cleaner than in a maids outfit – why I am I so lucky.

More Teat/button pumping


D K and I went to a Christmas Market girls day out on the way back had a short adventure but it did not go as planned may report on it next time.

End of week Teats/button sore from pump but teats no bigger!
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  1. Old Comment
    MrCharcol's Avatar
    Dearest TT J

    What a lovely report, I see that your talents we only worth £27.50p I don't think this warrants wearing your new Uniform and that it should be kept for when serving your Mistress it is good for her to have a Liveried Servant http://www.victorian-era.org/liveried-servants.html
    Posted 12-04-2018 at 05:09 AM by MrCharcol MrCharcol is offline
  2. Old Comment
    silverdarknight's Avatar
    Cage fighting huh? You do get yourself into trouble, don't you?
    Posted 12-05-2018 at 05:29 AM by silverdarknight silverdarknight is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Cruder's Avatar
    My guess what the present was is some sort of remote vibrator device.
    You should have a lot of fun with it
    Posted 12-09-2018 at 05:49 AM by Cruder Cruder is offline
  4. Old Comment
    jane@'s Avatar
    Originally Posted by Cruder View Comment
    My guess what the present was is some sort of remote vibrator device.
    You should have a lot of fun with it
    Unfortunately no thing for use in talent I auctioned
    Posted 12-09-2018 at 08:07 AM by [email protected] jane@ is offline

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