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Forced to use a humiliating email address outside of the kinky world.

Posted 11-24-2018 at 04:15 PM by dosster
Updated 11-26-2018 at 10:05 AM by dosster

This report is linked to this dare and also posted on kinktalk.


I am currently having to do a forfeit for loosing a bet again. I lost a previous bet that resulted in me suffering a harsh exposure as a forfeit. I really wanted out but the only way was to sort of double or quits. If I won my exposure time is cut in and if I lost it stays as is and I have to do a something else as well.

Well I gambled and lost so now I have to adopt a humiliating new email address which I have been doing over the last few days and I have found that it has already caused me a few humiliating embarrassments.

The first came on Wednesday when I went to the local council office to get a copy of some forms from them only to be told that now they were all electronically done and they would have to email me the copies and what was my email address.

I was now under enforcement to give out my new humiliating email address and the reality of my situation suddenly hit me. I never really thought I'd have to give it out in person. Although the verbal giving out of my email address was a condition I foolishly thought I'd safely be behind a computer screen whenever I had to use it but here I was face to face with a real person.

When asked I told the lady behind the counter my new email address and she typed it into her computer. At first I thought that was easy as she didn't seem to pay much attention to what I'd said. Then she looked up at me and asked if this was right as she read back what I'd just said. I knew I was blushing I could feel the heat in my face grow as she said each letter and the whole address back to me. A smile broadened across her face and she said the forms would be emailed out today, I thanked her and left feeling embarrassed and humiliated.

The next embarrassing humiliation caused by my new email address happened today. I am a regular customer at a store called screwfix from where I get tools and materials. If you are in the UK you will know them and if not you have probably have heard of them as they are big online as well.

I called in the shop to collect some ordered items and to my surprise I was asked to confirm my email address. The email address for screwfix was one that I had already changed to the new humiliating form and I had to stand there and with people behind me and three members of staff standing at the counter in front of me and tell this guy my humiliating address. “that's a good one” he says “it'll be out in a minute”. I had to stand to one side and wait for what seemed ages, but in reality was only a few minutes, for the items to be brought out by a female member of staff. By the time she had arrived with them I was in full blush and she looked at me and I could tell she knew I was embarrassed about something, she hadn't heard me give my email address so she must have been wondering what I was so embarrassed about. As I left the store I could just imagine her asking the other staff member what it was all about and as a regular customer I will be forced to go in there again and face them. Every trip into that store will now become a possible embarrassing humiliation for me.

That is the effect of this after only a few days now I wonder what awaits me in the future now that electronic communication is so wide spread.
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    So, what is the address?
    Posted 11-24-2018 at 11:21 PM by HumbleSlave HumbleSlave is offline
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    Having been asked here what the embarrassing email address is I have added this here based on a post I made elsewhere it explains why and how the email address is embarrassing and humiliating.

    My new email address contains the word whacked, Whacked meaning spanked or beaten and the word sub of course meaning I'm submissive. Plus it contains something else which remains secret. This new address has to go out to all my contacts and friends on line and personal by the end of today. So I'm in for a very humiliating time later when they all start asking why deedee and I tell them it's my old nickname and then they are going to ask how I got it and then I'm going to have to go through the humiliating process of telling them and as some of them are personal friends that I see regularly.

    I'm just waiting for people to start calling me deedee. It will be just like when I was embarrassed by it as a kid all over again. Which I'm sure my Dom will find most amusing. I can not say I'm looking forward to it, I admit I have been leaving sending this out to friends until the last minute but some of my contacts from this site will soon be receiving my email explaining it all.

    For contacting companies, shopping etc. I can use a disposable address to help keep the spam down and that is whacked.deedee.bus2all-(a keyword)@ etc.

    This I'm told by the Dom who chose that it shows I'm submissive to all others, with the sub been reversed to bus to make it more acceptable to companies but easy to work out.

    Whacked shows I get,should and want to be spanked and is basically an invitation for anyone to spank me. It also means in this part of the world that I have been beaten or bettered by others, as in “she whacked me at cards last night” or “my our team got really whacked”.

    I find that if I have to give the address verbally with deedee in it people tend to ask “deedee, how are you spelling that, as two letters D D or as the ladies name deedee ?”

    That question is guaranteed to make me blush as I have to response spelt as in the name. It hasn't happened yet as I have only given my new address verbally twice so far but I just know that on many occasions to come someone will ask “why deedee?” or “whos name is that, yours?” and I'm going to have to explain embarrassingly it's my nickname and someone is going to ask how I got it and then I'm going to have to go through the humiliating process of telling them.

    I feel there will be some humiliating and embarrassing but maybe thrilling times to come.
    Posted 11-26-2018 at 10:26 AM by dosster dosster is offline

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