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PM Dares

Posted 08-12-2018 at 03:44 PM by Jamin0731
Updated 01-05-2019 at 11:35 AM by Jamin0731

1. POST X - I will post whatever you want to the thread of your choice.
2. HYPNO - I will listen to a hypno file you send every day for 3 months. I will add any triggers to my signature.
3. RULES - You can give me up to 10 rules to follow for 1 month.
4. SWALLOW X - I will swallow my next X cums (maximum 10).
5. SLAVE - I will become your slave for one week.
6. DICE - I will do a dice dare of your choice. You can roll for me.
7. CONTROL - I will send you my account info for 72 hours and you can control my Getdare account. I am not allowed to change the password until the end of that duration.
8. ADD - I will add a pm dare of your choice (within my limits). I will keep the dare on my list for 2 months.
9. SECRET- I will PM you a secret I don't want shared with anyone else for you to blackmail me with
10. PUBLISH IT - Add this to any PM dare you send me, a link to a dare I would have to do or a new dare within my likes, and I will make a blog report about it.
11.TRUTH X- I will answer 1 question truthfully and to the best of my abilities.
12.OFF-LIMITS-Clothes other than diapers are off-limits for the rest of the day.
13.REPLICA- I will do three of your PM dares
14.BET-We will do a small bet with a forfeit. If there are only two possibilities for the bet (like a coinflip bet for example) I will let you pick first.
15.POSE-I will attempt to replicate a pose in an image you send me me and take a photo of myself doing so. I will use that photo as my phone homescreen for a week.
16.ADD-I will add a PM dare you tell me to to my list of PM dares for 3 months.
17.DUMB-I will attempt to talk like an idiot for an hour, whether in PMs or real life.
18.SPIN (X)- I will spin X times in a single direction.
19.COPY KITTY- I will copy up to four PM dares from your list and add them to my own for a month.
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