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Crotch Rope Walk

Posted 05-15-2018 at 05:59 PM by sciencegal

This is something that Iíve wanted to do for a very long time, but never could quite get the logistics worked out. I never had a second anchor point that was suitably sturdy and at the right height. But after chatting with a friend, she was able to suggest a very simply solution that allowed me the perfect setup. I began by looping one end of a very long rope around my closed doorknob. Next I added a double knot every two feet thereabouts. I didnít want the knots too close together, but I also wanted to experience quite a few with each walk. I secured the rope tightly to my desk about thirteen feet away, using the back of my computer chair to prop the rope up over. This let the rope be about the same height as the doorknob, letting the rope be taught and even. In total, there were 5 knots that I would be passing over, with a 6th one just a little too close to the chair for me to go over. With the setup complete, I stripped and prepared for my walk.

I swung a leg high over the rope, letting it settle snugly between my legs. The rope settled into place nicely, and I tentatively took a first step. There was a lot more friction that I expected as I walked forward, but the slight rope burn felt almost painfully good, but not quite. I came to the first knot, unsure what to expect. The knot hit my clit squarely, sending a shiver of pleasure through my body. The knot was a decent size, and continued to slide with a great deal of friction across my pussy, down towards my unsuspecting asshole. It bit into my asshole a bit before disappearing behind me. I continued walking with more confidence, now knowing what to expect with each knot. I found by the 5th one I was sort of trying to lift up a bit to gain a little release from the friction and sharp knots digging into my sensitive skin. I took a pause at the end before I began my journey backwards.

Walking backwards felt much better than the initial journey. There was less friction, possibly because I had already been on the rope (and was clearly aroused), possibly because I couldnít see where I was going. I could feel the knot touching my ass cheek, giving me pause, before it slid across my asshole, pushing hard onto it. It continued sliding, pushing painfully on the space between my asshole and vaginal opening (perineum), then relief as it hit my opening before sliding forward to my clit. It didnít seem to bother my clit as badly walking in this direction, and I felt like I could grind on the knots with my clit and get quite a bit of pleasure from it.

I took a break after the first 2 trips (I went once more forward and backward to fully experience the walk), deciding to write out my experiences before hopping back on. It was suggested that I try the walk with my thighs secured together, making it harder to get any relief from the vicious knots. I grabbed some extra rope and straddled the main knotted rope once more, securing my thighs and knees together for my next trip. I found that after writing down the first bit, I was rather wet when I straddled the rope. I had hoped this would help with some of the friction, but it seems the rope absorbed all of it within the first few feet. The friction was back, but more bearable this time. The knots continued to bite into my tender skin hard with each pass, unable to spread my legs to take away some of the strain of the rope. I endured 3 passes each forward and backward on the rope with my legs secured together before deciding to get off. The pain was very tolerable, more discomfort that any actual pain at this point. After untying my legs, I found that once again, and rather unsurprisingly, I was very aroused.

Not wanting to end too early, I received another suggestion to add a little spice to the walk. I grabbed a few butt plugs, some lube, nipple clamps, and a small length of yarn. I put in the smallest plug which had a round base and a jewel. Next I attached the yarn to one nipple clamp, looping it under the knotted rope before attaching it to the second clamp. Securing both clamps on my nipples, I adjusted the length of the chain to make sure there was a slight amount of tension to tug slightly on the clamps. With the plug in, clamps on, and rope nestled between my legs, I once again started my walk. I noticed that the plug acted as a nice barrier at first, saving my asshole from the knots. But at the same time, the tension in the rope caused it to push firmly on the plug with every step, making me keenly aware of the fact that it was there. I made it to the end, walking backwards now towards the beginning. As before, the walk backwards was easier. The plug sort of acted like a ramp to help the rope pass between my legs, but the knot would always squarely hit my clit now. The plug was a nice addition and kept the rope from digging in too much but still let me experience the full force of the knot on my clit as it passed by. Without the plug, my focus was on the friction generated by the rope and the bite of the knot as it passed between my legs. With the plug, my focus was on the knots that would bounce and hit my pussy and clit, and the pressure the rope put on the plug. Overall I rather enjoyed the small plug.

I did have a problem with the nipple clamps though. The yarn I used was standard, thin yarn and I found that it kept catching on the knots as I tried to pass over them, especially on the walk backwards. It was okay when the yarn would catch, pull hard on the clamps, and then free itself from the knot. But because the knots have bulk above and below the main rope, the yarn would sometimes catch and need to be freed by hand in order to pass. I did try to keep pulling, hoping it would just pull free, but it ended up just pulling the clamp painfully off my nipples instead. Not exactly what I had in mind. I removed the clamps after I finished the walk, deciding it wasn't worth the effort at the moment.

At the end of that walk, I swapped my small plug for a medium one with a rectangular base. I really love this plug, so I was excited to use it. I leaned forward on the rope to switch the plugs without getting off the rope completely. With the new plug securely in my ass, I started my walk forward again. This time I found that the knots were now fighting the plug base. The knot would get stuck, pushing hard into that oh so tender perineum, wedging in under the plug base. A few times I had to adjust myself to allow the knot to pass over the plug in order to continue. Going backwards was much easier and I found the knots didnít become wedged in this direction.

The first plug that I had used, the small one, had a rounded base that let the knots pass over easily. The second plug I used, the medium one had a rectangular base, which fought the knots quite a lot. I decided that I had experimented enough, learning quite a bit from trial and error. The nipple clamps while fun, really didnít work due to the bulkiness of the knots in the rope. Perhaps if I had an actual bit of metal chain they would pass over more easily than the thin bit of yarn did. I also will have to limit plugs to those with round bases, as the rectangular one fought the knots too much. Itís not that the pain was unwelcome, but the knots honestly got stuck under the rectangular base.

After discussing the results, I learned of a different style knot to try out, and I look forward to comparing the difference in how it feels sliding across my skin. If and when I try this again, I think it best to try using a different rope as well. At the moment I only have thick cotton rope, which I know absorbs moisture, hence the insane amount of friction. Synthetic rope would be best for my next adventure.

And because I can never just leave an experiment as is, a part of me is curious to try adding a topical agent to the knots, like hot sauce or ginger paste. But I absolutely hate messes and donít want to ruin my good rope, so that will have to wait until I get different rope and a drop cloth to be safe. It was also suggested that clothespins on my labia taped open to my upper thigh would be a nice addition too. Perhaps one day when I need a punishmentÖ
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    Good girl Sounds like fun when you worked things out.
    Posted 05-16-2018 at 06:30 AM by MissSarah MissSarah is offline
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    little pet's Avatar
    Great detailed report! You managed to describe it excellently. I’ve done it once or twice, and reading this, I can feel the rope burn again
    Posted 05-16-2018 at 07:07 AM by little pet little pet is offline

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