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One Small Step: a Blog About Feet!

Posted 05-15-2018 at 04:36 PM by Night Drifter

Feet are an interesting topic in kink. A foot fetish is one of the most commonly known and more 'accepted ' fetishes in the eyes of the public, but it's never really clicked much with me. I can understand the appeal of kissing someone's feet, worship them, or being forced to sniff them as acts of submission and possibly even humiliation. But for me, they are not by themselves sexual or arousing.

When I think about it, I suppose it could come from them being traditionally unclean. The thought of implementing something like that into one's sex life could be arousing as it might be considered 'taboo'. It could also stem from the pleasure being foot rubs or tickling as well. I understand those two a little bit more than feet by themselves.

Ultimately, feet to me are... fine. Not super sexy, but not disgusting. If I had a partner who was interested in a foot fetish, I would get more out of their enjoyment, than the actual act itself.

I'd love to hear what others find so fascinating about feet. Is it their shape, role, or something else? Is it only bare feet or are all feet equal? What am I missing about them that I should know? Please, enlighten me!
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    Jaro's Avatar
    I make no secret (well at least on here I don't) that I have a major female foot fetish.
    I truly love female feet. I think there are genuinely beautiful and sexy and arousing and I would give my left nut to worship them and care for them.

    But why I have this fetish and why I find them so fascinating?

    There are many theories, the most prevalent being that the parts in the brain that like sexual things are close to the parts that's about feet, or something like that. Supposedly it's due to some cross-wiring going on here.

    I don't really buy this though. For one it doesn't explain why it's almost predominantly males that have a foot fetish.

    My theory is that it is just conditioned. I haven't always been this way about feet. It's just that one day I noticed I found them really pretty and I started indulging in the fascination. It grew into a fetish and it stuck. The only requirement for this to happen is that you already find feet pretty which, in the case of women, I do! The fact that most take good care of them and make them pretty with pedicures really helps.

    There need to be no explanation for why I find female feet pretty. I just do. What people find beautiful or not varies greatly and is all due to personal preference.
    Posted 05-16-2018 at 07:26 PM by Jaro Jaro is offline
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    Night Drifter's Avatar
    I think that you're right about it primarily being a personal preference built up over time. I think that that's a huge factor in a lot of kinks. I hadn't heard the theory that the proximity in the brain could be responsible, but I find the idea interesting. I think this may hold some sway for the truly strong fetishes in which the person needs feet to be involved otherwise they can't be aroused. It does raise some interesting questions about nature vs. nurture though!

    Thanks for the response Jaro!
    Posted 05-16-2018 at 08:09 PM by Night Drifter Night Drifter is offline

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