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BDSM Test Results

Posted 05-14-2018 at 12:18 PM by Bloxo

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
93% Rigger
- This was a slightly surprising result, but does make sense, better practice on my rope skills haha

90% Owner
I have always wanted this, have had some practice but never full ownership

82% Daddy/Mommy
Had some experience here, but would be more than happy to have a bigger role like this

76% Dominant
Definitely prefer to be in control, but there's always going to be a little part of me that has submissive tendencies

75% Pet
I think this result is a little exaggerated, fun to play in this realm but wouldn't be a lifestyle choice

74% Switch
This is always how I describe myself, seems to be the best fit for me, especially online, in person though I am more dominant

73% Voyeur
Can't deny I enjoy seeing the female form...but not in a telescope view kind of way, want a girl to know I can see her

67% Ageplayer
Like a lot of guys it's fair to say I can be attracted physically to younger women, but prefer someone mature in spirit...but must have spirit!

62% Master/Mistress
I think this is a fair score, I like to have some ownership...but couldn't do 24/7 control without a major connection

60% Exhibitionist
I can be known to show off...not just in a sexual way haha, have been an actor, love to present

59% Submissive
I think this score is a little high...or maybe that's just me in denial about my hidden natures

59% Brat tamer
If a girl is misbehaving there must be some kind of punishment, but sometimes it can be hard to find a brats triggers to bring them back in line

59% Slave
Again surprised...but if an incredible enough woman did enter my life I could be quite worshipping

58% Sadist
If someone enjoys pain I am happy to inflict it...but don't like creating any significant injuries like bruises or cuts

58% Experimentalist
Will try a lot of things but I know my limits...and what I will not enjoy

53% Degrader
More in a physical than a verbal way

48% Primal (Hunter)
Sex is always a raw emotion, I would rather I could let go...but takes a special bond of trust to see who I am fully

48% Masochist
I think a little pain, if playfully done can be fun!

44% Rope bunny
Sometimes it can be fun to let a girl take control, as long as I trust them enough

43% Boy/Girl
It can be good to let your inner child out at times

41% Primal (Prey)
Little high a result, but if a powerful enough woman had me in their sights, the chase could be fun...

18% Vanilla
Haha, kind of glad this result isn't higher...

17% Non-monogamist
My ideal in life is to have one dedicated partner, but until I find that I don't mind broadening my experiences

15% Degradee
I prefer to have a higher self esteem, helps me to feel more confident and more adventurous

14% Brat
This should be higher haha, love to tease and be cheeky
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