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Spring is here!

Posted 05-10-2018 at 07:17 PM by mslut1961

It is finally warm enough to go out and cruise the trails at the local parks. Last night I dressed up real slutty and drove to my favourite park. I got there at midnight and there were a dozen vehicles in the parking lot. The odds were very good that I would be getting cock tonight!
As I got out of my car I let my skirt ride up, exposing my clitty and ass. I didn't bother to pull it down as I walked across the lot and stepped onto a path. Everyone got a good look. I hadn't gone 20 metres when I was approached by a couple of guys looking for a good time. We moved into an alcove and I squatted and started sucking their cocks. They were average sized, but they were clean and tasted good. I alternated sucking both cocks and after about 15 minutes they both shot thier loads all over my face. I offered them my pussy but they declined.
I kind of cleaned up and almost got to the path when I ran into another guy who was looking for 'the hot CD from the parking lot.' I smiled and offered back into the alcove. He had a large cock and after I had coaxed it to full erection he asked if my cunt was available? I turned around and offered him my hole. He place the head at the entrance and then drove it in, in one swift thrust. I yelped, he laughed and started pounding away. He fucked me for about 5 minutes before he shot his load deep in my hole.
He withdrew his cock, slapped my ass and said, "next." I looked over my shoulder and saw 4 guys with cocks out, waiting thier turn. I wiggled my ass and the next guy stepped up. Over the next half hour all 4 guys fucked my cunt. By the time they were finished my hole was gaping and leaking cum. My skirt was up around my waist and my wig was a mess. I walked down the path towards the parking lot and my car.
When I got to the lot there was only one other car besides mine. A big black guy was leaning against it. "Over here faggot," he said. I walked over and brought out this huge cock and asked, "one more or the road?" I was entranced by that monster cock and fell to my knees and started sucking it. I could barely get the head in my mouth! After a few minutes it was fully erect.
He ordered me to lean over the trunk and spread my legs. My pussy gaped and some cum dripped out. He saw that, called me a slut and drove his 12" long, coke can thick cock into my cunt. I yelped and tried to move away. He just grabbed my hips and pulled me in. After a few minutes I quit squirming and let him ravage my hole. He fucked me hard for about 15 minutes before he tensed and added his load to the 5 others in my cunt. Held me there as his cock softened. Once it popped out of my hole he had me clean it with my mouth. Once it was clean he thanked me and left.
It was about 3 a.m. And I was the only one in the lot. I walked to my car, totally exposed, cum dripping from my well fucked hole. By the time I got to my car my clitty was tingling. I squatted and started jerking it. With my other hand I scooped out some of the cum from my cunt. As I ate the cum my clitty got hard and I shot my load. What a beginning to spring!
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