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"Add to my" thread advice Part 1

Posted 02-22-2018 at 06:14 PM by Cassandra
Updated 03-06-2020 at 12:39 PM by Cassandra

Disclaimer: I am just a human being without any clue, but I felt inspired to answer to NoLimitz call how to create or make a popular "Add ..." thread.

I had to create my own Loser thread by losing a vote to ChubbyShySissy, still working it off, and started some more Add-threads for other users like for lop747, for Gonzalez, for Buttaholic, for my precious pet astro alias oddjobber, and for spankmeohio. I think my first experiene posting and thereby adding in such threads was with ColdToes and especially quite recently plenty of others. I also love to create games. So please take my advice with a big grain of salt.

So you want to create a thread where people add set tasks or portions of it to you, just by posting. Like adding denial time, edges, ruins, deepthroats, slaps, spanks or anything else that you can do? But you want to avoid only three or four posting, but want it to be active and fun?

Long-term preparation
1. Have a good profile

Have an avatar picture. Care for the details in your profile details Care for a decently formated, meaningful signature. Use links to your content, like your blog, albums and threads.

2. Be active

Post, comment, blog. Make meaningful contributions. Reply to PMs. PM dare others. Post in other people's Add-Threads.

3. Be reasonable

Be careful to pick up too much. First, you probably can't do it without breaking yourself, and hence shouldn't do it at all. Second, people are going to doubt that you take it seriously.

4. Be authentic

Report to PM dares, task and other dares. Blog some reports if you like. You don't need the best report writer, but put effort into it. Don't lie. Keep your promises and fulfill your lost bet stakes without breaking yourself. If you do break a promise or abandon a task or dare, communicate and learn from it.

5. Be consistent and persistent

Come back. More than just once. That's the way you make friends, not necessarily in your friend list, but people who know you, appreciate you, and remember you do things for others, and then do things for you. Give and take.

Thread setup and maintanance
6. Partner up

You are more likely to attract users to join your thread and post, especially again and again, if you have another user helping you out in moderating, a master or mistress, or just other users you know and you have communicated and played with before (alias friends) who help to push the thread.

7. Be polite

Same as for PMs, use the three magic spells: "Hello", "Please", and "Thank you"

8. Keep it simple and comfortable

Most people don't read, like to read much, or do math, or memorize, or think, including me. Trust me, I suffer from overcomplicating games.

What do people add you to do with each post? I found making the add automatic is more simple then asking people to write how much they add. In 80% of all posts the users add the maximum possible anyway. So unless you compliate how much each post can add, make it automatic.

When is this thread going to end? Which date, time, and in which time zone?

What restrictions do people have for posting and adding? You don't want them to post as much as they like anytime, because then it's too easy and it becomes ridiculous to add. On the other hand you want it to be simple, without having to look up or look at much. For example, no double posts alias you may only post after another user posted.

Keep it easy to add. Make it comfortable. Avoid making them to read and understand rules, look up things and many rules to follow. For example, if you need two or three posters until you may post again, or you may only post five times a day, that's complicated.

Offer the link to your threads number of posts per user, like this. It's the same link as under the total post number in the subforum overview. Or just take this and exchange the thread id in this link with yours.

9. Keep it possible to be completed by you

Do some research. How many posts have other Add-threads gotten in which time. What could be the maximum? How much could it add up to in the worst case?

How much can you reasonable work off a day, a week on average, a month on average? Take into account that you sometimes can't work on it, due to situation, vacation, sickness or mood.
Be aware you can only wear or do something for one hour once every hour, and you still have a real life.

You can set a maximum for counting posts or amounts. Or instead of letting the add more with increasing time or number of posts, let the rules reduce it. Every post until post 1,000 adds +1, every further two posts until 2,000 add +1, and every further 10 posts after that add +1. Or exchange what is added, to keep everything in itself reasonable.

Prefer getting too little rather than too much. Once you worked the amount off, you can still create a new thread, take your experience into account, and use your established fans.

On the other hand, make it attractive for others to add. For example, if each posts just adds a minute of denial, explain that and why it is already a significant amount for you.

Do some math. You can also set maximum values, just to be sure. Or you state some users to be able to give you reduction tasks.

If +1 per post is already too much, how about full X posts add +1? Or make it +1 hour or +1 minute per post instead of +1 day.

Also, grant yourself any time to complete the added amounts, and state that clearly. Keep it sane and safe.

10. Stick to your plan

Don't change the rules all the times. Nobody likes games where the rules are uncertain. Be true to your own rules. Follow them. Everything else doesn't make sense and isn't attractive or fun.

11. Adapt to faults and reality

If you encounter a problem, like when you overlooked something, or people pointing them out, adapt to it. Change the rules. Make it clear, improving and transparent. Keep it possible.

Keep in mind that you can edit your posts only for a limited time or until a certain number of replies, especially your start post. You might want to put some things into a blog entry and link to it, since you can edit this any time.

12. Positive feedback
"Der Teufel scheißt immer auf den größten Haufen" - "Money makes money"

Your thread is listed in the forum sorted by last post. Most people only look at the top threads. All people look at the highest listed threads more often. Number of posts, views and ratings also draws attention. So each post counts, especially at the start and in the less active hours. That's why helpful friends are so much important and ... helpful.

For example, if you make it "You can post after another user posted or 10 minutes after your own post", people can post more often, pushing your thread up again. On the other hand, it's less simple and less of an obstacle, so it might be too easy, unless you add more spice to the posts.

Market your thread. Spread the news. But don't annoy people.

13. Help yourself

Show yourself. Connect to your fans. Reply to other people's post. Thank them. Say "Oh no ". Show emotions. Show that you care. There's nothing worse than "Give me all" and never proofing that you are reading and care about other people's effort put in.
Also, when users are preventing by waiting for other users to post, you can be one of them. Allow them to post and add again by posting yourself (and maybe humiliating yourself by being so dumb or horny by their efforts to add).

Link your thread in your signature.

14. Be transparent

Update your players if anything happened. Collect your duties in your signature or a blog entry which you link to in your signature and possibly the thread start post.
Frequently count anything added, just by posting and any specials, post the result of your counting and update your blog and/or signature.

State a sanity and safety exit clause. Refer to your fulfilled dares, tasks and lost stakes and your public reports.

Click here for Part 2
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  1. Old Comment
    silverdarknight's Avatar
    Allow them to post and add again by posting yourself
    I will second this. I know I often avoid contributing to such threads if the recipient isn't active - it feels a bit too much like bullying if they are not involved.
    Posted 02-23-2018 at 05:48 AM by silverdarknight silverdarknight is offline

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