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A random assortment of reports, thoughts, ramblings and information. Pretty much a view inside my wonderfully complicated, sometimes broken, and entertaining mind.
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Posted 12-26-2017 at 12:02 PM by Butterfly
Updated 10-24-2021 at 01:57 PM by Butterfly

I am more than happy to do any or all of the following:

Control - all kinds
Control is my biggest kink. It doesn't even have to be sexual. Being given any order, whether it is to edge myself or give a compliment to my boss, I love the feeling of knowing I am not in control. I can be very bratty at times, but I do love having to ask permission for many different things. Some of my favorites are having to ask permission to pee, or to cum or touch myself.

Sensory Deprivation
I love being completely helpless. Not knowing what is coming or what to expect. Not being able to hear where he is coming from, or if he is even there.

Sensory Play
The contrast between the light tickling of a feather and the sharp edges of a pinwheel. Dripping ice or hot wax. My skin alight with sensation. Even better when combined with sensory deprivation.

Edging is really a big kink of mine. Any time I get to play, even if I am given no instructions, I ALWAYS edge multiple times before allowing myself to cum. I love the build up, the tingling after I have stopped. It is amazing!

I love the look of bruises and marks the next day. I love knowing that I am his and his only to do with as he wishes. It is a visible reminder that I am owned by him.

I love feeling helpless. There is actually nothing that makes me feel safer, than to be immobile and at the total control of my Dom.

Anal plugs
I love the feeling of having a toy in my ass. I love feeling full and stretched. I love having the plug pulled out and then pushed back in slowly as I am edged using my vibe. It is soooo intense and wonderful.

I have a VERY large collection of toys. Probably over 80 now. And I love almost every single one of them. Even during normal sex, I usually use toys, because they feel sooo good. They just keep things so exciting and varied.

Nipple clamps (nipple pain)
Speaking of toys, I especially love my nipple clamps. My nipples are actually very resilient. I love having them pulled, tweaked, twisted and stretched. Biting and sucked is delicious too.

The feeling of having ice cubes inside me, the cold achiness, the fullness ... feeling the water gush out of me as my muscles contract with each edge.... it is lovely.

I love the light tickling feeling of my flogger across my skin, or the "smack" noise of it as it hits my skin. It makes me subbier than any toy I have.

This is only a love if it is my Dom ordering the impact. Otherwise it is a limit. Only he can order and administer it, and only in a fun way. Never as a punishment.

Bathroom control/permission
I love having to ask permission to use the bathroom. I do love the desperation that can come with this, and the thought of getting close to wetting myself.

Challenges & Games
I am very competitive and stubborn. I love having a challenge or game to keep me motivated.

Little things
(coloring, using my sucky, bedtime stories, little rules ie no swearing, bedtime)

I really like these things, and under the right circumstances, may even love them:

Anal sex
Like I said, I love the feeling of being full and stretched. The reason anal sex isn't a love, is because it can sometimes be very intense. I can't always handle the friction of something going in and out, fucking me in the ass.

Multiple orgasms
I like being able to cum more than once in a play session. I like it less when it is one right after the other, but sometimes when I am really horny, one just isn't enough.

This is something that makes me incredibly blushy, but I think that is part of the appeal. I cannot feel any more exposed or vulnerable as I do when I am on my knees on the bed having the water fill me up. And feeling the water trickle in, filling me up, it is an amazing feeling.

I love using estim toys. We own a few different ones, but my favorite is the feel of the tens unit. I really would love to try a violet wand someday. The one exception to this as a like, is the shock function on our unit. Instead of the muscle stimulation, it sharply shocks you, and this is a HATE! It scares me so much.

:I Neutral
These are things that I don't love or hate. They really don't do anything for me. I wouldn't refuse to do it, but unless it does something for you to have me do it, is there any point?

Writing lines
This is something I find incredibly boring and that is the only reason I dislike it.

I just think these are super uncomfortable and kind of pointless.

Clothing Control
I like being able to wear what I want to wear. I find this gets old super quick. Since I am not a morning person, it makes it even worse when having to wait for instructions.

With the right person I could give this a try, but honestly I am not sure if it would do anything.

These are things that I truly hate or very strongly dislike. They are things that would need to be combined with one of my loves or likes for them to be tolerated, or else used as a means of punishment:

I like the idea of toothpaste, however the reality of it can be overpowering. It all depends on the scene. I can usually handle it, but I also found that if put directly on my clit, it distracts me from being able to cum, and that feeling of not being able to cum, is one that I do not like.

Not being allowed to cum at the end of a session
This wouldn't be a limit, but it is a strong dislike. I hate being denied. It is overwhelming and just not something I enjoy. This is something that would be an effective punishment. But be warned, I would not be pleasant to deal with under those circumstances.

Not wearing panties
This is something that I also don't enjoy. Around the house is fine, but as soon as I leave the house, even if I am wearing pants, I just feel too exposed and uncomfortable.

Stimulation after orgasm (need a break)
Like I said, I love cumming multiple times, but I need a break in between. I get so sensitive and it is very overwhelming to have constant stimulation on my private areas.

I have said that I like spanking and I love nipple pain, but pain outside of those two, or spanking taken a bit too far is not enjoyable for me.

Holding an enema for a long time
On top of this being very uncomfortable, this ups the humiliation factor. I get scared that I am going to lose control and make a mess and that would be awful.

Anal only orgasms
This is something that I have not really been able to achieve and therefore, it just serves to make me feel like a failure and get me very very frustrated.

Cum eating
It is a texture thing for me.

I don't like being messy, and I also find it humiliating.

Speaking in third person/speech restrictions
This just annoys me.

I hate being messy and sticky, plus i find it humiliating.

Long term plug wear
I have not worn my plug outside of play time in a long time, and so it is something that I need to work up to. Right now, after about 20 minutes, it just becomes uncomfortable.

Certain positions
Not very flexible due to injuries. This is something we would need to discuss.

Food Control
This is due to abuse as a child. It is something that can be discussed, but I would rather nobody control it.

Ruined orgasms
Ruined orgasms are something that really frustrate me. They usually happen after lots of build up but give little pleasure. They then leave me super sensitive afterwards so rarely can I continue to play and still enjoy it.

💔 Soft Limits
These are my soft limits. With the right partner, these are things that I am willing to push and explore. If you are unsure if you are the "right partner" you probably aren't so treat them as limits.

Extreme pain
I have a low pain tolerance on other parts of my body, and I do not like pain. However, I have it listed as a soft limit because I would like to explore where my limits truly lie. I cas use a safeword if it gets to be too much.

If I know you, I am very open with sending photos and videos of my everyday life, and sometimes even of me. But it is a limit for people to demand these things from me. Pictures and videos are private and personal and they will be sent on my own terms. You may ask, but you better respect my decision if it is no, and never expect them from me. I also do not want to receive naked photos of you without asking my permission first. Dick pics are not a turn on. With the right person, once trust is built, it may be acceptable to request and/or demand photos from me.

I can get very claustrophobic. And having something in my mouth has proven to be a challenge for me. It is something I may want to explore more with the right person, but not something that can be expected of me.


Forced wetting

Denial (more than 5 days)

Clit torture


💔 Hard Limits
These are hard limits and are not to be expected or asked of me, unless you are my Dom and in which case he probably wouldn't anyways:

This makes me way too anxious and the thought of being caught DOES NOT turn me on at all.

Name calling
I grew up being verbally abused. I don't mind some pet names, like sweetie, honey etc. But things like slut, whore, etc. are not the way to make me melt. Even some names such as Baby make me cringe.

Not wearing a bra
This is something again I can handle at home, but being around other people, or being in public without a bra is not ok. I have a very large chest and not only is it embarrassing, but it is uncomfortable for me to not wear a bra.

Wooden spoons
Due to abuse as a child, this is a psychological trigger and I can't handle even a playful tap on my butt with a wooden spoon. For the same reason, I have a hard time using a wooden paddle, or any other wooden instruments.

Kneeling in the corner/regular cornertime
Again, due to abuse as a child, I cannot mentally handle this.

Impact play as punishment

Panties inside me
This is just painful, and awkward and no.

Ass to Mouth



Face Slapping

Head Shaving

Roleplay is something that makes me feel silly. I don't mind doing something like an interrogation where it can be a bit of pretend, but feels real, but when it comes to pretending to be a student and teacher, I get super giggly and awkward.


Choking/Causing me to gag during oral/Deepthroating


Food insertions

Again, because I am claustrophobic. I would be open to another symbol of submission, but nothing tight around my neck.

Ice in my ass
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