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PM Dares

Posted 09-25-2017 at 05:58 PM by nareth
Updated 12-06-2021 at 05:56 PM by nareth

Just got dared to add PM dares so here we go

1. MARKED - I will write anything you want on my body If it can be hidden by regular clothes I will write it in permanent marker and let it fade naturally. If it can be seen while wearing regular clothes I will wear it for two hours. If it is not obscene I will go for a short walk with the words in place.
2. SHAVE - I will shave everything chin and under and make sure it stays like this for the next 2 month.
3. PLUGGED - I will wear one of my plugs for at least 4 uninterrupted hours every day for the next 4 days (see my toy list if you want to choose one for me)
4. TAILED - I will wear one of my tails. I will wear the one that hasn't been in use for the longest time
5. PANTIES - I will wear girly panties for 1 day (cumulative but only once per day and gd member)
6. WHITEBOARD - You tell me what I will write or draw onto my chest and/or belly
7. SIT - I will stay an all fours for X minutes (max 45)
8. BAD DOG - And I will sit in the corner naked with used socks/underwear inbetween my nose and the wall. i will also lock on my collar and eat my next meal from a bowl on the floor in my garden
9. GOOD DOG X - And I will wear nothing but a collar, and a tail and pet my head for x minutes
10. GOOD BOY - And I will get naked and put on a collar, then get down on my knees and masturbate. While cuming I'll bark like a good boy.
11. DOG TAG I will put on my collar, shave a area of your choosing (within my limits), and write a dog tag on that shaved area letting people know who owns me (your name, my name, your contact info, and any other relevant details)
12. CAGED X- I will put my chastity device on, lock it, and put the key in my time-locking kitchen safe set for X days (up to 5) and I will have to get permission from getdare users equal to the amount of days I've been locked up before opening the safe.
13. SPANK X - I will spank my ass X times each cheek (max. 50)
14. COLLARED X - I will wear collar and lead for X minutes and remain in the same room until I have permission to move(max 60) add AND LEASHED and I will add a 6ft leash tying it off to a piece of furniture, I won't be able to move the location until released.
15. PRESENT - will sit collared and naked on my knees with my legs spread apart and my hands on top of my head for 30 minutes while watching or listening to porn
16. GAGGED X - I will gag myself for X minutes (max 40) with my dirty underwear
17. PAINT X - I will paint body part X at your request
18. GENRE X - And you will determine the genre Iíll have to watch the next time I watch porn.
19. REVENGE and Ill give the same number of your PM dares in return. But I have to do half of them.
20. PROSTATE MASSAGE X and I'll fuck my ass with my prostate massager for X minutes (15<X<45)
21. RUIN X and I must ruin X orgasms before I can cum normally again.
22. NICE LEGS and i will wear colorful tights for the whole next week
23. RULE and i will follow a rule of your choice for 5 days
24. 4 for 1 and we both do 2 dares from my list (your choice) and 2 from yours (my choice)
25. SHOPPING X and Iíll go shopping for X minutes (max 30) with a plug in.
26. BODY WRITING I must write 10 words/phrases of your choosing anywhere you want
27. ICE 'X' I must push 'X' ice cubes up my ass (max. 10) and put 2 ice cubes down the front of my undies until they melt.
28. Furry I will put in my tail and act like a dog for 2 hour
29. Down boy I will not be allowed to use any furniture and must crawl on all fours for the next X hours (max 3)
30. HYPNOTIZED and a link to a file and I will listen to it a minimum of daily for X days (max 14).

31. PINK and i will wear an item of pink clothing for the next hour.

Experimental (I'm not sure how this works out and what it involves)
PM me SUB BOY and I will be your slave for max 6 hours

PM me Fire Hydrant and the next 5 times I go to the bathroom Iíll lift my leg up to pee like a dog

PM me Panties with Chastity to combine my panty dare while locked in my cage and sometime during the day I free myself, cum in my panties and let the cum soaked panties make a wet spot on my pants for the rest of the day

PM me Wedgie and choose a wedgie for me to do, for how long and any other specification and I'll try my best to do it

PM me CHOCKY and I will buy a chocolate cake and a chocolate bar and wear the chocolate bar in the back of my underwear until it melts and then 2 hours more. and I will eat the cake in one go

PM me WEIGHT and Iíll tie a 1 kg weight to my balls and drag it across the floor.

PM me Practice for my Glory Hole Debut and I will cut a hole in a piece of cardboard, dress slutty with no panties, jack off and cum on my cock dildo, lock my cock in my chastity cage then stick my cum covered black cock dildo through the hole in the cardboard, get on my knees and suck it clean, then finish by turning around on my knees and f**king my ass with the sucked off dildo through the hole in the cardboard hoping for a sissygasm from my caged dicklet..
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