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Story: Next door Part 1

Posted 10-05-2016 at 01:00 AM by CSasha
Updated 12-02-2016 at 05:47 PM by CSasha

It had been a hot summer day. I was very pleased about the incoming coolness of the night, so I opened the curtains, my window and leaned out. My big room contained my bed, my desk, three cabinets and plenty of space in the middle. I had begun to use it for performing some dares, practicing deepthroat and anal. For me, it felt safer than to seek strangers, though I found the thought exciting. Despite my disappointments from looking for them online. Maybe my kinks made it more difficult, but that's what I desired. When I had started with my solo sessions, I had been anxious the neighbors could hear it. Not only for the embarrassment, but my direct neighbor behind the wall was a very loving mother of three. Since I heard him cry several times, I suspected her little son to have his room adjacent to mine. I was quite relieved when I had noticed flickering TV light behind the curtain late at night in that chamber. So it had to be her oldest daughter Cassy living there. Her mother had told me once that she used to stay up long. I knew such a living style from my time right after the graduation from college.

In a moment of chance or fate, Cassy also opened her window and leaned out, so we noticed each other. According to her look she had had the same thought and desire as me. She smiled at me: "Hello neighbor. Hot day, wasn't it?" I reflected her friendliness: "Yes, indeed. What are you watching?" She looked me straight in the eyes and waited. Then she replied: "Porn." I was a bit shocked. Not so much as what she watched, since I had read it was quite normal for young people these days, including girls and women. But her blunt honesty surprised me. Unintentionally I had raised my eyebrows. She grinned about my confusion and said: "Don't tell me you don't watch any. I occasionally heard yours in the background, when you had set your volume extreme loud while fapping." Wow, that hit. But at the same time she played it down with a charming live-and-let-live smile. I remembered the saying 'Your kink is different, but your kink is okay.' I grinned over both cheeks: "Caught me. Sorry, I hadn't been aware." She insisted on liberty: "No problem. I kinda enjoyed noticing over knowing that I am not that different." We both smiled now. Then she added: "I mostly run lesbian and some of the more extreme straight porn, deepthroat, rape, A2M, and stuff. Some degradation. How about you?" I hesitated. Should I tell her? She was the daughter of my neighbor, and I wasn't sure if I should discuss such private matters with her. On the other hand, she had already told me so much. It seemed just fair to return the trust. So I answered more general: "Kinky stuff. Lots of fetishes. I am still exploring." She immediately pushed the topic: "Top or bottom?" I blinked a couple of times. How much did she know about? She continued on my delay: "Or Switch? Sorry, are you that far already? I am not that educated about it, but if you just got started on it ..."

This time I felt like a man from the stone age. Internet had really changed what people knew about all kind of stuff. Still, I felt a bit lucky. Though I was much older than her, she now seemed so confident while I saw myself inferior as a school boy. "Well, ...", I started to regain my voice and mind. I had just been blown away for some seconds: "... I am more on the receiving end. Watching girls get deepthroated in porn arouses me, but on the other hand, it's unfair that they are treated this way. I somehow feel I should take their position. Out of equality. Kind of weird, isn't it?" She shrugged her shoulders: "We are all weird. So that's normal." We both smiled again. I was always anxious about other people's opinion on me, so it was to my great relief that she was so open and tolerant about it. But I still had concerns: "Do you think we should talk about such topics. I mean, we have quite some age difference, and you are my neighbor's daughter." She got a little furious about that: "Pffff. I am a grown-up, so respect me accordingly. Besides, I am not only the daughter of your neighbor, but I am also your neighbor, too, even more so, we share a wall. So what about it? I make my own decisions. But if you are so worried, let's make the following agreement: You don't touch me. And I won't get naked in front of you. That should settle it. Alright?" I nodded. Then she continued: "Wanna watch porn together? You can come over and see what I have." It took me some courage but now that we had an agreement I dared the visit. I was a bit shocked and feared when she told me to be silent since her mother was sleeping these hours like usual. Anyway, we sat on her bed and watched some of her porn, quite hot stuff. We talked about it a lot, what we excited us, which details, and which turned us down, her, me or both of us. It quickly became quite comfortable. She switched through her files to get my opinion on the different styles and directions. Of course, I had a bulge in my trousers. After she had some curious glances on it, she asked me to have her take a look. After I reassured myself of our agreement, I also took this step. She was quite cool with it and told me about the few different pieces she had seen so far. When I was back in my room, I happily fapped myself sleepy, without any kink stuff. I felt quite accepted and in line with the world. Life was good.

The next night around that time, she knocked on my window. When I opened, she greeted me:" Good night, neighbor. Do you have any toys?" I nodded silently, and she continued: "Can I come over and have a look at them then? I showed you my porn collection, so it would be just fair if you returned the favor. Don't you think?" My doubts returned. I wasn't so sure about it, so I replied with half my voice only "Alright." Seconds later she entered my room. Her hair was bound together into a simple ponytail. She was wearing a casual shirt and comfortably wide shorts. Fortunately, I had kept my room tidy and clean despite my laziness. So I opened the cabin with my toys for her to see. She went through it, picking one item after another.

One of the first things she holds in her hands longer was my ball gag. The young girl held it out to me and smiled at me: "I wonder how that looks on you." I remembered our deal. She wouldn't touch me, and I wouldn't see her naked. So it seemed fair ground for me, and I put it in. My neighbor took a break from the toys and turned her attention towards me. "Cute.", She chuckled. Her forehead briefly creased before she said: "We need to agree on a safeword. Just to be sure when you are not fine with my request. I won't take any 'no' from now on. Let's take 'Mayday', alternatively 'S.O.S.'. We will immediately stop if anyone of us says one of these words. Or if anyone of us taps three times with a single foot, just in case we cannot speak. Understood?" I nodded. That had escalated quickly, but strangely enough, I felt very fine. She stood close to me, nearly breathing into my face. But she didn't touch me. Through the night had cooled everything down, it was hot in between us. I felt my bulge rising.

Then my neighbor girl returned to the cabin. With her back turned to me she ordered: "Take your shirt off." No please, no question. We hadn't agreed on any submission or obedience, but I did it anyway. "Oh, what is this.", she jumped up when she discovered my fleshlight. From outside it was a big black flashlight shaped tube. I stepped to her side, opened the top of it, took out the staff which kept the long hole in it spread. I then pointed at the end before I turned it off and on in the hope that she recognizes this way I could change the used effect in it. I think she had understood it, when she became aware of the bulge in my pants and said: "Take your pants off, too. Both of them. Looks like you want to show me something." I hesitated. She wouldn't touch me. So I did it. She put the fleshlight aside and went on going through my toys. My leather cuffs were the next item she picked up. With a big smile, she speechlessly went around my back and cuffed my hands behind my back. Then she picked the fleshlight back up and led me to my desk where she sat down. She looked up and said: "You don't mind if we watch some porn on your computer today, don't you." But she didn't wait for an answer. It took her some moments to find the according folders and choose a video. Then she spits into the fleshlight and slit it onto my stiff dick. She moved it back and forth and watched how my whole body and face reacted. I could not nor wanted to hold myself together and moaned into my gag. Apparently getting me off quickly was something she liked to avoid since she paused right in the middle of my joy and looked up my mails and browser. I was still logged into my getDare account. I could see her reading my messages, received and sent, repeating the dares I had given, taken and performed. She found my blog with my likes, dislikes and limits, and my list of PM dares. Then I saw her right hand sliding into her shorts, while her left hand moved the fleshlight again. She continued reading, with porn videos still running in the background.

I was standing, naked at her side, while she sat on my chair and looked through my computer, reading all my conversations and evidence on past actions, especially the sexual ones, but also about anything I had expressed regarding fantasies. Occasionally she used the fleshlight to bring nearer to an edge, but she played very patiently with it. I pressed my pelvis forward, into the comfort of the fleshlight she held, but I didn't dare to move in and out by myself. I guessed she wouldn't have liked it to lose that control and I was gagged and cuffed. She was in control, and I loved it. After a couple of hours, she finally got us both off while looking into my face. Then she released me and wished me a "Good night, baby.".

Part 2
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