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Rules for Posting to my Calendar

Posted 03-01-2015 at 10:24 PM by alex_carter
Updated 01-26-2021 at 09:39 PM by alex_carter (spelling)


With the New Year I thought I'd make things easier for you all and post a list of all the rules, and considerations I require/request for when you post to my calendar. These are things I've learned over the past 3 and a half months experience I've had with the calendar.


If any of these are confusing please just ask me and I will happily clarify anything.

1. All tasks are to be posted in the GREEN color or they will be deleted. Unless you have earned your own color...you know who you are.

2. I will not do tasks while at work, or during other "purple colored" times unless otherwise stated. I also will not accept tasks About searching for jobs. I take that seriously.

3. Please limit all tasks (except denial periods) to 1 week.

4.All tasks must be posted a minimum of 24 hours before they are to be done. I don't always get on in time to see a task if it's not posted before hand.*edit (4/17/17) Please post all tasks to the next week, as I print out all tasks for the week on Sunday. Anything not on the calendar for the week by Saturday night when the list is printed will not be done.

5. All tasks need to be posted to the calendar, not the thread, in order to be done.

6. Please limit tasks to including things I already have (I do not have extra money to afford to buy things) unless otherwise stated.

7. When not denied I will only do a maximum of 3 orgasms per day with several hours rest between them (unless we've talked about it and I've given you permission otherwise). *edit (10/1/16) see rule 19 below for update.*

8. Please limit each day to 5 (maximum 1 hour long) tasks (excluding denial and a daily edging routine, in other words, those 2 particular tasks do NOT count towards the 5 daily). That way we can ensure that I have time for all tasks.

9. Please limit daily edging routines to 2 weeks per task. Also the same person cannot post 2 daily edging routines in a row, unless 2 weeks passes before someone else posts a daily routine or they discuss it with me.

10. Crotchrope times are limited to 2 times a day, 1 hour per time, with a reasonable amount of recovery time (minimum 4 hours) between each wearing. I will not wear them over night. *Edit 5/5/17---This was edited to 1 hour because I just realized it was in conflict with a previous rule.*

11. Exercise tasks are not accepted. (I've learned, through experience with the calendar, that I'm not comfortable and don't like people giving me instructions on when, how, etc to exercise.)

12. Tasks that drastically break (or look like my limits were ignored) will be immediately deleted. If there are only small problems though, I will attempt to work with you to fix them.

13. I will only "deprive" myself of one sense at a time. In other words I will not wear a blindfold AND earplugs at the same time. I will do one or the other, but not both.

14. Rules/tasks are only in effect for the time period that they are posted.

15. You MAY NOT tell me when I am or am not to earn points toward orgasm (when that is an option for a task). That is done when and if I decide I want to. Do not give me tasks pertaining to that, as they will be deleted immediately.

16. Do not tell me to "sing 'this song' or 'that song' in the shower". I will not risk electrocution by taking electronics in the shower with me just so I can sing your song. You MAY tell me to sing "a certain NUMBER of songs of MY choosing (up to 5) in the shower", but you MAY NOT require them to be specific songs.

Rules Added After original

17. Essays are limited to one every 2 weeks and can be no more than one page long. Even without currently having a job, I do not have time to write multiple essays in a week. (9/21/15)

18. When using the cornertime app, the movement threshold cannot be lower than 10%. (9/21/15)

19. I will accept a MAXIMUM of 3 orgasms per year unless otherwise discussed and approved. (10/1/16) EDIT --- I am no longer accepting orgasm tasks unless previously discussed and permitted. (1/26/21)

20. Any tasks posted on weekends MUST be flexible to change hours or possibly days depending upon family time. No offense meant, but family is more important to me than any of this. (10/1/16)

Remember that while I encourage posting rules/tasks, you are discouraged from changing/editing/modifying tasks posted by others.

I reserve the right to deny any task for any reason, though I will always give you an explaination.

Also remember that all rules listed above are "unless otherwise stated", meaning that if we talk about it first and I give you approval that particular rule may be broken, bent, or ignored, though all tasks are required to be reasonable.

If you do break a rule listed above I reserve the right to simply ignore/deny/not-complete your task with no explaination given. (I will probably say something along the lines of "See my rules for posting please" though.) I may also explain why as it's the polite thing to do, though I'm not requiring myself to.

The most important things are in bold lime green print.
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