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Madam Em and slave

Posted 05-19-2009 at 03:36 AM by Property of M.Em

My name is slave/slut/bitch and I am the property of M.Em. Our relationship is not a 24/7 D/s relationship but at times that M.Em decides she changes from my girlfriend to my Mistress and slave to her lowly bitch. M.Em has decided that it would be a good idea for me to keep this blog of my time as her slave. Our relationship is a real life relationship and we are both relative newcomers to D/s. Mistress and slave both tried dominant and submissive roles however it was clear that this way was how we much preferred.

M.Em has given slave the following rules:
1. slave may not refer to himself as "I", instead he shall use slave, slut, or bitch
2. slave will refer to his Mistress as "Mistress", "Ma'am", or "Madam Em"
3. slave will prepare himself for Mistress by having a good shower, washing his hair, having a shave, trimming his pubes, and brushing his teeth
4. slave will await Mistress's arrival by kneeling naked by the door with eyes downcast
5. slave must always kneel and crawl in the presence of Mistress, keeping his eyes downcast, unless instructed
6. slave may not question Mistress
7. slave will thank Mistress for any punishment inflicted

Both M.Em and slave have very open minds to trying new things and have many things they wish to try. Slaves only hard limits so far are pee, poo, vomit, and excessive blood, however Mistress and slave are still trying new things and this may change.

Mistress has asked that slave write about our first experience, in person, as Mistress and slave.
Mistress and slave has discussed D/s for quite a period of time before this first experience. In fact we had agreed to try it out a few weeks prior and Mistress and given slave the rules above and also had forbidden him from cumming for about the two weeks prior to this first 'meeting'. slave however was a naughty slut and did cum, which Mistress learned of the night prior to this first in person meeting, Mistress promised to deal with slave's behaviour the next day in person.

slave was home alone for the weekend and as soon as he woke on Saturday morning he because to prepare himself as M.Em had instructed. He showered, washed, shaved, trimmed, and brushed as specified before sending a text to M.Em informing her that her slave was ready. slave then proceeded to kneel by the door, naked, and eyes downcast while waiting for Mistress to arrive.

slave would have waited for about 10 minutes until M.Em came in the door, slave could only hear her high heels clicking on the tile floor as she approached him, slave keeping his eyes downcast because he knew he was in enough trouble as it was for cumming without permission.

"slave, I have left a bag by the door. Bring it here with your teeth!" commanded Madam Em. slave obeyed, crawling across the room and taking the handle of the bag in his teeth before crawling back and depositing at M.Em's feet. slave continued to kneel, seeing only Madam Em's feet in those pink high heels which slave particularly liked, while she rummaged around in the bag. Madam Em eventually produced a white g-string from the bag. "Put this on slave" she commanded. When slave put it on his balls hung out the side and his erect penis poked out the top. Wearing girl's underwear was something that Madam Em and slave had discussed and both wanted to do. As a side note, slave also likes wearing tights and hopes M.Em might get him his own pair to wear at home.

"I haven't forgotten than you need punishing for cumming without permission slave" said Madam Em as she, using her heel, pushed slave down so that he was lying on the ground. Madam Em then proceeded to spank slave with a flexible ruler before she moved on to using a leather belt. slave cannot remember how many times Madam Em spanked him but when she was done she pulled him to his knees with his hair. "Follow me slave", and she lead the way upstairs with slave crawling behind. slave loved the feeling of the g-string as he crawled along, when slave reached his bedroom he knelt at the foot of his bed while Madam Em rummaged through her bag once more.

This time Madam Em pulled out a blindfold which she placed over slave's eyes. M.Em then stripped naked, apart from leaving her high heels on, and put a few dollops of chocolate sauce on her body. M.Em then gave slave two clothes-pegs - one for each nipple and instructed him that they would remain on until he licked off a sufficient amount of the chocolate sauce. slave began and soon found the first dollop of sauce at M.Em's pussy, lingering there for a little longer than what was strictly necessary to remove the sauce. Madam Em then decided that she would rather slave didn't have the clothes-pegs and removed them. Meanwhile slave had found some more sauce of Madam Em's nipple which he took great pleasure in removing. Madam Em then guided slave to finding the rest of the sauce on her other nipple and neck.

By this stage slave had chocolate sauce smeared on his face and Madam Em still had a little left on her so it was time for cleaning. Madam Em removed the blindfold and instructed slave to take off the g-string before telling him to go and start the shower. slave crawled to the bathroom and did as instructed as M.Em joined him in the shower. Madam Em instructed slave to wash her, which he took great pleasure in doing - being giving permission to touch his mistress's beautiful body. M.Em then instructed slave to wash himself, and then to wank for her. slave is a very horny slut and wanted to cum but Madam Em would not permit him.

After the shower Madam Em gave slave a blowjob and permitted slave to cum in her mouth, where she savoured and swallowed it, because she loves it so much. After that it was time for Madam Em to go home so she collected her things and left, telling slave to remain naked. It was only when she got home that she sent a text to slave telling him he could get dressed.

That is the end of slave's recollection of his first encounter with Madam Em. Slave hopes she finds it pleasing and looks forward to writing more.
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    Brialliant wish i had a misstress like that!!
    Posted 05-20-2009 at 07:15 AM by DareMad DareMad is offline

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