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Midsummer Nights Crazy Exhibition Adventure Part One

Posted 12-03-2013 at 10:16 AM by Irishbttm69
Updated 02-07-2017 at 06:06 AM by Irishbttm69 (Refining story and giving more detail. Added tags.)

It started out like any other night. Stop over at my favorite watering hole and have a couple drinks and shoot the shit with some acquaintances and the bartender. I left there feeling pretty good and decided to stop over at another bar that I go to once in awhile. They were having an open stage night and they had a couple guys get up on stage stripping. One of which was the hot little white trash boy. Very entertaining. After saying my goodbyes there I stopped off at the local convenient store for some smokes and still wasn't ready to go home, but didn't want to drink any more. I decided to drive down the back alleys to the back parking lot of yet another bar that I go to once in a while. This one. however, had an alley that came off of the main road and dead ended into an abandoned industrial shipping building. There's a loading dock close to the parking lot that is completely hidden from anyone in the parking lot and the alley dead ends, so no traffic.
I decide to park my car along the alley and carefully look around so that I'm not seen and sneak back to this abandoned loading dock. While there I decide to undo my shorts, which were too big for me and practically fell off when I loosened my belt. My underwear immediately followed. At this point a storm front seemed to be brewing and nice cool winds were blowing through my bare legs and caressing my balls and cock. "Fuck it!", I said and I stepped out of my shorts and underwear, committing to being naked, at least from the waist down and retrieved my trusty phone from my shorts pocket.
After a few snapshots I lay down on the cool concrete and rest my head against the wall stroking my cock. After a couple of interruptions from sounds from the parking lot and what I could have sworn were near misses of cars getting ready to come down the alley I decided that I needed a place with a little less distraction and I knew just the outdoor place.

Being a little impaired of judgment and inspired by an exhibitionist video I saw earlier that day I decide to flip a coin, heads: I leave my shorts and underwear off while returning to my car. Tails: I get redressed. Heads!!! I stuff my underwear into one of the cargo pockets on the legs of my shorts and roll my cargo shorts up after retrieving my keys. I check if the coast is clear and then jump down off of the loading dock and walk to my car. I flip a coin again. Heads: I put my shorts in the trunk. Tails: I leave them in the car with me. Heads again!!! So I pop the trunk release located just in front of the driver's seat. I step out of the car with my shorts containing my underwear and casually walk to the rear of my vehicle and lay my shorts into my trunk while simultaneously closing the trunk and walking back around to the driver's side and sit down in the driver's seat. After closing the door I put the key into the ignition and...nothing. The car wouldn't turn over at all as if it had a dead battery. I thought to myself, "Of all the dumb luck!". I get out of the car and retrieve my shorts and some tools from the trunk and pop the hood. After some finagling of the car battery I got the car started.
Returning everything to their place (tools and shorts back into the trunk) I drove away. After about a 10 minute naked drive I arrived at a little baseball park that was familiar to me especially me streaking through it late at night. Unfortunately, the entrance was blocked & barred so that no one could end or park >in< the park. After a few visits to the park one Summer I had discovered a place to park at what seemed to be an almost abandoned car repair garage across the street. When I pulled into the parking lot I noticed the spot that I would usually park in by the building (so that my car didn't stand out) was filled with some asphalt chunks. I circled the area looking for a spot, but couldn't find one. I finally decided to park on the opposite side of the repair shop, which was a bit further of a walk (and riskier to run across to the park). While sitting there planning my next move I removed my shirt and was now sitting in my car butt-ass-nekid. There were a few cars that passed the intersection, so I was waiting for the right time to make my run to the park. At the very moment that I reclined driver's seat nearly to it's maximum I spotted, of all things, a police cruiser turning down the street RIGHT NEXT to me and where I was parked. I thought to myself, "FUCK!" Here I was butt-ass-nekid; my shorts in the trunk; my shirt in the passenger seat floorboard. How the Fuck was I going to explain this if he stops! After carefully watching the cruiser move down the street I took off like a bat out of hell! I was completely naked, except for shoes & socks, sitting at a closed or abandoned repair shop, and I'd been drinking!
After a few minutes of driving and after a few miles had been put between me and the cruiser, I stopped sweating bullets and decided that he either did not see me or was just not interested enough to investigate.
Luckily my travels took me close to yet another park that I'd enjoyed streaking through a few times before. The park wasn't wide with being bordered on one side with a rushing creek and on the other with the backyards of the adjoining residential subdivision, but it ran deep...deeper than any other area park would usually run. From the main road and entrance the first areas are several baseball fields created back to back and juxtaposition to the first parking areas and a few other baseball fields further back. Beyond the baseball fields was a drainage ditch that were too wide to jump and ran from the residential bordered side; the length of the fields; skipped a small connecting road to a back parking lot; approached creek side and eventually emptied into it. Moving further from the main entrance and further into this deep park beyond the ditch sat a very good sized, long soccer field. Occasionally police cruisers sat in the main parking lot near the first of the baseball fields close to the entrance of the park, but after close inspection, there were none to be found.
Continued in Midsummer nights crazy exhibition adventure Part Two
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