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12-26-2009, 02:30 AM
My girlfriend and I are looking for a kinky dare to do. As you can read in my signature there are a lot of things I'm willing to do. She's pretty kinky herself as well so come up with some fun kinky dares. Please keep them realistic so no running through the mall naked and the first one to pee on a rent-a-cop wins lol. If we pick your dare we will send you pics of us doing it.

12-26-2009, 02:32 AM
Start drinking water, 5 glasses, the first one that has to pee gets to do it on the other, but the one that pees has to have a dildo in their ass while peeing.

12-26-2009, 02:45 AM
ok u and ur gf strip naked and hav an arrow pointin 2 dick/pussy and write $2 and ur gf an arrow 2 boobs and write $1 and $1 with arrow 2 ass 4 both of u and on ur stomachs write take ur pick and then stand outside ur house untill u think enuff people hav seem u and ur gf

12-26-2009, 07:17 AM
Go to a mall and do some shopping, be atleast 4 hours.
Each 20 minute do you have to go in to a toilet or locker room and have a little thootpaste on her clit and vaginal opening, and in your ass and on your penis head.

When it's been four hours, you can go in to a toilet or locker room and have sex. You need to have an orgasm at the same time, if not you have to do the same dare again.

Had been wicked cool if you did it!
Tell us how it went :-)

12-26-2009, 07:34 AM
wot about a 69?!?

12-26-2009, 09:31 AM
1. Go visit a sauna complex (or pool if you don't like the sauna) and try and do as much kinky stuff as possible. Should at least include:
- visit a sauna with a toy / item inserted
- try and have sex in a quit corner of the pool
- touch each other when in a shower room

2. Go out shopping and have sex in the changing room. To spice things up you could try and insert items found in the shops, such as hangers or other items.

3. Go out in the park for a walk, with a toy inserted. Once you both get too horny, find a quite space in the park behind some bushes and have sex.

4. For a bit more indoor fun; Make a 'human-pie' out of each others bodies *by decorating eachother*, including e.g. whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate cream and other nice sticky items. Also use your 'holes' to insert items.
Once you are done eat eachothers creations :-)
Afterwards you can have some fun in the shower

Have fun!

12-26-2009, 09:49 AM
Firstly, put clothespins on your nipples, both of you.
Then, place them on your foreskin (if you have one) and all over your balls. Your girlfriend does it on her clit and labia.

Next, dress up in her clothes, and she has to dress in yours. Try to look for her most girly, and your most manly, clothes.

Now, see how far you can go outside before you chicken out and come back. If you don't do this part, go into the backyard, and let your girlfriend pull the clothespins off of your body (no unclipping them).
If you do go out, you still have to pull them off of your dick, but your balls and nipples are safe.

Hope you do this, and would love to see how it goes! :P

12-26-2009, 10:57 AM
Walk down a reasonably busy street, hand in hand. In a normal voice, talk dirty to each other: you must say at least one "bad" word every time you speak. If one of you dries up, the other gets to pick a forfeit.

12-27-2009, 03:27 PM
Lets go with the clothespegs idea....first you are the victim. She will tis you or cuff you to the bed or door etc... so you cant move and then place as many clothespegs on your body as she can find around the house. Then she waits 3-5 minutes depending on your pain threshold and then starts ripping them off without opening them, she can twiddle them, twist them, slap them off, make them hurt as much as she wants. This is her chance to torture you into submission.

The idea is that you have to submit to her by saying something like "please NAME stop! I submit to your sexy body and desperately want to take you!" etc... Something sexy and/or funny. This is all timed with a stopwatch on her phone or something. At this point she quickly removes all the pegs by opening them and teases you a little. But no cumming!!!

Now reverse places, tie her up and torture her into submission before teasing and releasing her. whichever person gave up first according to the timer is a living sex doll for the winner. You will have sex in any position the other desires, in any clothing and place and do it exactly how they say. If the male is the looser he will wear 3 condoms or more as the looser is not allowed to cum. As a male you will be her living dildo, do nothing but pleasing her, making her cum over and over again until she cant stand on her own. If the female wins then flip her over and go in the back door ;) :P hehe either way the looser doesnt get to cum. Of course you can also go with oral etc.... anal.... anything... so long as the winner gets to decide ;)

If you are taking pics then do PM me.... I think my email address is in my profile, im sure i can get more creative for the right price :P

12-27-2009, 06:13 PM
Okay, here's the winner. Each of you place a pair of clothespins on the nipples of the other. Then insert one ice cube into the ass of the other person. You're to sit on the bed next to each other and begin to masturbate. She can use a vibrator of her choice to even things up.

The first one to orgasm is the winner. The winner may remove his/her clothespins and the ice, if it hasn't melted yet. The loser must stop masturbating immediately and can't finish. In addition, the loser must bend over, grab his/her ankles, and get 20 hard spanks from the winner. The loser must then stand in the corner for 5 minutes and can only then take off the clothespins. In addition, the winner should take a picture of the loser in this position and send it as proof of completion of the dare.....

12-27-2009, 09:44 PM
have your gf put on a strap on dildo and fuck your ass. then, you fuck her in the ass. do it while facing a window of your choice for about 5 minutes(more if you like :P)

12-28-2009, 03:39 AM
for your dare get a dictionary and look up ( cosby sweater ) it's prity funny and if your into it do it... but if you do... send me a picture lol I have NEVER seen anyone do it.

12-28-2009, 07:14 AM
You dress up in your GF clothes- something slutty stockings and suspenders are a must. She is to dress equally slutty and she must not where panties. Drive to a park, this can be done at night but if you feel up for it do it during the day. When you get there find a semi secluded spot, you are to lay on the ground and start masterbating you must continue for 5 mins. Half way though the 5 mins your gf is to stand over you and begin peeing. She must then also masterbate for 5 mins. Once you are both done you can head back to the car but you must remove and leave an item of clothing for every person you pass on the walk back to the car.

Plz let me know how you get on if you do this

New and Shy
12-28-2009, 08:12 AM
Go to a club and try to bring somebody home. Get a picture of whoever you bring home. Use separate rooms for you activities with whoever you bring home. Say that you and your wife are roommates. The winner is whoever brings home the hottest person and whoever is the loudest during their activities while the spouse is in another room. The loser has to be a slave to the winner for 48 hours.

12-28-2009, 10:17 AM
If you're over 18, this is one that I actually dared my brother to do. We pretended to be a couple who was looking for excitement. We answered an ad in Craigslist from an older couple looking for another couple. We met them and had sex in the same room. Me with the man and my brother with the woman. (We did not do it together). You have to be really careful. We planned this for a month and made sure that the couple was legitimate. We also made plans for safety, etc. We were all on the same king size bed. It was very kinky and very humiliating at the same time.


12-28-2009, 03:13 PM
simply handcuff and blindfold the guy...

now insert a small object inside yourself, and pick a time limit... say 10 mins...

the guy must now try to remove that item while still blindfolded only using 1 hand and his tongue...

if he fails with in the time limit then theres no cumming for him for 2 months
if he removes it with in the limit then theres no cumming for you for 2 months.

how did it go?

12-28-2009, 03:30 PM
If you want something more extreme to torture him with there is always post orgasm torture...

Set a time limit which he may or may not be able to last for, lets say 10 minutes. Tie him down and make him cum as fast as you can. Then spend the rest of the time playing with his semi hard cock, rub the head and make him scream for mercy.... watch him squirm... Or be a little kinder and just give him some mild torture until the 10 minutes is up. Of course, if he survives the time limit then he gets to tie you down and fuck you hard and cum in your face or wherever else he wants. No-where is off limits ;) nothing is too extreme, so better make sure he cums ;)

01-06-2010, 10:26 PM
ok, heres a nice one for you two. Go and cut a ginger root in the shape of a butt plug biggest u know you can use. Now both of you cover it in icy hot as well and insert it into your ass. For the next twenty four hours keep it in(unless bathroom is needed) if one of you cant take the pain for that long the loser must receive "air oral" as in going close to the others "place" and pretend to blow them teasing them do this for half an hour and the person cannot touch themselves as well. Also if you do this message me so i know and ill have a prize for the winner ;)

01-08-2010, 08:41 AM
Each of you pick a day where the other has to pick what you wear for the day and you have to do exactly as they say for 24 hrs no matter what no chickening out no matter how disgusting ,humiliating etc you must do it .

go for a walk in a public place (a park for instance ) and see how naked you can get( no hiding in bushes etc )if you really brave and both manage that have sex out in the open before dressing and going home .if you have sex you must finish the money stroke no matter what.

for him

go out in public in a semi seethrough pair of baggy shorts with a stiffy wear a cock ring to keep it stiff.(no underwear)

for her

wear a very short skirt must leave the bottom of your cheeks visible and a sheer top leaving nothing to the imagination (no underwear)

see if you both are brave enough to pleasure in a shopping aisle or in the middle of a mall on a bench

go naked indoors for a week even if you have visitors see how far you willing to go infront of visitors.

01-09-2010, 05:15 AM
A few ideas:

1. While at a restaurant, each of you in turn slip into the restroom. Your goal is to take a picture of yourself nude, while not in a stall.

2. While staying at a hotel, head to the stairwell. After confirming that the stairwell is not alarmed, and (if they bother you) checking for security cameras -- strip on the landing, and walk up/down the entire staircase naked. (If it's a large building, you can limit your walk...say two floors up and two floors down.)

3. Have a 69/mutual masturbation/sex contest -- one in which the person who cums first loses. Order pizza (or the delivery food of your choice). The loser must answer the door wearing only a towel, with hands cuffed in front. If the loser is male, he should be "tenting" the towel. If the loser is female, the towel should be arranged so as to have a gap on the side or so that it "accidentally" comes loose.

Variation on 3 -- Same contest, but the loser is placed naked/nearly naked in bondage, in some compromising position, where the food delivery person can catch a glimpse while the winner pays and takes delivery of the food.

4. On another website, one which focuses on self-bondage, there is a scenario called "a game for 2" by "TheStorm". It can be found via your favorite search engine. Perform the scenario, after doing appropriate research on release methods.

5. I like jess_i_kka's suggestion, but if you want to take it up a notch, be a submissive couple looking for a dominant couple. (Note that the need for precautions/safety increases a bit if you do this....)