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12-22-2008, 09:41 AM
My master needs more punishment ideas for me...he doesnt know what else to do...I admit i am a rather stubborn girl and it takes a lot to train me...He already spanks me as punishment, and takes away my "playing" time when I masterbate more than what he allows...but he has asked for more ideas. WE do have an offline relationship, so he wuld be administering the punishments himself. Our limits are no needles, nothing covreing my head, no public, no bodily waste, and no blood. Also, no extreme, extreme pain...Anything u culd do to help my master wuld be greatly appreciated...thank you

12-22-2008, 11:41 AM
For real life S/M, bondage and sensory control are a must. =) Invest into things like rope, handcuffs, blindfolds, and floggers. If you don't have any of these things, get with your partner and discuss the types of things you would want to try out. Something you will like, some you won't. Remember though to make sure you both know what you are doing when it comes to any type of bondage. I suggest you both read the book "Screw the roses, send me the thorns". It has some great information and guidelines and can be found in most any place that sells adult books. Really though, it's all about trying out new things and figuring out what you both like.


Here are a few things I would suggest:

Life of a Dog
Sub assumes the role as a dog as much as your willing. Restrictions are placed on human like behavior such as talking and walking. A collar, food dish, and place to sleep should be given. I know you requested no public but late night walks are a good way to get around that. Have the slave on a leash, keep away from well lit areas, grassy parks are a good place to go. Remember to use common sense and caution. You might not be the only one lurking out in dark fields. This type of activity is usually a form of punishment for failure to follow simple tasks.

Fake Porn Star
This could be either a reward or punishment depending on your mindset. The slave puts on a show via webcam for their master. The master however is showing the film to their buddies, suggesting that it is excellent porn that he found on a random website. The slave's goal it to maintain that and get the people to agree that it is a great show. Reward/punishments can be issued depending on the results.

Roleplay Roleswap
Role play with your master that you are "overthrowing" him and trying to be the new master. The storyline can go in whatever direction you want, but in the end, you must remain the slave. This one requires a bit of creativity and impromptu ability. Lots of fun though for both Master and Slave.

Timed Punishment
Creating situations where the Slave must complete a task within a given time frame to avoid an automated punishment are always challenging mentally. These can range from simple to complex and is restricted only by your imagination and materials. An example of this would be like this:


Human Dinner Plate
This setup can be as safe or as dangerous as you want it to be. Remember to use caution regarding the temperature of food and your own comfort. The slave is to lay on the back naked across a table. A lower than normal table will work best. Your role is now to act as the dinner plate for your master. The master may choose what they are eating and instead of having the food on a plate or in a bowl, the food is instead placed on your body. Certain parts will be better for diffrent types of food. Your mouth can be used as a cup or a cup holder. (using a straw in either case will be easiest) Neck is good for thinks like a napkin or towel. The chest is best for messier items and usually the main dish. The stomach is good for dryish foods such as vegitables or fruit, and the genitals are of course good for dessert such as pudding/pie/cake.

12-22-2008, 11:57 AM
thanks...only problem is, and i shuld have mentioned this...im a teen..ill be 18 in three months but still...cant get books or toys right now...:(