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  1. Is it safe?
  2. Explanation & Topic Suggestions
  3. Topping from the Bottom
  4. Anonymous Advice
  5. Meeting in real life for the first time
  6. All About the Butt
  7. Interacting on and Using getDare
  8. Likes/Dislikes/Limits & Safewords
  9. Punishment & Funishment
  10. Messy Play
  11. Aftercare
  12. Sub and Dom Drop
  13. All About CBT
  14. Just Role With It
  15. BDSM/Kink Mentors
  16. BDSM/KINK Mentees
  17. Kink and Education Forum Rules
  18. Emotions, and how to deal with them - let's share!
  19. Solo Play
  20. Dealing With Denial
  21. Getting Down with Pee and Poop
  22. Advice needed: How do you keep/get clean for anal?
  23. Chastity Device
  24. Titles for your Dom/Domme
  25. Questions about Nipple Clamp Safety
  26. Chastity cage with electro shocks controlled by mobile phone
  27. Need Advice: How To Be Comfortable As A Sub
  28. Help and advice please
  29. Advice For Husband “Coming Out” About Wanting to be a Slave
  30. Chastity Device Experiences and Reviews
  31. Fitting big buttplug
  32. Nipple piercings - how to play safely after having them pierced?
  33. Discussion: If a Dom and a Sub get married, who will wash the dishes?
  34. What SHOULD I Look For In A Dominant?
  35. Help with wedgies
  36. How do I find a female partner for online nude dares?
  37. How to get parter to be ok with BDSM and humiliation
  38. Chastity device, risks?
  39. bdsm kik mentor \teacher
  40. Cum eating and anal orgasm
  41. Pegging your man for the first time? Shared advices
  42. Public Spanking Kink
  43. Question: Masturbation workarounds in HRT (Atrophy)?
  44. Help needed to reach anal orgasm.
  45. Sounding Help
  46. Combination lock self-BDSM
  47. Terrific Toy Tips
  48. Is telling your sub or little they have disappointed you a cruel punishment?
  49. invite fetlife
  50. Questions for women (and men)
  51. Questions regarding fake cum
  52. BDSM Education with Lilith
  53. Complaining slave.
  54. Advices for lesbian sex?
  55. Alternative to cock cages?
  56. Anal stretching.
  57. Enjoying enemas?
  58. Parental control
  59. Tack bra for small breasts - advice needed
  60. Scat for beginner
  61. Self-improvement Group Project
  62. Intersted in being a panty boy
  63. Cum kiss
  64. New Years Denial
  65. Need some kinky relationship advice
  66. Disposable Insertions?
  67. Messy Humiliation Roleplay
  68. Where else do you go online for kinky fun?
  69. Chastity through airport security
  70. Exposure: what do you get out of it?
  71. Enemas: someone to help me?
  72. Woodenhorse: help me make it true
  73. Urethral Sounding Play
  74. Cock cage
  75. Butt Plugs and flying.
  76. Sensory deprivation advice
  77. Scat term
  78. Bondage
  79. Fake cum and squirt
  80. Hypnosis
  81. Kinky Household Items
  82. tucking help
  83. PSA For All Dares Involving IcyHot
  84. Pussy Hair Etiquette for Sluts and Slave whores
  85. Any advice to get back into things
  86. Tickled documentary - Fascinating story of fetish and a cautionary tale for kinksters
  87. Does a ruin count as an orgasm?
  88. Alcohol Enemas
  89. The dungeon?
  90. male genital piercing
  91. Shopping new, better handcuffs
  92. *NEW UPDATED* getDare Rules
  93. Need advice for a bad habit
  94. What chastity device?
  95. Sexy E-Stim Safety Tips
  96. Online exposure
  97. Hot service for those into consensual blackmail play
  98. Help! Non-consensual blackmail
  99. Ordering diapers?
  100. Chastigasm?
  101. Dildo Gag Advice
  102. Need Help WIth DIY Diapers >~<
  103. question
  104. How long can I keep a buttplug in?
  105. Need suggest on how to watch your slave when away
  106. How to dress like a Slut/Slave Whore
  107. Virtual Domination Website
  108. Help
  109. Pet Play and some things slaves can take from it
  110. How’s the best way to use a cock ring
  111. Porn Viewing guide for slave sluts
  112. Anal guide for slave sluts
  113. How to be a good dominant
  114. How to humiliate a slave
  115. How to be a good slave
  116. Collaring Ceremony
  117. How to be a REAL Dom
  118. A question for you masters/mistresses