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  1. What types of stories go in this section?
  2. Show-Off
  3. What Happened the Night She Was Blackmailed... [FICTION]
  4. Christmas Eve [FICTION]
  5. One Amazing Night [NON-FICTION]
  6. When It All Goes Wrong [FICTION]
  7. Bex's Fantasy dare [fiction]
  8. Special Delivery [FICTION]
  9. Alex is punished [FICTION]
  10. Burning Desire [FICTION]
  11. The step-daugther [fiction]
  12. The Lottery Winner (More "fantasy" fiction)
  13. Sarah's Party [FICTION, CAUTION]
  14. sex at the sleepover
  15. Sentenced to punishment
  16. A slave's escapade {fiction}
  17. Rebecca's dilemna
  18. Sarah's first time as a slave [FICTION]
  19. A Mistresses Pleasure is a One Slaves Pain
  20. Prisoners of war(fiction)
  21. his life after death(fiction)
  22. Me and the sleepover [fiction]
  23. Webcam sex (non-fiction)
  24. Slavery to father (Fiction)
  25. Tower of the hand [FICTION]
  26. Getdare.com (The story)
  27. Reviving my old classic (teachers pet)
  28. A Change for Katie
  29. Night nurse
  30. A Girls Fantasy
  31. Christina: From slut to slave[NON-FICTION with elements of FICTION]
  32. Him and She
  33. Sara's First Master
  34. This is my story
  35. The Train Station
  36. The last training day [Fiction]
  37. Privilege: Jessica's Journey into Slavery
  38. The Teacher [Fiction]
  39. The Dark Drama Dare Group
  40. The year abroad [fiction]
  41. Pam's Story
  42. The quarterback
  43. A bet ill placed
  44. Sexual Zombies [Obviously fiction!]
  45. Tiff's fantasy hell
  46. Love Triangle {fictional}
  47. Alexa's first experience...(half fiction)
  48. The Experiment
  49. Isabel's Phone
  50. Rising Sun [fiction]
  51. Waning Moon: Pam's Story Part II
  52. Two New Slaves [fiction]
  53. Penny's Submission
  54. Finish the person above's fantasy
  55. Billy Goes to Slave School [FICTION]
  56. My first step into this arena
  57. An Evil Presence [Fiction]
  58. Video-Chat Dating [Fiction Experiment]
  59. Got stuck in the dessert. [Non-fiction]
  60. Lakehouse [Fiction]
  61. Jennifer...
  62. Alex
  63. diary of a slave
  64. Waxing Moon: Pam's Story, Part III
  65. £20
  67. Just "Hanging" out
  68. Playground Fantasy
  69. Slavery, Blackmail, and a Glock
  70. Fuck me ugly: PARTY TIME!
  71. Carla's New Job
  72. No More Lost Opportunities [Fiction]
  73. How Jenna’s journey as a slave
  74. One new years eve (Fiction)
  75. Targeting the Ignored [FICTION]
  76. A month of slavery (slave)
  77. A month of slavery (master)
  78. Hello!
  79. Dont Forget To Tip The Waitress
  80. The Bounty of War
  81. Not An Averge Game of S/M [fiction]
  82. [fiction] (Help, I can't think of a title!)
  83. Fiction: Ellen's descent
  84. Fiction: Blackmailed
  85. Non-Fiction: Brenda's service
  86. Fiction: Just for fun
  87. Fiction: The Old Man and the Market
  88. Fiction: my tranformation
  89. Fiction: Works of Art
  90. Fiction: The Enslavement of Shannon
  91. getDare Posting Rules [read before posting]
  92. Clara's new job
  93. Babysitting Adventures...
  94. from warrior to pet (my first story)
  95. Fiction: trickery in the form of hypnosis
  96. Non-Fiction: Earn your underwear
  97. The Bandstand
  98. hanging for hours and slavery
  99. Ella-Bella
  100. Slavery is a state of mind
  101. Roommate s GF gets controll
  102. Fiction: sleep over
  103. Fiction: The Company.
  104. The Diary of a Slave [18+][Pics]
  105. Non-Fiction: The Best Mates.
  106. Fiction: Harwoina
  107. Role play-The siblings
  108. Non-Fiction: Some Stuff I've Done
  109. Fiction: Katie's Punishment (reposted)
  110. Non-Fiction: Home Alone~Bella's weekend{1}
  111. Fiction: step sister's slave
  112. Non-Fiction: Home Alone~Bella's weekend{2}
  113. Fiction: The Super Epic TorD Scavenger Hunt (interactive)
  114. Fiction: The Court of Team Leo
  115. The best worst day ever
  116. Total Obedience to Master (My Slave Blog)
  117. Haylee's Trip [fiction]
  118. The Facility: Outside.
  119. Fun in the icy forests
  120. Fiction: Revenge of the accused
  121. Non-Fiction: Spin The Bottle
  122. Fiction: The Galloway Apartments
  123. Kidnapped Rubber Ponygirl... for LIFE!
  124. Non-Fiction: Doms Little Girl vs Dishhead12........the story so far
  125. Student/Teacher...
  126. Fiction: shyness and dares... a bitter/sweet mix
  127. Blackmailed Slaves for Life
  128. Fiction: The diaries of a sixteen year old girl
  129. Fiction: Kimberly the Slave
  130. Fiction: Little Cindy
  131. Fiction: "My first experience with a Master" says Chloe
  132. Fiction: Claire's Enslavement
  133. Fiction: Boot camp-Story of Marcus
  134. Samples of My Erotic Fiction
  135. Fiction: Architecture of a Sadistic Nature
  136. Doms_Litte_Girl's Custom Story
  137. Old School
  138. Having a sister as a slave
  139. Let's take this to the next level (Fiction) (R)
  140. Stockholm Syndrome
  141. Fiction: Walking the Cat
  142. Fiction: A 'special' relationship.
  143. Fiction: Train Trip with Kitty
  144. Blackmailed Teen Summoned to Motel (fiction)
  145. Fiction: Who would have thought?
  146. A very different place. (A very fun one)
  147. Fiction: Tales from the Underdark
  148. Fiction: Everything Ends
  149. Fiction: Punishment from Master
  150. Fiction: Resurfacing of Joshua O'Malley
  151. Fiction: Master's Good Little Puppy Slut
  152. Bad Slut Puppy!
  153. Fiction: Stark Raving
  154. Fiction: Puppy's Day In The Dressing Rooms
  155. Miss X and the blackmailing of Dave Pt:1 (Fiction)
  156. Fiction: Leyla...I got you on your knees, Leyla.
  157. Fiction: Trust
  158. Fiction: Bellezza Nascosta (Uncommon Desire)
  159. Little Sister Becomes a Slave
  160. Fiction: Sex Tiger
  161. Fiction: Rape fantasy
  162. Fiction: Switch
  163. Fiction: Your mine now..
  164. Fiction: The Easy Ownership ( incest, slavery )
  165. The Unexpected Friends
  166. Fiction: Mother and Daughter.
  167. The Utility Boy
  168. Non-Fiction: A night with Ashley
  169. Fiction: The Man in the Black Fedora.
  170. ☆ His Little Star ☆
  171. Fiction: Captive
  172. Fiction: ☆ Chris's Tale ☆
  173. Fiction: ☆ Adam's Tale ☆
  174. Fiction: Kinky fantasies - R18++ due to very extreme fetish conversations
  175. Fiction: Hotel Meet Up
  176. Fiction: Johns Servitude
  177. Paula's Appointment
  178. Fiction: Ruby
  179. Fiction: Twin Slaves (Will have incest...)
  180. Fiction: Amy
  181. Fiction: A Slave's Revenge and It's Consequences
  182. Night of Crystal Fantasy [Fiction]
  183. Non-Fiction: My Slave Journal
  184. Fiction: Blood Sweat and Tears are not enough.
  185. Fiction: a new life for tracy.
  186. Fiction: Power of the Mind
  187. Fiction: Humanity Lost
  188. Certificate of Correction
  189. First time Whore.
  190. Fiction: Her ticket through college..
  191. Fiction: Execution
  192. Fiction: 3 vs. 1
  193. The Story
  194. Fiction: Learning my place
  195. Lara and the Bedpost
  196. `Hot Sauce. ( NEVER again )
  197. The club
  198. Fiction: "Sissy"
  199. Fiction: The Snowdaddy
  200. New Job Opportunities
  201. Fiction: Sweet Little Holly
  202. Winery's new master
  203. Fiction: Truth or Dare Reveals All
  204. Fiction: My First Game of Truth or Dare
  205. Fiction: The Orphanage
  206. Fiction: Dani
  207. Changing Relationship
  208. Fiction: For His Masters pleasure
  209. Fiction: The Pet Within (WIP) (18+ ONLY)
  210. Top Literature
  211. Punishment Reserves Day One
  212. Punishment Reserves Day Three
  213. My Cousin and My Horse
  214. How To Get Your Story in the Completed Section!
  215. Fiction: the storm
  216. Fiction: The love between a man and a man and a man
  217. Fiction: Hearts like a Memory: Never Lasting
  218. [Fiction] Suzy's Punishment
  219. Non-Fiction: How my AUNT got me, and ENJOYED
  220. Punishment Reserves Day Four
  221. Fiction: the kinky kidnapper of kindness (slight participation read first post for details)
  222. Fiction: Toga Party
  223. Punishment Reserves Day Five
  224. Punishment Reserves Day Thirty Two
  225. Punishment Reserves Day Ten
  226. Fiction: Life Swapping Holiday
  227. Fiction: My Son's New Girlfriend (Lesbian)
  228. Fiction: Sex on Stage with a Black Man (Exhibitionist)
  229. Fiction: Fun in the Bathroom with my Daughter (Lesbian, Incest)
  230. Fiction: Christmas Eve with my Son
  231. Fiction: My Son's Photography Class (Exhibitionist, Incest)
  232. Fiction: My Mother's Three Sons (Incest)
  233. Fiction: My Daughter Gets a Physical Exam (Lesbian)
  234. Punishment Reserves Day 50 & 51
  235. My Friends Betrayel
  236. Fiction: Thirsty?
  237. Interactive story. Be apart of the fun.
  238. Fiction: My Daughter and I Flash the Shopping Mall
  239. New slaves
  240. Fiction: Young Goddess Betty: My Greatest Birthday Ever!
  241. Fiction: Joey's Painful Lessons
  242. Fiction: Catholic Nun's Shocking Sermon (Exhibitionist)
  243. Fiction: My Daughter and I Walk Naked Around Downtown (Exhibitionist)
  244. Fiction: Wicked teacher turns her student into a sex slave (F/m)
  245. Trust Lost
  246. Fiction: slave for life
  247. Punishment Reserves Day 7
  248. Fiction: The sadistic mistress: Lizbeth
  249. Fiction: This was his time
  250. Non-Fiction: My first game of TorD