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Default Wedgie Dare Game Idea

This is a game that I came up to when i was quite young and managed to play with some friends once. I don't know why i've never posted the idea before... its very simple but can be fun.

Basically depending on what game you want to play you'll need a different amount of people minimum of 4 i think.
You can do this with any game, from football to air hockey to monopoly. It takes a little bit of setting up... firstly split into equal sized teams and randomly choose 1 victim from each team. These victims should have a rope threaded through the back of their underwear, i used a skipping rope when i was a kid, and the other end should be threaded over something that acts as a pulley and fastened to something high enough so the victims feet are flat on the floor. 3 other points each lower than the last should be available. I used 4 different hinges on a door for this.

Whenever the partners of the victim on one team score a goal or win 3 points or any scoring system you want the victim on the other team has the rope fastened to the point below the starting one so they begin to get a wedgie. The winner is the team who gets the opposite teams victim on the lowest point first. Our personal rules were that no-one could help the losing victim off the rope.

A variation to the game is on each level apart from a worse wedgie another factor could be added.
For example. The first point is the starting point, on the second point the victim gets 1 raw egg thrown at them, on the third point the victim gets something written on their face and on the final point the victim gets clothes pegs on their nipples until they can get out of the wedgie.
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That sounds really fun. Maybe I can get some friends to come over next week and we could play it .
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That does sound like it would be a lot of fun.
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