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Default Dare: Get naked at School

Now this brought back a few memories. All the way back from secondary school even. At the time I was at a school that had the sports field backing onto it and, at the far end of the field, was a steep bank dropping down to a patch of land that was left to grow wild.

The field itself was at least 200yds by 400 with the waste land in the region of 100ft square. I spent a lot of break times there, sunbathing (naked when I dared) and occasionally playing in the snowdrifts that would gather down there (again naked on a couple of occasions.)

By far the best time though was one day when a dense fog descended. It hit shortly before lunch break and by the time we got let out of class you could barely see 10 feet! By the time I'd crossed the playground I was pretty much isolated, people only a short way off being nothing more than indistinct shadows in the fog.

My mind racing almost as fast as my legs I followed the hedge at the side of the field down to wasteland and, excitement rising, adrenaline pumping, I quickly got out of my clothes, shoes and everything, leaving them in a pile I'd be able to find easily in a bit.

It was like being in my own little world and the feeling was astounding. I was naked on the sportsfield! This was a first and so much better than just being down the bottom. The sound of other kids although carrying quite well, also seemed to be so far removed. I crossed the whole width of the field to the far corner. Considering I was at an age where the mere sight of the gym mistress would have you walking with difficulty you can imagine what effect running around the sportsfield naked was having on me!

After probably a good quarter hour exploring the sports field, getting closer to the school I'd only seen a couple of groups of dark shadows, just crouching as they went passed. Knowing I was totally naked and so close to them was an immense thrill. But I wanted more. I was invisible and I could do absolutely anything!

Anything quickly resolved itself into a dare to reach the bikeshed, on the border of the main schoolyard so I headed that way. A breeze had started to blow and the feel of it on my body just enhanced the feeling of nudity, and the thrill. All too soon the bikeshed was a dark shadow a little way off. Taking time to catch my breath I listened for any signs that there were people there but couldn't hear any. Granted, if they were smoking they'd be keeping it quiet anyway. I made my way there at a low crouch, eyes peeled for any signs of other kids. I managed to get there unnoticed and stood with my back against the cold brick, both corners in sight. My heart was hammering in my chest by now but this was by far the best schoolday ever!

Within a few minutes the adrenalin rush was starting to die down. There weren't many kids I could hear nearby. The main school building was so close. I HAD to touch it! It was probably less than 100 feet from where I was to the wall of the main building. I'd come this far - all I had to do now was cross the yard and I'd actually be touching the school! I'd be naked, on the schoolyard and touching the school. The idea quickly became irresistible. I slid along the back of the shed and looked around the corner. There it was, looming large in the fog: the school.

I crept along the side of the shed; couldn't hear anyone inside it. A quick look both ways confirmed that noone was too close and I took a step. OMG! I was standing on tarmac. I was on the schoolyard totally naked and I loving it. I wanted to walk boldly over to the school but nerves got the better of me and I made a quick dash, dick (small though it was) bouncing in the wind.

Again I pressed my back to the cold brick wall. God what a thrill! Not even in my wildest dreams could I of imagined being in this situation! What next? Well the quad was bound to be busier than here. A few hundred feet along this wall and I'd........ Eeeek!

A group of kids, girls from the sounds were out in the yard and getting closer! I could see there dark forms through the fog and looked down at myself. I was the only white body in a school of hundreds of dark-blue uniformed kids. Add to that I was stood against a dark red brick wall and I must of stood out like a sore thumb.

They were pretty far across the yard and, with a start, I realised that I could even see the bike shed. When I'd set out I couldn't see 1/4 that far! I dropped to a crouch, images of the consequences of this little jaunt now filtering into my mind. I'd be marched, as I was, through the school to the deputy head's office, hands on head. There I'd have to wait in the corridor opposite the dinning room for him to get back from lunch. The whole school would probably pass me! Then there'd be the punishment: probably an emergency assembly called where I'd get the cane up on the stage. The afternoon lessons spent stood at the front of the class, hands on head and, at the end of school, my parents called in to collect me! That last bit really didn't appeal. I held my breath and kept an eye on the group, trying to will myself as invisible as I'd felt at the start of this adventure.

They seemed to hover forever at the corner of the shed and I was sure some of them must be looking my way. With every outbreak of laughter I was sure I'd been seen and was about to be dragged off by the nearest teacher to face the consequences. Minutes turned into hours, hours into days and the fog was visibly thinning now. Looking up I could start to make out the blue of the sky.

Finally they started to head off down towards the quad and I thanked my lucky stars I hadn't actually tried that dare, kicking myself for even dreaming of it. As soon as I thought they were far enough away I made a dash for it, forgetting to check the other way, a shout of "WHAT?!" alerting me that I should of taken more care - another couple not more than 20 feet away, and much closer to the school wall. Head bowed I charged for the field and kept sprinting. I was half way down it before I stopped to take a breath and check I wasn't being chased. I looked back and could actually see people on the yard now. My lovely fog was practically gone!

Without wasting any more time I jogged the rest of the way to my clothes, grabbed them up and headed quickly to the opposite corner to get dressed and make an appearance from. My ploy seemed to work and there was never any mention of a naked kid running the school. There was also never a day like that (probably for the best because I'd already made plans for the next time and they far too risky!)
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Default Damn

Another very nice story. Thank you for sharing it, xxTets. Were you dared by someone else to do it? Had you had any previous experience with dare games?
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On that occasion I did it just because I wanted to run around the school grounds naked. I'd been happily going out to 'play' for the day, ditching my clothes about 100yds from the house and going exploring for hours on end in nothing but my trainers from age 9. The thrill of being seen or caught was always a major adrenaline rush so to be stark naked at school with 100s of other kids (and a bunch of teachers) just a few feet away was intense!

I'm still gutted (to this day) that there wasn't another day like that because I would of pushed it soooo much further.
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That is a very good story. Might I ask how old you are now?
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