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Default Chapter Fourteen

Found time to write
Chapter Fourteen
Who should I ask next? I couldn't ask Anna, since she had just asked me, nor could I ask Jade, as I had asked her the turn before. That left me to choose between my two cousins. If I asked Ella, she would have to chose dare. If I asked Lola, she would chose truth... and then next turn would probably slam Ella with a dare. I decided let Lola have the fun of roasting Ella with a dare of her choice, so I now turned my attention towards Lola, who, as I imagined, chose truth.

I had already been nice enough to Lola by letting her have the future pleasure of daring Ella, so now I wanted to come up with a question that would make her squirm. I could ask her if she masturbated, but that had been asked before, and I wanted my question to be original. Something she wouldn't expect...

"Have you ever thought about being a slave or a master? Like in BDSM?" I blurted out.

I was pleased to see Lola's cheeks redden. It had caught her off gaurd after all. "A little, I guess. I mean, I don't fantasize about it or anything, but I have given it some thought. I don't think I would like to be a slave at all, but being a master I could live with. I mean, to have some one under my control wouldn't be a bad thing. But all the stuff about chains and whips and tattoos... I don't like that. If I was a master, I wouldn't hurt my slave, just make him do embarrassing stuff."

I raised my eyebrows. Now THERE was one thing I never would have guessed about my cousin. Every body else was looking at her in a surprised way too, but now we all were past the point of judging her aloud, since we had all confessed a dark secret by now.

Like I had guessed, Lola realized Ella's predicament.

"Oh, sweet sister," she said in a sarcastic voice, "Would you like truth... or perhaps a dare?"

Ella glowered at her, didn't even bother to choose one, but just said grimly, "Do your best."

Lola smiled wickedly. "Have no fear, El. I will. I promise. For you dare, I dare you to..." She paused and smiled, sensing all our anticipation. "To... to... to... flash your breasts at us."

Ella, having thought she might be dared to do something along this line, gave the answer she had already formulated in her head. "No."

A refusal! How exciting! I wondered what would happen now. Would we vote on wether she she had to do it or not? I wondered how that would turn out.

Lola looked royally pissed that she had been refused. "What the hell do you mean? You can't say no!"

Ella went on to explain herself. "It's not that I'm too embarrassed to show you my boobs, you're my sister and my cousin and two friends, it's not like your complete strangers, and I trust you all not to say anything. It's just that if I do it, the game would become boring. All the dares would be to take off a bra or panties or something. Then it would basically be a strip show, which I didn't come here for. I came here to play a game, not have an orgy."

She had a point there. I didn't wanted to stop playing, but maybe it had gone too far. "So should we stop playing?" I asked.

"We don't have to." replied Ella, "We just need a way to make this game original and fun again."

Every one sat in silence, thinking. As much as they had been embarrassed by previous questions and dares, I don't think any one wanted to stop.

Finally Lola spoke. "I have one idea on how we could continue." Every looked inquisitively at her, so she carried on. "I've actually wanted to do it for a while, but there was never an opportune time. I... I assume you have cards, so we could play strip poker."

Leave it to Lola to think up an idea like that. I wasn't against it at all, like her I had heard of it and wanted to try it. But I knew that no one else would even think about it, much less actually agree to -

"I love it!" shouted Anna. "Oh my god, I've wanted to play this ever since Carry told me she played it! And this is perfect, cause we all trust each other and we've basically seen everything already. Let's do it!"

I was shocked, never in a million years would I have thought that this idea would actually be considered. But it wasnt just Anna that was enthusiastic about it, Ella and Jade were now nodding too! They had seemed unsure at first, but Anna's excited outburst had helped them decide.*

"You guys want to do this?" I asked them all. They all nodded.

"First things first." said Lola. "We need to agree no backing out on this game, like Ella did with truth or dare. Ok?" After we all expressed our agreement, she made us pinky swear on it too. There was no backing out now!

"What type of poker should we play?" asked Anna now. I suggested Texas Hold Em, but no one else knew how to play. Everyone knew how to play Five Card Stud, but we decided it was to simple, and no skill was involved. Finally we decided on Five Card Draw, a variation of Five Card Stud.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the rules, everyone is dealt five cards. You can then give back up to three cards, four if you have an ace, and in return you will get new cards to replace the old ones. Then, whoever has the best hand wins. It involved only minimal skill, especially since there was no bluffing, but it was better than the complete lack of skill required for Five Card Stud.

The stripping version of this game would be played with the loser of each hand being forced to remove an article of clothing. Oviously, with most people having only two pieces on, except for me with one and Lola with three, it wouldn't be long before a person was completely naked. To prolong the 'game' part of it, we decided to give out chips so everyone would end up having four things to lose; therefor I got three chips, Lola got one, and everyone else got two.

As for what would happen after a person had no more things to lose, it was decided that dares would given out. For the first two dares after a person was naked, the dare would have to be an easy one, involving only the person in question. This type of dare was jokingly called a 'Level One Dare' by Lola, and the name stuck.

For the second dare, it was agreed, rather reluctantly in Jade and Ella's case, that another person could be involved. Again, Lola coined the name 'Level Two Dare'. It would be completely up to the person who hadn't lost whether they wanted to participate, but for every two of these Level Two Dares that they took part in, they would be rewarded in the way that they could put back on any article of clothing that they had previously discarded. Obviously, this would be a huge temptation to participate in these dares, even if you didn't have to.

The game would be finished when everyone except for one person had been dared to do a Level Two Dare. Not chosen to, but dared to. Then the winner - the only person who had not had to do a Level Two Dare - would give everyone one last dare.

We decided to take a short bathroom break; only two minutes this time for fear that Aunt Rachel might come soon and interrupt the game. When we were all back in the playroom, we decided that since we needed a playing surface, we would sit on the floor, cross legged though so no one could hide anything.

With my three chips on my right, my briefs still damp, and my penis, for the time being, completely flaccid, I reached for the deck of cards and cut it once.

"Let the games begin." I cackled excitedly.

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It takes a lot for me to like a story, but this is amazing. I definitely put it in the top 5 stories I have read on this site, maybe top 3. I love that it turned into a Strip Poker game which is my personal fantasy. Plz keep on writing
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Great story

I think it would be good if it ends up as having a sleep over then they can do dares all night, and some skinny diping? The story is great hows its going just trying to cast some ideas in 1million out of 10 lol keep it up!
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Great story for the first time i am so hooked on!
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i love this story please continue
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i just read the story and i think that this is amazing
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After reading your latest chapter, I find myself sympathizing with the James character. He has, unwittingly, allowed himself be maneuvered from a friendly "Truth and Dare" game, where all the participants had an equal chance to be embarrassed, to a "Strip poker" in which he will, undoubtedly, be the target. In reading the poker "rules" carefully, I surmise James will soon be in a CFNM situation which Lola's devious mind will "enjoy" to the extreme!

Your story is very compelling and I hope you have many chapters yet to post. I've subscribed to the story thread with email notification and given it the highest rating.
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WOW, great story! Keep it up!
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Originally Posted by Memories for Life View Post
After reading your latest chapter, I find myself sympathizing with the James character. He has, unwittingly, allowed himself be maneuvered from a friendly "Truth and Dare" game, where all the participants had an equal chance to be embarrassed, to a "Strip poker" in which he will, undoubtedly, be the target. In reading the poker "rules" carefully, I surmise James will soon be in a CFNM situation which Lola's devious mind will "enjoy" to the extreme!

Your story is very compelling and I hope you have many chapters yet to post. I've subscribed to the story thread with email notification and given it the highest rating.
i agree with most but how can they gang up on him? it's strip poker, it depends on the cards. but GREAT STORY
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Default Chapter Fifteen

Wow, a lot of comments! Thanks everyone!
Chapter Fifteen

I barely survived the first two hands. On the first one, I had absolutely nothing, so I traded three cards in and ended up with a pair of nines; enough to beat Anna who lost the hand with a pair of twos. The second hand I received two jacks straight away, but nothing with my next three cards. I barely finished higher than Jade who came in last with a pair of tens.

By now I figured out the trick was to play safe, not go for straights or anything that could put you in danger of losing. At this point it only really mattered who lost, not who won, allthough when it became time for dares winning would take on more of a significant role.

The next two hands I watched as Lola and Anna learned the hard way what I had just realized. First Lola went for a straight and lost with a high card nine, and then Anna attempted a flush and had to toss away another chip after she finished with a high card queen.

After that though Anna came back though and scorched everyone with a full house of jacks and aces, and Ella, who up until that moment had been having great luck, was forced to give up a chip with only a pair of fives.

I then had back to back hands of bad luck, not getting a single pair in either one. Luckily for me, I only had to give up one chip as Jade had even worse luck than me on the second of those two hands.

Lola lost the next turn, and allthough it was only her second loss, she still had to take off an article of clothing since she had started with three on. She stood up, not that afraid since everyone else was already more scantily clad, and pulled down her tight volleyball shorts.

She was wearing pink underwear with white dots on them, nothing to risqué. They were slightly damp as well, from the water leaking on down from her wet shirt, I assumed. Her ass, although I only got a look at it from the side, didn't seem to be as nicely rounded as Anna's, but like her sister Lola's, it seemed to have been treated to some work in the gym.

My penis, which until this moment had remain calm, now realized it was IN A ROOM WITH FOUR HOT GIRLS, ALL STRIPED TO THEIR UNDERWEAR. It stiffened a little bit, but not too noticeably.

Ella then decided to have a go at getting a straight, and also failed. By tossing aside her second chip, it now meant that none of the girls had any chips left, while I still had two! Consequently, the next turn, unless I lost, would lead to one of the girls having to remove a rather important piece of clothing.

Once again, the tension in the air could almost be felt. As if sensing that someone was about to wimp out, Lola called for another pinky promise. We all agreed, none more readily than me, since I was feeling rather cocky at the moment.

I was dealt a ten, jack, queen, king, and... a seven. I was tempted to go for the straight but I decided to play it safe and sent back all but the king and queen. It turned out to be a smart decision, as I got back another queen AND another king. I spread my cards out on the ground gleefully, looking at the other girls.

My great hand had basically assured that one of them would lose, and they knew it. They looked at each other anxiously, wondering which one of them would only have one article of clothing remaining at the end of this turn. Finally Anna laid down her cards, a pair of fours, and the rest of the girls went wild, as they all had her beat.

While the girls were celebrating, or, actually, not really celebrating, but just sitting there with a huge, relieved grin on their faces, Anna began to look nervous. Despite her outgoing nature, she did get shy and insecure at times, and this would probably be the first time she had showed her breasts to a boy... then again, maybe not. I remembered to tuck that question away to ask her some other time.

Now everyone turned to stare at Anna. Slowly, nervously, she reached behind her back. She stared at a point on the wall in front of her, in order not to have to look at any of us in the face. She fumbled around with the clasp, intentionally, I'm sure, to buy some time. Finally, she couldn't stall any longer, and with everyone's eyes on her she removed her bra.

Her breasts were bigger than they had seemed in the bra. They seemed to be almost fully formed, much to my happiness. They were round and a near perfect circle, not slopping at all. Her pink nipples stuck out, and the dark skin around the areolas contrasted startlingly with the alabaster whiteness of the rest of her breasts. Allthough a lot of people find it sexier when a girl has no tan lines, I enjoyed the obvious bikini lines surrounding Anna's breasts more. It let me know that I was looking at a secret part of her that very few other people had seen.

I was guessing that of the girls, only Lola had seen Anna's breasts before, probably in the shower at school or after sports. This was confirmed when I looked around the room. Jade, not having showered much at school since she didn't do any sports had therefor never having seen many, if any, of her female schoolmate's chests, and was staring inquisitively at the mounds of whiteness in front of her. Ella was also staring at them, but not only curiously, but rather... hungrily.

Anna hurriedly shoved her cards over to Lola, since it was her turn to deal. This movement caused some slight jiggling of her breasts, which, now freed from the bra, were free to move as much as they wanted to.

Lola began to collect the cards, but after she gathered mine, she paused. "Look Anna!" she said giggling, "I think James appreciates the show you just put on!"

I was puzzled, but not for long as all the girls eyes turned away from Anna's boobs and towards my crotch. I looked down, mortified. My toy soldier had responded appropriately to seeing it's first pair of real breasts, standing at full attention. And, seeing as how I had adjusted my dick to it's normal position after it had been cooled down by the cold water, it was now tenting rather profusely! I had been right earlier, having it tucked upwards was much less embarrassing than this! I shifted uncomfortably; now that I had noticed it, my dick was actually in pain, straining upwards with all it's might against the tight and heavy briefs I was wearing. I considered adjusting it again, but deciding I didn't really wanted to move it now with all eyes lasered in on it.

"Well," I replied to Lola, "Anna is a very pretty girl." I was trying to ease her nervousness, and calling a girl pretty almost always seems to work. She shot me a grateful nod, and, with the other girl's attention switching back to her, she seemed less anxious, and more... proud. As the others looked at her, she turned, and one by one looked them in the eye. This made them realize consciously that they had been staring, and they awkwardly shifted their eyes away.

Feeling happy to have helped Anna, I now turned back to Lola. "Now deal the cards. Next turn, one of you girls will have to do the same thing she just did. So... I wouldn't get very comfortable if I were you."
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I love this story. Its really well written and its captivating. Keep you the good work!
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*clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* *clap!*
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This is really good.

I appreciate people who, when writing these stories, both to make them vaguely realistic. The way you've paced this out and teased the story out bra by pantie by wet t-shirt is excellent!
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ya now its getting ineresting keep it up
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you are a amazing writer, like i want to live inside your head
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