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Default tighty whities

looking for tighty whitey dares. I just bought a new pack and need suggestions as to what I should do to them or with them and how I should wear them.

Anyone have dares for me?
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Try a hanging wedgie. They hurt like hell in tighty whiteys.

Or I dunno, pants yourself in them. That should be pretty embarrassing.
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Wear one for four days straight:

First day, you wear it the normal way, fresh out of the package.
Second day, you switch front and back (i.e. wear the Y-front in the back)
Third day, you turn it inside out but wear it the correct way around (Y front in the front)
Fourth day, you switch it around again, so you're wearing it inside out with the Y-front in the back.

Your choice how many stains you want to leave in that pair of tighty whities on the first two days that will obviously show up on the outside the last two days
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Really? You've been a member since 2008 and you still don't know not to post requests in the dare section, despite the massive signs saying not to, as well?

Moved to TORD Online.

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sorry, i realized shortly after posting that it was wrong section. Didn't mean to throw anyone into a tizzy.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll be starting day 1 your dare immediately.

I have several pair and I don't usually wear them regularly, so I'm good with defacing them if anyone has ideas that way.
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