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Nuclear Hot Soapy Lemonade Enema

Enema Bag
Ivory Soap
Lemon Juice (16 ounces)
Poise Pad (medium or maximum absorbency)

Cut the tip off of the douche nozzle for the enema bag.
Roll up the Poise pad tightly like a sleeping bag around the douche nozzle.
Mix a hot soapy solution filling the bag.
Give yourself an enema with the douche nozzle wrapped in the Poise pad.
When the bag is almost completely empty clamp off the hose to stop the flow.
Add the 16 ounces of lemon juice to the enema bag.
Hold the enema for 10 minutes.
Unclamp the hose and let the lemon juice empty into your arse.
When the bag is completely empty, pull the douche nozzle out of the poise pad.
Hold for as long as you can.
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Is it safe to put lemon juice in ass?
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Near the end of the intestine is tissue that works to absorb water instead of losing it. (I assume this tissue is very proficient at filtering toxins and whatnot.) It is very dangerous for some fluids, such as rubbing alcohol, to be absorbed into the body in this way. (Dangerous as in you could end up D-E-A-D). So do your research first and cite the sources when suggesting something like this please.

Otherwise it sounds like an, um, interesting dare for those who get off on pain...
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