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Alarm 60 minute masturbation challenge! [single][males only]

For this challenge you must continually masturbate for 60 minutes - even if stroking slowly, the hand that is stroking yourself must always keep moving. You are only allowed to cum after that 60 minutes has expired.

Equipment - one clock that shows seconds, one object to insert up your anus (already lubed), one safe candle (lit the moment the game is started), a few glasses of cold water (each with an ice cube in to keep them cold) and a number of clothes pegs.

To start the game, you must masturbate with your dominant hand.

The first 5 minutes must be spent masturbating as quickly as possible. From then on you have control of the speed of masturbation and have the option of rolling the double dice whenever you want. However, rolling the dice is the only way to earn reprieves from masturbating which will allow you to hold off cumming until after the time limit.

Whilst you perform the instructions below, assume you must continue masturbating unless told otherwise.
3- swap the hand you're masturbating with.
4- Masturbate as fast as you can for 120 seconds.
5- Stop masturbating and use both hands to play with your nipples for 30 seconds. Then resume masturbating with the same hand.
6- take off an item of clothing. If you have nothing left to take off, masturbate for 30 seconds standing at a window with the curtains open.
7- give yourself 10 fast strokes.
8- play with your balls or nipples for 60 seconds with your non-masturbating hand (whichever turns you on more).
9- Take a 60 second break from masturbation.
10- Cover your masturbating hand with spit and then resume masturbation.
11- Moan loudly as you masturbate for the next 60 seconds.

If you roll doubles, then it's your unlucky day:
double 1- Add 15 minutes to the 60 minute time limit.
double 2- Insert the chosen object up your anus. Cannot remove until another double 2 is rolled.
double 3- Douse your penis with one glass of cold water. If you run out of glasses, then treat this as a double 4 instead.
double 4- Drip whatever candle wax has accumulated in the candle onto your left nipple. If double 4 is rolled a second time, drip it onto your right nipple. For each subsequent double 4 that is rolled, pour the wax onto your balls.
double 5- Attach 2 clothes pegs to your balls.

double 6- Subtract 15 minutes from the time limit.

If you manage to last the full amount of time before you came, congrats!

If you came before the full amount of time, you must eat whatever semen you produced and do this challenge every time you masturbate until you complete it.

If you came before the 30 minute mark, you must do the same as above but the semen produced must be snorted.

Best of luck.
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Interesting and well thought challange
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Sounds very good.
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Interesting challenge, but I know I couldn't make it. I probably wouldn't get past the first 5 minutes unless I keep my mind on things that turn me off.
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I did this challenge and actually never really came close to cumming.. I enjoyed it and will try and do it again soon, but I found it to get a little boring... There were only so many things to roll, and though I found them fun at first... they became repeditative very quickly... I think a cool variation on it would be to do it with three dice or even four. Perhaps extreme punishment for rolling three dice of the same number? and just more options so I don't end up with the same tasks over and over... idk... maybe its just me..
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Best dare on the whole site.
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