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Default non-Fiction Pantsed stripped and humiliated

This took place when I was not long 13.((Sorry for spelling mistakes and such))

Long story short I lost a bet with my neighbour((and she had a pic of me thats way to embarasing to say)) that I had to do any dares she gave me for a day


We were at a Leisure centre and she dared me to loosen my trunks in the pool,So I did it and did a cannon ball...relentless to say my trunks came off and she swam off with them while a bunch off 11 year old girls laughed at me...and I got an erection so it made things worse.I had ti chase after to get them and when I got to her she threw them at my face.

When I got out she dared me to only wear a towel and let it drop...so went into the cubical changing room and droped my trunks and wrapped my self only in a towel and went to the locker across pretending I forgot somthing...so went out and there was only this girl that was 19-20,taking no notice...I leaned up, and pulled out shorts and underwear from the locker and let my towel slide down...I quickly turn to her my face red and she just looks down,her eyes widen and she burts out laughing.I drop the underwear and shorts and cover myself and quickly run back into the stall.Shes laughing outside for about 3mins as I sit naked next to my bag and some of my clothes when she walks over and picks up my stuff and knocks on my door.Im so embarased right now I cant move when she says "Hey cutie,you want your tighties,towl and shorts back" and she makes a small laugh.I stya still for another fe seconds((have a small erection again..c'mon was 13 )) and oepn the door barley and she passes in the stuff and I say thanks.

Third + Fourth
I was also ment to leave the door unlocked when I changed so as I was putting on my undies....which yes were tighy whites the door pushes open and a 14 and 16 year old girl are standing there looking in and start laughing..withthe 19 year old stillat her locker also looking in laughing...they stay there for 3 mins laughing at me in my undies until I they walk off and I quickly slam the door and I heard the 19 year old go"Adorable ey" and my neighour again laughing i the cornor in her cubical.She quickly run saround knocks on the door and says dont get ready and then comes in with her bag and shes fully dressed grrr.Takes out a siscors and cuts a bit of the band off of my shorts and then the button!!! and hadns then back and says here...There tottaly loose at this stage...Like Im actually I'm trying to push my belly outand hold my breath to hold them up as she aid I cant use my hands.

So I'm ment to walk down the street and sthrough the park with my loose shorts((Khacki btw with white socks and shoes and a red t-shirt plus Zip up hoodie and my navy bag)).So I quickly walk out ofthe centre and down the street,the 19 year old gives me a wink as I pass her and I jsut blush.Walking down the quite enough road a bunch of teenage guys walk past and thats when they first fall and they all start cheering..Liitrally jsut before them they slip right down to my ankles and all i hear is "Whhhaaayyy..TightyWhities!"..I pull them up and run off down the street but then they fall again and I trip ove rand fallflat on the ground...they all cheer again and this cuple ahead of me burst of laughing and then help me up asking if I was ok,I said yeah and walked off...Sarah was not far behind still laughing.At this stage I'm kinda getting sick of it but I cant do much so I walk into the park...WAY TO MANY PEOPLE!.I go down to a quite part still holding my shorts and stop..Let go so to let them hold up and walk slowly....I walk a good bit and nothing happens...but then the bitch comes up behind me and pushed me into some bushes..my head goes straight in and I kinda get stuck...she puulls down my shorts and stabs the scissors through sticking them to the groundThe people around start laughing as I fall back out my feet kinda stuck in place.She runsover and pulls my top and t-shirt up over my face and arms so I'm kinda stuck and wriggling around for two mins...lots of laughter!!!!!.Ifix my top and t and pull the shorts as strong as I can...and they bloody rip!!!

Im so pissed off I chase after her down the park and when I get to her I push and she kicks me in the nuts!!!...no ones really here luckily cause she puills me up by the ears and puts me in a fullnelson and said"If you ever touch me again I'll beat you" then wedgies me and slaps my face and then pantses me but rips it even more in the process and pushes me over.

I had to get holding my shorts that were ripped.

I got her back another day by ripping her skirt down in a busy street

tbh we both joke about it now((Not my neighbour anymore ))
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Dude you should write this in a word document then spell check it and post it. I know you said sorry for spelling but serious man this is just to hard to read!

The parts of the story that I could understand were ok but it needs work! Spell check next time!
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your case isn't strong in the least bit. dont go to court without sufficent evidence.
It is up to you to present a great case; for once its over: THE JUDGE DECIDES THE OVERALL OUTCOME!
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