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Default Down Blouse Dare

The title is self-explanatory. If you are new to public dares, this is a good one for starters. If you already do public dares, you may want to ratchet this up by showing a good bit. Very simply, wear a top (no bra ... duh) that is lowcut and/or loose enough in the front so when you lean forward your audience gets a very nice view. Lean even more and wear the right top and you can show them just how hard your nipples are -- if you dare. Ideas for where/how to do your down blouse dare? While shopping lean onto a counter/showcase, bend down to get something (item, handbag, untied shoe). At a restaurant, lean on the counter or table, or when getting up, do it slowly so eyes can linger. Okay, let's see who will do what and how much will be seen. And, if this is your cup of tea, I'd love to hear from you. Email is fine.
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Default i did this one

I just got home and i was shopping so I did this dare.
I wore a very low cut top and no bra, In every shop I made sure to bend over and loook at something, trying to make sure someone was in position to see, when i had lunch I made sure to bend forward so the waiter could get a great view down my top, Im sure he could see all. It was exciting
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Default Tomorrow...

I'm new and this one seemed like a good first dare...I'll be trying it tomorrow at a New Years party. I can't wait.
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