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Default Naked around the house

What I do on a regular base is walking down the house (with open curtains) naked/partly undressed. Pretty funny to see people looking inside :-)

Who else dares to put on his/her story and also try this dare??
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I sometimes get changed in my room with the blinds open, but thats more out of laziness then anything else. Plus my bedroom window isn't right on the street or anything, its on the second story but still easily visible from the street. Thats about as far as I'd go though :P
Plus I live with guys so I can't really walk around naked :P Not really looking to ruin the house dynamics at this point. haha.
I have been known to get changed with the door open, mostly out of accident of drunkness or being mid conversation though :P
Yes, I am pretty lame haha
I do NOT want a slave.
I do NOT want to see pics of you.
I do NOT care about the results of a dare that someone else gave you.
Don't send me a PM 'just to say hi' or asking 'how I am'

Feel free to PM me about anything else, but I just want to clear this up so you don't waste your time.

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Im naked at home when ever i can be its more comfortable that way.
Likes: Anal, masterbation, semi public, in the car, cum play.
Soft limits: self bondage, light pain (spanking, nipple clamps).
Major limits: nothing where i can get caught by friends or family, nothing messy like scat or piss, no heavy pain, crossdressing, nothing that will mark like shaving.
Im looking to push my limits so im willing to try some more public stuff but no family.
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I broke my blinds so Im getting changed in full view of all the world plus whenever I am alone Im fully naked
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Wandering around the house in just my boxers atm. if anyone cared to look in they could see clearly. might lose the boxers in a while too


Office dares, mild pain, slight risk public, clothing control, masturbation control

Anal, piss, messy, cross dressing

Directly involving other people, extreme pain, blatant public, illegal, permanent, poo, financial
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Hey im Dylan im 14 and live in Australia i hav msn and a webcam and want 2 b a slave ive been 1 before so if u donít mind im 14 and want a slave my msn is [email protected]
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Default live naked

I live naked that says it all curtains are never closed so with the lights on at night it is blatantly obvious to any one walking along the street or our neighbours across the street that I am naked and sleep naked as our bedroom window is a bay floor to ceiling.
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I sit around my house naked any chance I get. I am MUCH more comfortable without clothing on.

LIMITS: Nothing permanent, no family, no messy.

All dares are at my discretion.
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I go round the house naked whenver i can.
The best thing is it backs onto a massive and very public park and that side of the house is allll windows.
Better still we have a cleaner that comes by once or twic a weeek, sometimes i put clothes on, sometimes i dont. I just hangout but naked or very close to, she cheks me out, says thankyou (i kid u not) and occasionally slaps my ass if she gets too worked up
its great fun!
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