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Miss Butterfly's worm
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Bell The RandomDarer (get and give random pm dares)

New game: The RandomDarer

Have a nice list of pm dares but wish you would receive them more often? At unexpected times and without needing to ask for them? If so, then you should join this game!

With many thanks to Cassandra and Alja for their valuable input to this.

But do please read all of the following before joining!!

I will wait until the first 20 people have joined, then I will kick start the game.

When the game has started, the rules are as follows:
  • You need to have a blog post with PM dares (not only in signature).
  • At random days you will receive a PM dare from somebody (somebody playing this game) with a web link.
  • You do the PM dare and report back (at the very least say ‘thank you’) to the one who gave it.
  • You click the web link (no worries, totally safe!), but only click it once.
  • The webpage will give you 1 or 2 player names and links to their pm dare page.
  • You give those 1 or 2 players one of their PM dares.
  • You send the web link you received to those players as well.
And that is all!

So yes, if you receive a PM dare you will also have to give 1 or 2 PM dares and send the web link across. If you don’t do the giving part, the game will halt and nobody will get PM dares anymore so it’s very important that you give as well!

If at any point you wish to leave the game, just post here or tell me in PM and I will remove you. Adding and removing users is a manual process, but the rest is automatic.

I won’t bore you with the technical details of how this works. But if you do wish to know, please PM me and I’ll explain. The idea is that you will have a good chance to get a dare every few days, maybe more, maybe less. I cannot guarantee but that is also the fun, random part. I might need to tweak the game settings to alter the chances if this is required.

Also, if there are any problems/issues with the program, please let me know in PM.

If all of this is clear, you promise to also send out a dare if you receive one and forward the link, please post below that you want to join and state your favorite color!
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I'd like to join please. My favorite colour is blue
Likes: rules, food (not too messy), newspaper (explanation), hidden public, humiliation, pics (no face), pet play, pee play (not holding), chastity
Dislikes: cum eating, crossdressing, edging, after orgasm, long cleanup
Limits: scat, public, permanent, illegal, face pics, anal, shaving arms/legs

I'm a bitch, need punishment

PM dares
I will do anything for big cocks and tasty cum

Kik me your dick pic: slave_s010
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getDare Devil
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I am in. Black.
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I'd like to try. Blue.
male, 32, switch, bisexual

likes, dislikes, limits


Tease and denied by girls: Fool
Last orgasm: July 21st
Asked to cum:

Edges: 1050/1460
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Send a message via Skype™ to SkyLight

I'd like to join please. My favorite colour is red


Likes: BDSM, CBT, Private Humiliation, Crossdresing, Cum eating, Masturbation, Ice
DisLikes: Anal, Edge, rules, pee, denial
Limits: scat/pee, friends/family, animals, permanent, illegal/dangerous, public, blood/needles, messy
PM Dares
Kik: Skyfalls | skype: skyfallsss

Ask me or Dare me anonymously

I will answer any questions by PM

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Sam's bitch
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Send a message via Skype™ to Matt:

I'll join. my fav colour is Red

Male Submissive
Kik: pioneer0799
Message me on kik "PIC" and I will send you 3 naked pics of myself

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I'll play! This sounds interesting!
I'm someone who needs a sore bottom. Whether it be spanking or wedgies

Likes: Spankings and Wedgies

Dislikes: Edging

Limits: Public, blood, scat, family, camera

PM Dares

You can also add things to my calendar...:

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I want to join, and my very own favourite is green
M switch and curious
Help me with my gay-curiousness please

My DICKPIC counter is at 0/10
My GAYDAR counter is at 31/50
Check my PM list for more info

Favourite: Post orgasm torture, forced orgasm, ROULETTES, BETS and FORFEITS, creative cbt, ruined orgasms
Limits: scat, blood, social, diapers, face, public


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getDare Sweetheart
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I'll go for it as well and I'll add some more PM Dares - any suggestions of more. Just PM me.

Oh and my favourite color is PURPLE
Likes: Edges, Dares, Trying new things, some pain, candle wax, milking, cum play, dice dares, Milovana, riddles, playing with candles, sports, private humiliation, dancing.

Dislikes: Semi-public, lots of pain, video games.

Limits: Public, scat, webcam, diaper, permanet, wedgie, lines. 14


My AMA page
PM Dares and extras(please read) - http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=78087

Guess my lucky number by PM and I'll be your slave for a day...
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Miss Butterfly's worm
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Originally Posted by spankme997 View Post
I'll play! This sounds interesting!
Please do read everything in the OP before you join.
Thank you!
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I don't know where this leads to, but I'll give it a try

my color is blue
Male / 2CM

likes: PEE, joke on my dick length, humiliation, bondage, shaving, cum eating
soft limits: anal play
hard limits: face, Blood, Scat, illegal, permanent, Cross Dressing, family related, ball torture, Anything else not listed

kik: karabennemsi6

My PM dares. I'll return the favor if you like.
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Miss Butterfly's worm
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I have 9 applicants so far. I need 11 more to be able to really start the game.

Note: for those perhaps doubting to join. Joining has very little impact. You won't get spammed with pm dares. You will just get one more every few days or so. This is all. And you can opt-out at any time.

Hope to get 20 players soon!
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getDare Sweetheart
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I'm in.

Let's go with black.
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I am in green is my colour
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Miss Butterfly's worm
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Originally Posted by SugarGirl25 View Post
I am in green is my colour
But... you don't have any pm dares.
You will need a blog post with at least a few pm dares to be able to join.
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