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Default Underwear Dare

I don't know if a dare like this is on here yet but it's pretty simple and it may be interesting. Just leave home in your normal clothes but make sure you're wearing some underwear. Then at some point in the day, when you're not at home take them off. However, you cannot cut them off. If you're wearing pants you have to take off your pants and your underwear. Then either leave the underwear where you took them off, throw them away, stuff them in your pocket or whatever. The thing is you must return home without them on. As soon as someone posts their experience here I will post mine.
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good dare i will do this(i hope im not seen)
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I've done something like that, only I kind of cheated. I was wearing shorts. I was in a fast food restaurant, when I went to take off my underwear. My plan was to take off my shorts first, while in a booth or in public view, but I chickened out. I did pull off my underwear, but I stretched it over each foot, one at a time, without taking off my shorts. I had it bunched up in my hand, ready to stuff in my pocket when a female employee came by to tidy up the lobby. I don't know if she noticed what I was holding, but she was friendly enough.

I stuffed my underwear into my pocket and went to a movie (Iron Man). I did manage to put them back on while in the theater, and I'm a bit proud of that. I got the nerve to take off my shorts for a brief period, so for about 30 seconds I was only wearing a T-shirt, shoes, and socks. There were quite a few people in the theater, but no one in my row or the row behind me. I was sitting as close to dead center of the theater as I could get. I wanted to sit there without pants until the movie was over, but the thought of how dirty movie theater seats are kinda grossed me out, and I hesitated long enough to lose my nerve.

So, I didn't make it home, but I did make it to a somewhat crowded movie theater.
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Well like I promised, I will share my experience. I did this around September of 2008. I was talking with my mistress, at the time, and I told her about the dare. She said she wanted me to do something a bit extra if I was able to and that was to stick my underwear, once I took it off, up my ass. I tested it at home and it wouldn't fit in there. She had to leave for class soon but would be back so I decided to do this while she was gone. Even though I couldn't fit the underwear up there I used my favorite ass-fucking item at the time. It was a 16 inch long drumstick. So I stuck that all the way up my ass before putting on my clothes. I had already knew where I was going to do it. So I walked out of my house to a secluded glade near my house. Sadly the church who owns the land is starting to make it less secluded but I still use it. Anyways, walked over there with the drumstick still up my ass. Went to a spot not near the entrance to it and took off my jeans and underwear. I then took a few pictures of my cock and my ass in an outside setting, and it was daylight when i did this. I then put my jeans back on and left my underwear on the branch of a tree that had fell over. When I walked back to my house I could see the underwear hanging on the branch but it was very small from a distance. When I got home took the stick out of my ass and remained naked for the rest of the day. I told this story on another website that mainly sells sex toys, and i got a $10 coupon for getting 2nd place in a contest.
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Default very good

i love it, im just thinking what to do now


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I did this at 3pm my time, I left my panties in a cupboard at work in the bathroom. I feel really worried that someone will find them.
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That is a very clever thing to do but I think I can do that. Let me do an online purchase of underwear first so that I would look daring enough before I join that challenge.

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Nice dare. I did something like this in the walk home from a night out.

I took my underwear off (by removing my pants and shoes) stuff my boxxers into my pocket and left the flies (Zipper) undone, with my dick flopping out. I was walking along a main road, but because it was 3 am there were few cars. When there was one, i'd quickly put it away.

I should try this in the daytime though :P!
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Well, I read this and said do it now.... so I did while at work standing behind the counter, I took my shoes off... then my pants... then my underwear.... placed the underwear in the cupboard behind the counter, replaced my pants then my shoes. There were two customers in the store, I do not think either of the noticed.
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I've done this with panties before. I walked to town, went into a public toilet (outside the cubicle), took them off and stuffed them into my pocket and walked home.

I chose to do it with panties because it made the entire dare more exciting. For both the walk out and walk back I felt weird and nervous, even though nobody around me could possibly know what I was doing

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I actually did something like this just yesterday. I had just left a professor's office and in this building the men's bathroom is only on even numbered floors. So I was on my way out of the building and stopped on the floor below to take a leak. I decided to take my jeans and underwear off and put them in my backpack. I put my jeans back on and continued to class. If I had of seen this dare earlier I would have worn underwear that I wouldn't have had a problem with losing.

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I used to do this all the time back before I gave up wearing underwear completely. I would often start my day wearing underwear and I would go to the bathroom and take them off and put them in my locker for the rest of the day. Some times I would destroy them and throw them away which gave me no choice but to go the rest of the day without them. Or I would leave them laying on the ground somewhere and not come back for them. I think it was partly the excitement of doing things like that and the freedom of not having underwear on that turned me to going without them full time.
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