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Default Self bondage dare with added pain!

This is a cool self bondage dare I did to myself today.

You need four lengths of string and four clothes pegs . you will have to experiment with the length of string to get a tight fit, read the instructions and you should understand.

1. Tie each peg to a length of string and make it a good tight knot.

2. At the other end of the string tie a loop with a slip knot so that the hoop will slide bigger and smaller.

3. Run string around the four corners of your bed ( one on each corner).

4.Roll a dice and for each spot use 5 mins (i.e: 2 spots = 10 min)

5. Lay on the bed naked and attach two pegs to genitals (girls clit, boys cock skin or balls)

6.Spread legs as far a possible and slip the loop on the string around each ankle, this should be tight so that if you move your legs slightly together it pulls the string with the pegs attached and hurts ( which is why you need to get the length right).

7. Clip top pegs onto nipples and slip wrists into loops and pull closed. you should not be able to move without pulling the pegs.

8. Lay there for the time determined by the dice ( I got 15 min) and things should be starting to hurt.

9.Now you have to get out by pulling your legs and arms together until the pegs pull off (ouch!!!)

Painful but really fun as you really are kinda tied up.

Post back here when done, It hard to describe but hope it works.


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Simple effective and well thought out. Great dare
All dares posted are for 18+ and for reading enjoyment

Anyone who may partake is at their own risk

Likes->obedience,orgasm control,tasks and dares

Firm but fair. I respect others limits.

Always happy to meet new people

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Sweet idea, I am gonna try it.
Dare me and I will do it.
Limits: no family, other people, must be at my room/bathroom, no shaving and no sexual stuff.
soft limits: Xdressing.
like: wedgies, spanks, punishments, pee/poo and anything else.

My amazing new dice dare:
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great idea! never thought of that - will try and report back
Julia - 31yo SWF likes sexual stinging pain, forced exhibitionism, risk, teasing and denial, orgasms, men, women, multiple partners are okay; loves clothespins, writing on body, sex toys, spanking all over, wax, oil, showing off and getting caught; dislikes animals, incest, minors, pee, poop, bloodplay, ice, icy-hot, vomit, food, getting arrested; I do not want a slave and am not interested in submales
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Oh how I wish I lived alone... And had my own bedroom!
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This is an amazing idea. Being that i love pain, I will have to try this one. Thanks for the well thought out dare. (:

The only unreachable dream is the one you don't reach for.
I love me some AMELIE! (:
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just chillin'
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If I said I didn't understand this would anyone be able to tell me how ??
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I no comprenda
LIKES: Slavery, Semi-messy, Long dares, socks and feet, toe socks, ductape, saran wrap, underwear, leggings, semi-public, humiliation, embarrassing situations, running, hypnosis, new stuff =P
LIMITS: Scat, Extreme public, anal, extreme pain, family, friends, x-dressing (I would but I only have 1 pair of panties and some leggings)

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I like playing TorD on kik if you're up to it.

I am part of messyslut8's league of slave and she is by far the greatest of them all
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I dont know if any of you have heard about this, but if ya'll into self-bondage (I know I am) then you should check out www.boundanna.com
It is one the best sites I've been to for self-bondage ideas, scenarios, and safety

And remember, safety is always the number one priority.
I ONLY give dares or tasks to those who are at least 18 years of age. If you are not at least 18 years of age, DO NOT DO MY DARE!

My Extensive list of my loves/likes/dislikes/limits/toy list

NO dares that involve my work or during when I work. Hard Limit.

KiK = Girr33
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Default I gonna try


I dont do painful dares too often, but this one intrigues me, so Im going to try it tonight

Hugs and Kisses
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im actually gonna try this one now, anyone think i should be babyoiled and gagged? can someone talk me thru it step by step again cause i dont wanna get it wrong n i think i might be terrible n video myself, i love re watching it, me in selfbondage mmm got any more selfbondage dares?
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Did this again last night while my parents where out, but made it even better by borrowing my sisters vibe and putting it on full speed inside me, I had to do 20 mins, nipples really hurt buy the time i had to yank them off and i came 3 times.

Loved it

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Originally Posted by RachelJones View Post
borrowing my sisters vibe and putting it on full speed inside me
how olds ur sister and isnt it a bit morraly wrong cuz of where thats been?

oh well i have seen/heard of alot worse stuff

i might try that dare, i really like the sound of it. i am into watching bondage, but have only tried putting myself in bondage once or twice so yeh, could be fun
4 Days Left.

Note: If I use "" it is meant to be as a dazed daydream look, not an insult.
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Well made, well written nice dare
Likes: Predicument self bondage,Stroking,JOI,Teasing,Cock&Ball Harness,Nipple Play,Duct tape,CBT,Cock&Ball Bondage,Porn,Nude indoors,Clothespins,Anything creative no listed in limits
Punishments: Squats,Anal,Nude in my yard,Spanking,Wax play,Whipping,Bengay on PENIS&BALLS
HARD LIMITS: Toothpaste,SCAT/PISS,Food,Blood,inserting heating cremes,Showing face,Crossdress,Involving others,Letting my Kink be known
If its not against limits send it to me,
I love new things!

Tools & toys

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