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Default Barefoot dares

Looking for some dares involving public exposure of my feet while wearing pink ankle socks. Decide where I can go, when I can wear shoes and what to do.
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Default Ok!

Go barefoot in a park in the middle of the woods, but where there are at the same time many people (i know it's a hard place to find). Leave shoes somewhere and go around only with socks. Use your socks until they get first black-soles, and then holed! Continue to use that pair of socks for next sessions. Reply me here in the thread, thx

p.s. If you get a needle, you won't be allowed to take it off until you finish your dare.
33/m/master / Italy (my bad English derives from that)
looking for a f slave, 18-22 possibly. (Pm me)
Likes: control the life of a sub, punishments(feet, nipple and clit are my favs, but little forfeits too), humiliation, pain(from little moans to tears if sub is not enough dutyful according to her limits), teaching italian, with some punishments if there's a mistake
Dislikes: whimful subs ;-)
Experiences:i've had only another slave from real, but it was a very deep experience.

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