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Default Make my cock hurt really really bad

Tell me what I should do to hurt my cock really really bad. (Not Balls). If its Extreme enough I will do it. If I don't do it. I have to show a bunch off boys my dick and let them do wat ever they want to me. Make my dick bleed.
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Roll five dice and add their values. Now add you age, this is how many spanks you get. Get a wooden spoon or similar. Now put your cock on a table and spank it, hard. It probably won't bleed, but it should hurt a lot.

Be sure to report here how your cock feels when done.
Like: moderate pain (spanking, cbt, nipple torture)

Maybe: hidden public, spanking with a belt, private humiliation

No way: edging, family, scat, drinking pee, enemas, cum eating, diapers, wedgies, permanent, too public, illegal

If it isn't listed, ask and I will consider it

I do not have, nor will I get kik.
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You want your cock to hurt?


First, let's get some slivers of soap. Fit as many down your hole as will fit. They may not be visible, push them all the way in and clean out that disgusting thing. Now start slowly jacking, either until you edge or all of the soap works their way out. If you edge, wait until you go soft then continue until all the soap is out.

Now, take some aligator clips and fit as many as you can. Make sure to atleast put 1 on each lip. Now use a rubber band, pull it back and hit all those clips off.

Next, we raid the fridge. Take out everything spicy or with a kick, mix it all in a glass and generously supply it over your shaft and head. Make sure to get some in the tip.

Last, either stick some pins in it or hit it on a flat board with a hammer for 15mins.

If you still have a cock or ever want to hurt it again, I'd be surprised.

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Salt and Ice challenge, apply it to your dick. Then take a needle and prick the head/crown of your penis exactly 200 times, keeping count as you go.
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