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Smile Today is my sweet 16 so i need wedgie dares!

I need 16 wedgie dares since today is my sweet 16, so here are a few of my weakness wedgies. POm-pom, squeaky-clean jock-lock, and dare me ones i can do in my room.
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put on 16 pairs of panties/thongs and give yourself a hanging wedgie.
limits- nothing public/that my family could find out about.
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Put yourself in a chair wedgie, in a chair that it right next to a window on which the curtains are pulled back.

Give yourself a bra-connection wedgie with five ice cubes down the back of your panties. Stay like this until the ice melts.

Squeaky-clean, 38 times(16 for each side).

Give yourself a hanging wedgie. Remain there for 16 minutes.

Give yourself a wedgie. Put your arms in the leg-holes and pull up until you have your hands above your head.
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sorry i dont have a dare for you im just saying happy birthday
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Originally Posted by slavegal View Post
sorry i dont have a dare for you im just saying happy birthday
Thank You very much!
Friends are like mud, they are dirty and smell like pigs have rolled on them
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Happy Birthday!! but no dare either sorry lol
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get a belt... and tie a thong into the beltloop latch part...
then run the belt up over your sholder

pull hard untell the front of the belt is at your front of the underwear...... then loop through each leg hole and pull on it hard. to create a suspender feel.

do a suspended hanging wedgie but you cant get out until the panties are ripped off your body!

happy birthday
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dared to perfection
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happy birthday !!! i hope you get cake and lots of it because half of it is going down the back of your panties and you're giving yourself a wedgie with it there

again x happy birthday x
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Default Happy Birthday sweet 16

Do Sixteen half naked star jumps with a thong wedgie and say after each one "Its my birthday"
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for a different bra wedgie .....
find a chair in yur house/room with a post on the back of the chair or any such object that would hold you up.
put your bra securely over the post so the clasp is on the post. put your hands under the front and up to cup your breasts. let the shoulder straps down so only the bra and your hands are holding your breasts.jump off the chair or such and hang suspended by your bra. your hands should now be squeezing your breasts hard as the bra is pulling it tight. hang for 16 mins or until your nipples are rock hard.
the Steve

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Happy Birthday

Give yourself a wedgie with sweetcorn in your pants
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Okay unscrew 2 cloth racks put on a thong screwin both of the clothhangers next to each other in a wide open space get a friend and have him/her hang you then him/her goes and get two other cloth hangers loosen the thong on the cloth hanger (without ripping) then have you friend put the unscrewed cloth hangers on you front section and under your leg hole then have your friend pull up and there is your super duper hurt frontal and backside wedgie!
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Please look at dates before posting. This is a year and a half old
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