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Can't wait for the next installment would love to do something like this

Semi/hidden public


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I don't think they are making it THAT hard for you to say no right now. They are a bit too obsessed with your wardrobe than with actually making you say no lol
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So today’s outfit was the same black skirt as yesterday, and a longish white shirt that came to about half way down my thighs. I also had the black jacket from yesterday, so – although I had no bra or knickers, overall I was more covered than yesterday. It was a Tuesday though, so I knew they wouldn’t make today too easy for me.
When I got to work, I took my jacket off as usual. I was then asked to unbutton every button that was above the height of my nipples. When I thought I had undone enough buttons, the top button that was still fastened was (I thought) just below the height of my nipples, but they said that it was just above so I undid that one as well. I was then sent to work on the counter, but that was it really for the morning.
In the afternoon I was back in the office, and they said that I looked overdressed – so would I like to take my shirt off? As it was just us in the office, I agreed. However, someone then asked if I would stay like that and carry on as normal – without trying to hide or cover up – if any outside contractors needed to come into the office at all today? Again, I agreed, but hoped that no-one would. I spent the rest of the afternoon nervously glancing at the door every time I thought I heard it open, but it remained just us in the office.
At the end of the day they told me that I wouldn’t be getting my jacket back, but they would let me choose if I wanted to keep my skirt or swap it for the shirt. I thought for a moment, trying to remember if the lowest button on the shirt was low enough to keep everything covered, or would the skirt be long enough to do so if I pulled it up over my boobs and turned it into a boob tube dress? In the end I chose the shirt, the lowest button was only just low enough, it would have only taken a strong breeze to expose me to all.
They then asked me to take the shirt off and put it in the wash as soon as I get home (to avoid getting any fake tan on it), and added that I should do that with whatever I wear each day. They also asked if I thought it was a waste of time wearing a towel around the house when it’s only me there, so I ended up having to agree to being naked whenever I’m at home alone (from when I get home until I get dressed for work the following morning), and only wrapping a towel around myself if I need to open the front door for any reason (not securing it until the door is fully open).
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This is a great story what happened to your posting. I'm so sad
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Definitely hope this continues. Also: does failing to post for a few days count as a no?

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