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Big White
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World Belgium BelgiŽ Belgique

Hey people of the internet!

I made this thread to see how many people are here actually from Belgium ! I've seen a couple, so I know you're around!

Sometimes I see users and I just know they are Belgian... Instinct!

Maybe it would be a cool idea to start a little kik group or something, send a message and I'll add you to one. (See it as a platform toward getting to know people, nothing more). If you don't like that, then still jump in this thread and say hi!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Ps. What the heck, of you're a dutchy you can say hi too... Belgium is so small...
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Also from Belgium here. I would be interested in joining such a group. Sounds like a good idea
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Big White
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I dont know who of you uses Discord?! I made a group, might be cool to invite people!

I'm putting forward one rule tho: max boy to girl ratio of 2:1

Message me if you want the invite!
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Default Hi :)

I'm from Belgium too, interested by the group. Good idea !
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