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Default Bus dare

So me and another member here (won’t say names in case they do not want to be named) had this challenge set up, they had something they wanted to try but never had the courage to do . I am someone who wants people to just do things, be happy, take risks and all that, so I challenged them, if they did it then so will I. Well the task was, the naked bus ride.
Jump on a bus strip on down and ride in the nude that was the objective, well they did it and told me the story, being someone of my word it was my turn and I don’t do things for the one person, go big or go home so here is my experience!
Well it has been raining here a lot which was incredible since it hardly rains here and less people outside, not only that but since it’s winter break less people are even out crowding the streets, perfect conditions and since I needed something big enough and disposable then instead of wearing some nice coat I just wore a raincoat, thing was like $5 and covered halfway down to my knees, well that’s all I wore, I did this at 7am mind you, it was pouring, not super hard like storm conditions but imagine standing under a shower, just like that. I walked to a bus stop and took the bus a few stops, no this is not where I did the task lol I took this bus to a good distance away, there I got off at a park and walked a few blocks to another bus line stop. Waited for about 20 minutes and there was another 2 people there, a guy like mid 40s I want to say and another younger guy who was listening to his ipod and ignoring us, the other guy made conversation typical chit chat and it was cool, past the time and im like damn if he only knew.
Well when the bus came I paid my fare and went straight to the back about a row away from the backseats, I scoped out the area just to see is this where I will do it or am I going to go to another, there was a total of seven people other than me, two ladies and five guys, two of them did make me rethink my challenge, they looked like those gangster guys, mid twenties, tats, etc. This was one of those busses where the front half has seats facing each other and with two exits as well, one in the back and one in the front so my thoughts were, take the coat off and run out the back exit, simple enough. I waited a stop just to prepare mentally, the next stop the guy I chatted with and the ladies got off and some other chick got on and she sat about two rows ahead of me, well when the bus started moving I opened the coat and slid it off and with ninja reflexes put it under the seat to not tempt me to grab it and back out of my word.
It was cold af lol I was shivering a little and like no one is noticing this is awesome, so for two whole stops when people got on and off no one noticed, now I am short so when they looked back I would assume they thought I was just wearing a strapless tube top. This was of course until on the third stop someone sat in the far back and passed me, the guy got the full show and I was just looking straight ahead trying not to laugh and pretend I didn’t notice. When the bus started moving I tried to get the reflection from the window to see his reaction and eventually glanced his way, he was trying to play off not looking and had his phone out, so I was like next stop I am out of here, at the streetlight before the exit I thought why not, turned his way and told him “I lost a bet and had to sit here until someone noticed, thank you!” And when the bus stopped I ran out that exit and into the rain and just kept running, man I was laughing my ass off, I did hear some “what the f*cks” from the inside as I was leaving from the people who glimpsed.
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Hmm not sure what to say here, HI everyone!!!
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