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Good story so far, I do wonder what the uncle will dare them
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keep going this is great story so far
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I have been reading all of it, and like your writing style. Don't ever think that this pace of story is too slow. I like the extra effort into character building. It really adds to the story as a whole.
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Thanks for all your positive comments!

FolDae, I also like stories that give the characters time to develop. I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

Chapter 6 Heads or tails will be posted tomorrow. Might be quite late at night, though, as I have a busy evening planned!
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The sleepover that changed my life

Chapter 6 Heads or tails

The four of us – Bethany, Paige, me and my BFF Abi – were stood in the kitchen at Abi’s house in just our underwear, waiting with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation, though in my case just nervousness.

Our game of Truth or Dare had taken an unexpected turn, thanks in part to Abi but mainly because her Uncle Ryan had taken it upon himself to get involved.

The game had already gone further than any other Truth or Dare game I’d played before, which had made me nervous, though I had to admit I had enjoyed playing. When Abi had decided to stop the game for a kitchen-raid but in the same breath had dared us to go to the kitchen dressed as we were, we hadn’t really taken as much persuading as you might have expected. Abi had made her uncle cover his eyes so we could get past him on our way to the kitchen. When she’d tried to do the same on our way back, however, he had told us he was going to give us a dare instead, or else we could stay in the kitchen all evening. Having little choice, we had agreed to being given a dare. Now we were waiting to hear what it was.

We didn’t have to wait long before we heard his voice say, “So, girls, for your dare, you have to come back through one at a time. But before each of you opens the door, I will flip a coin and you have to call ‘heads’ or ‘tails’. If you get it right I’ll cover my face, but if you get it wrong I won’t.”

We looked at each other. Could we do this dare? The coin flip part meant that we had a chance that we wouldn’t really be dared to do anything. But what if we got it wrong?

Abi was the first to speak. “What do we think, guys?” she asked.

I was surprised when Paige said, “I think it’s a good dare and I think we should accept it.”

“But what if we choose the wrong one?” replied Abi.

“Well,” continued Paige, “I know it’ll be a bit embarrassing, but actually we’re not going to be showing anything more than if we were wearing a bikini, so I don’t think it’s that bad.”

Paige had a point. We wouldn’t be showing any more skin than if we’d been wearing a bikini. But, and it was a big ‘but’, a bikini is for wearing in public whilst underwear definitely isn’t. It would be more than a bit embarrassing for someone we hardly knew to see us in our bras and knickers, and even worse for Abi because it was her uncle who would see her.

But it was Paige’s next point that decided it for us.

“Anyway,” she said, “we can’t just stay in here, and if we ask for a different dare it might be a worse one.”

Deep down we knew she was right, so we all agreed to take the dare.

“Alright,” Abi shouted through the door, “we’ll do the dare.”

“Okay,” came her uncle’s voice, “who’s going first?”

That was a very good question. Which one of us was going to be brave enough to take first go at the dare? There was, of course, only one person it could be.

“Me,” shouted Bethany.

“Alright, Bethany,” said the voice, “heads or tails?”

“Heads,” Bethany called.

There was a pause, presumably while Abi’s uncle was flipping the coin, then he called out, “Heads it is! Just a moment while I cover my face … okay you can come through.”

Bethany opened the door just enough to look out and then, after seeing that he had covered his face as promised, she stepped out and walked through to the door on the other side of the room. We watched her open that door and go out before we shut the kitchen door.

There was quite a long silence before we heard Abi’s uncle say, “Have you gone through Bethany?”

“Yes, I have, sorry,” we heard Bethany say.

“Okay,” he said, “who’s next?”

Paige pointed to herself, and Abi and I both nodded our agreement.

“Me,” she called.

“Alright, Megan,” came the voice, “heads or …”

“No, it’s Paige,” Abi called out.

“Oh, sorry Paige, I do apologise. I didn’t mean to get you mixed up.”

“That’s alright!” said Paige.

“Okay, Paige,” the voice began again, “do you want heads or tails?”

Heads had worked for Bethany, so Paige decided it would for her as well.

After a short pause the voice called, “It’s heads. Well done Paige. You can come through.”

Paige’s face lit up with a huge smile and she gave us the thumbs up. Then she opened the door and confidently walked through and out the other door. Again, we shut the kitchen door once we’d seen her exit the room.

“I’m through,” Paige called out.

“Thank you, Paige,” the voice replied. “So, who’s going next?”

All the time this had been going on I had been getting more and more nervous. It was the same sort of nervous that you get when you are queuing up to go on a big ride at a theme park for the first time ever, three-quarters scared but a quarter excited. However, there was one thing I absolutely knew for certain: there was no way I was going last.

So, before Abi had a chance to speak, I called out, “Me, Megan.”

That showed how my nerves had affected my brain. Clearly there was no need for me to tell him who I was, since there was only me and Abi left and he would instantly recognise her voice.

“Okay, Megan,” the voice said, “what’s it to be? Heads or tails?”

What should I choose? It had been heads both times so far, so surely it wouldn’t be again. But what if it was?

Suddenly, Abi, who had been watching me as I tried to decide, said, “Oh my God, Megs! You’re actually shaking!”

I was! The mixture of nerves and excitement had me trembling like a leaf, and my heart was pounding harder than ever.

“Tails,” I called out, after agonising for ages, and put my hands over my face hardly bearing to know the result.

There was the dreaded pause, and then came the voice of doom as it seemed to be to me at that moment.

“Hang on a minute, Megan, I’ve dropped the coin.”

No-oo! Don’t do this to me!

“Sorry about that, it is tails, you got it right, you can come through.”


I quickly opened the door and scurried past the sofa where Abi’s uncle was sat. When I looked at him I had to suppress a giggle. He was sat with one hand holding the cushion over his face, but with the other hand he was doing one of those little finger-wave things. I carried on and reached the other door, opened it and joined Bethany and Paige on the other side. Then I let everyone know that I had finished.

“Thank you, Megan,” I heard the voice say. “Right then, Abigail, it must be you now. Heads or tails?”

I was grinning widely, both through relief and at the sight I’d just seen.

Paige grinned at me and asked, “Was he waving at you?”

“Yes,” I told her.

“He did that to both of us as well,” she said. “I nearly burst out laughing when I saw it.”

We listened as Abi ummed and ahhed a bit before calling heads – she never found it easy when faced with making a choice.

When the voice spoke next, its tone had changed. It now sounded like someone who was having to pass on bad news.

“Ohhh, Abigail,” it began, “oh dear, …”

Clearly, Abi had called wrong.

“… unfortunately …” the voice continued.

Poor Abi! I could just imagine how she must be feeling with the prospect of letting her uncle see her in just her bra and knickers. I wished I was back in the kitchen to give her what support I could.

“… it’s heads!” The voice had returned to its normal friendly sound. “You guessed right, well done!”

Oh my God! Her uncle had been teasing her!

We heard the kitchen door open, and quickly afterwards Abi burst through the door next to us, brushed past us, and raced up the stairs. We turned and followed her up and into her room, where she flopped face-first onto her bed. We shut the door and looked at one another, not sure what to do.

I went over to Abi, put my arm around her shoulders and asked, “Are you alright, Abs?”

Abi lifted her head up, rolled over, breathed out, and exclaimed, “Fuck!”

I was totally shocked. I’d never heard Abi say a word like that; she just didn’t do that. Was she alright, or was she upset or angry? I just didn’t know. My head was spinning.

She sat up. Her face was flushed. “Fuck that was intense!” she said, before giving us a smile the Cheshire Cat would have been proud of. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

“You haven’t told your uncle that you’re through,” Paige pointed out.

“Let him sit there for a bit!” Abi told her. “That’ll teach him to tease me like that!”

We all laughed.

We opened up the crisps, and as we munched our way through them we talked excitedly about what had just happened.

I don’t think I had ever felt so alive as I did then; my whole body seemed to be on fire. I’m pretty certain that the others all felt the same way.

So it was no surprise at all that, once the bowls of crisps had been eaten, Abi suggested that we continue the game; and no surprise at all that we all quickly agreed.

As I took a swig from my bottle of water, I wondered how on earth we could top that last dare. It should have made me incredibly nervous, and it did. But I couldn’t wait.
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Almost done with proof-reading Chapter 7 Spin the bottle. Will post it tomorrow evening.
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The sleepover that changed my life

Chapter 7 Spin the bottle

If you had told me when I arrived at Abi’s sleepover that a few hours later I’d be sat in just my underwear playing Truth or Dare with the others wearing just as little, then I’d have been rather sceptical and I wouldn’t have been totally sure that I would have even wanted to stay and find out. If you’d told me that I’d be sat there waiting for the game to continue and wanting it to go even further, then I’d have said you were utterly mad and probably turned and run all the way home.

But here we all were in our knickers; Abi and Bethany in their bras; Paige in her camisole; and me actually with my training bra on show. We were about to continue the game; and yes, although I was incredibly nervous about what dares I might have to do, and although that voice in my head constantly reminding me of my embarrassingly flat chest wouldn’t shut up, I did want the game to go further.

It was Abi’s uncle’s fault. If he had thought that by making us face the prospect of letting him see us in our underwear we might see sense and decide to end the game, he had got it spectacularly wrong. Although none of us had actually been seen, the dare had had the opposite effect on us. We had got such a buzz from doing his dare that we wanted more.

I swigged another mouthful from my bottle of water, took a deep breath, and asked, “Whose turn was it?”

Abi looked at me, thought about saying something, and then stopped herself. She stood up and crossed to the door. “Stay here a minute,” she told us, “I’ve got an idea!” With that she left the room.

We heard her scamper down the stairs, then it went quiet for a moment before we heard Abi and her uncle laughing. What on earth was going on?

Ever the smart one, Paige said, “I think Abi’s just given her uncle a sight he wasn’t expecting to see!”

We grinned at one another, as we attempted to find an appropriate balance between shock, laughter, and embarrassment on Abi’s behalf. I’m afraid to say laughter won that battle.

After a couple of minutes, we heard Abi coming back up the stairs, and decided to play innocent and not mention anything.

She came in, flushed once again, carrying a tray and an empty water bottle. She crossed back to her place in the circle and sat down.

Abi grinned as she told us, “Oh my God! I totally didn’t think what I was doing and I burst straight in on my uncle! He was like, “what?” and I was like, “oops!” Oh my God, it was so embarrassing, but it was funny as well!”

She dropped the tray onto the floor in the middle of the circle, and put the bottle on top of it.

“I thought we could play Spin the Bottle;” she said, “forget about the truths and just do dares.”

In our excited state we eagerly agreed and set a couple of rules. We would take it in turns to spin the bottle and give a dare to whoever it pointed to. If you spun it and it landed on you, then you would just pass the bottle to the next person for their turn. As usual, no exact repeat dares would be allowed.

Getting rid of the option of choosing Truth would mean that the game would go further more quickly, which was the point. It also meant that it would be more difficult to slow things down if my nerves started getting the better of me and I was a bit concerned about that. The element of chance that came with the bottle spinning would hopefully help to stop Abi and Bethany getting too competitive with each other. But one thing was certain: at that moment in time we all wanted the game to go further, even me deep down.

No-one could remember whose turn it had been when we’d stopped the game for the kitchen-raid, so we all agreed that Abi could have first spin seeing as it had been her idea to get the bottle.

Abi gave the bottle a fierce spin, and we watched as it went around and around for ages before finally coming to a halt pointing at Bethany.

I was glad that I wasn’t the first one to have to do a dare, and was keen to see what level the dares were going to be.

“Bethany,” said Abi, “I dare you to do 20 star-jumps.”

For any of the rest of us this would have been a nice, simple-to-do, fun dare, ideal to get the game going again. With it being Bethany, though, it was a chance for the rest of us to giggle as her tits bounced up and down. She wasn’t the most athletic girl and by the end of 20 star-jumps she was out of breath and glad to sit back down.

When she had got her breath back, she looked around at each of us and asked, “Did you like that then?” We burst out laughing again, and she pushed her tits up with her hands and said, “Boob envy!”

She wasn’t wrong!

It was my turn to spin the bottle next, and I had already thought of a dare that would work well whoever it landed on. As it turned out it got Bethany again.

“I don’t want any more exercise, thank you!” she told me before I could say anything.

“That’s alright, you won’t have to do anything at all for this dare,” I replied. “I dare you to lie on the floor and let everyone tickle you for two minutes.”

“Do your worst!” Bethany instructed, “I’m not ticklish!”

Now that gave us a challenge!

Once Bethany was laid on the floor, we set about our task of trying to find her ticklish spots. Abi went for her feet and I opted for her stomach, but neither of us met with any success. I moved my hands round to her sides, which is probably where I’m most ticklish, but still got no reaction; and Abi was getting nowhere as she moved her way up Bethany’s legs. Maybe this girl really wasn’t ticklish! Paige, meanwhile, had started with the armpits (brave girl!), but this hadn’t worked and so she moved her hands onto Bethany’s neck, and hit the jackpot. Bethany tried to hold out, but couldn’t, and Paige soon had her begging for mercy. Fortunately for her, it had taken us so long to find her ticklish spot that the two minutes were soon up.

We waited for Bethany to regain her composure once more, and then Paige spun the bottle.

This time it landed on me. Knowing it was Paige giving me the dare put me a bit more at ease.

“Megan,” Paige looked at me as she gave me my dare. “I dare you to give everyone a kiss.”

That was fine! Paige hadn’t been specific, so I gave each of the others a friendly peck on the cheek and sat back down.

Bethany was next to spin and it was Paige who had to do the dare. She had to choose someone and whisper something sexy in their ear. After a bit of thought she chose me.

She leaned in close to me and then pulled back, giggling. She tried again, and I felt her hot breath on my ear as she whispered, “I love you, sexy lips,” before pulling back away quickly and giggling again.

“What did she say?” asked Bethany, and she and Abi looked at me expectantly.

I didn’t want to embarrass Paige, so I answered, “That’s for me to know and you to wonder at!”

Abi stuck her tongue out playfully at me before picking the bottle up and giving it a less vigorous spin this time. It stopped on Paige again.

“I dare you to choose someone and stroke their feet for one minute – thirty seconds on each foot.”

Paige chose Abi, which took Abi by surprise and she protested that, since she had given Paige the dare, Paige couldn’t choose her. I knew she was trying to get out of it because her feet were so ticklish you hardly had to touch them to get her going. But Paige correctly pointed out that we hadn’t set a rule to prevent choosing the person who had dared you, and Abi had to concede defeat.

Just as I knew would happen, Abi spent the next minute in helpless fits of laughter as Paige lightly stroked each foot in turn. At the end of it all, Abi was even more out of breath than Bethany had been earlier.

Once she had recovered, she made a new rule that you were not allowed to choose the person who had given you the dare.

I spun the bottle next and became the first person to land on themselves, so I passed it on to Paige. Her spin pointed the bottle at Abi.

“Abi,” Paige said, “I dare you to choose someone and give them a massage for one minute.”

Not too surprisingly Abi chose me for this, and so I spent the next minute laid on my front with my BFF gently rubbing my shoulders and back. It felt very nice and I thanked her and made sure I let her know how well she’d done.

Bethany’s spin also landed on Abi, but the dare she gave was very different.

“I dare you to flash your bum for five seconds.”

Abi positioned herself carefully so that she had her back to all of us, and then pulled her knickers down so they were just past her bum cheeks. She gently rocked her legs backwards and forwards to create a bit of movement before pulling her knickers back up when the time was up.

“Not bad!” said Bethany, and I wasn’t sure whether she was referring to the way Abi had done the dare or whether she was rating Abi’s bum!

Remember how I said that the element of chance that came with the bottle spinning might help to stop Abi and Bethany from getting too competitive with each other? Well the stupid bottle had other ideas!

Abi spun the bottle and it went and landed on Bethany. After the dare that Bethany had just made Abi do, I knew there would be a comeback from Abi. There was!

“Bethany, I dare you to go down to the bottom of the stairs and flash your bum there for five seconds.”

Actually, I thought it was quite a good dare under the circumstances. It should be safe enough, since the door to the main room downstairs was closed and Abi’s uncle almost certainly wasn’t going to be coming out; but there was just the possibility that he might.

That didn’t deter Bethany, of course, and she was soon at the bottom of the stairs with her knickers round her ankles wiggling her bum at us as we looked on from the top of the stairs. After the five seconds were up, she quickly pulled up her knickers and bounded back up the stairs.

Now it was my turn to spin the bottle, and I got Bethany this time. I decided to change the direction the dares were going in, so I dared Bethany to snog a pillow for 30 seconds. The way she went at it with that pillow made me fear for any boy that might meet the same fate!

Paige’s spin landed on Abi again, and she gave Abi an almost-repeat dare, only this time Abi had to choose someone to give her a massage. She again chose me and I tried to give her as nice a time as she had given me. She thanked me and said she liked it.

Next, Bethany spun and landed on herself, so the bottle passed to Abi. When she spun it, it seemed like the bottle was determined to cause trouble because it landed on Bethany again.

This time Abi’s dare took the game up to a level I had been half-expecting and totally dreading.

“Bethany,” Abi said with a grin, “I dare you to take your bra off and leave it off for the rest of the game.”
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Thanks for the update. I'm really enjoying your story.
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