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Default The Changing Room

This is my second attempt at a story on getdare, my first one didn't really go well and i gave up but this time ill try to keep going. Make sure to leave any suggestions or ideas for future chapters.

Chapter 1
It was a warm summer Saturday in England to everybody's surprise and people were going down to the local pool to go swimming. Me my mum and my sister were three of those people. I looked in my wardrobe for some swimming trunks but all i could find was a pair of trunks that were two sizes to big. I packed them in to my bag with my towel, goggles and shampoo for the shower. We left at around one o'clock and got to the pool at one thirty. We managed to get what had to be the last parking spot left and rushed into the queue. We paid the man at the desk and headed for the changing rooms where i split up with my mum and sister. I went to the boys changing room when they told me that they had closed the cubicles and we had to use the group changing room.

I reluctantly walked to the group changing room and put my bag in the corner away from the other men i put my trunks on the bench and started to unzip my jacket and take of my shirt. As i untied my shoes another boy around my age, thirteen, sat next to me looking nervous. He had short black hair and was average height and build.
"Um hello I'm Jack" Said the boy.
"Hi, I'm Tom" I replied rather confused.
"Do we just"
"Get changed, Yeah i think"
Felling better that I was not the only one who looked as if everybody was speaking in a different language, i continued to strip of starting with my other shoe and finally arriving at my jeans. Jack had already stripped eagerly don to his boxers behind me and was sat there waiting for me to take my jeans off. I undid the button, pulled down the zipper and stepped out of the jeans before tucking my thumbs into my waistband of my boxers.
"Do you want to do it at the same time and face each other?" Jack asked.
"Sure" I answered.
I turned around to face him and saw a small bulge in his crotch. It was obvious that he either had a small hard dick or a semi-hard one. We both looked at each other before looking back down to our boxers.
I pulled down my boxers and looked up to see Jack staring straight at my long soft dick. I had a decent amount of pubes that lightly covered up my balls and my cock was around 5 inches soft and almost seven inches erect. I looked down to notice he was still stood wearing his boxers, his bulge twice as big.
"Oh sorry" He said shaking his head. He slowly pulled down his boxers revealing a small completely hard dick without many pubes. As he looked back up he stopped an inch away from my dick and i could feel him breathing on it. I stepped back and put my trunks on they were starting to fall down so i tied them as tight as i could but it wasn't tight enough as the fell down to my thighs as ii got to the door. I quickly jumped into the shower as i pulled them back up and then finally left for the pool. I jumped in and wadded to my family, then i noticed a group of my friends.
"Mum can i go to my friends?"
"Yeah sure but make sure your by the changing rooms at 3"
I went to my friends and we started to play truth or dare...

I hope you enjoyed don't forget to leave a comment
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Sounds great so far
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